Are Portals Dangerous? [What You Must Know]

You heard about spirit portals where ghosts can enter and leave our dimension as they wish. Not all ghosts and entities are friendly. There is always a risk of having a portal in your home or nearby, as no one wants to have a door to the demonic close by.

Entities and spirits use the portal to manifest more effectively; therefore, they have more energy to launch potential attacks. Portals are dangerous as negative intelligent energies, elementals, and demonic can enter our realm as they wish. Portals also hauntings tend to attract the wicked.

Spirit portals, also called thin spots, are dangerous as you can’t control what ghost or entity enters. It is thought that portals bring powerful hauntings. It is always good to know something about portals, as they might bring dangers.

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The dangers of portal hauntings

It is believed that places with spirit portals, also called thin spots, bring powerful and frightening hauntings. A portal is where energies and spirits can leave and enter our world as they wish. A portal is best described as a “doorway.”

The key to understanding why a portal might be dangerous is understanding the nature of the hauntings themselves (or what we believe they are). Most hauntings are residual, mere replays of former events. Intelligent hauntings are rare, but they interact with the living.

A portal is a paranormal site supercharged with various intelligent hauntings at once. This is far from the average haunting.

In sites with portals, it is not uncommon that a large number of spirits and energies haunt the place. Several different hauntings can go on simultaneously, not connected to the site itself but to the portal.

Spirit portals are debated in the paranormal field, as we still have much to discover and explore. There is no scientific evidence of the existence of portals, but many sensitive psychics and paranormal investigators swear by them.

A common trait of portal hauntings is the high frequency of paranormal activity. It is not uncommon for terrifying sights and physical and psychic attacksOpens in a new tab.. The site is often charged with negative energy and feeds off it.

Portals can exist everywhere, but places with lots of negative energy increase the chances of a portal. It is common to find portals in cemeteries, battlefields, crime scenes, asylums, and prisons. You can read more about how the emotions from grief can bring on hauntings hereOpens in a new tab..

It is believed that graveyards are hotspots for portals as the dead transcend to the afterlife during burial. This might create the perfect storm for powerful portal hauntings. I have a little hard believing this myself, as I don’t understand why this should attract the wicked.

One thing that we know is that portal hauntings have a high concentration of negative energies and entities. Graveyards are religious sites where the power of the good should be roaming.

Mirrors are also thought to be prone to portal hauntings; you can read more about this in the article below. The reflection act like a gateway between the living and the dead. Reflections are thought to visualize the spirit in some cultures and lore.

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The dangers of spirit portals

The dangers of spirit portals are many. As a portal acts like a door that allows energies, entities, and ghosts from other dimensions to enter our world as they wish – we have no control over the situation.

One day you might deal with the demonic, another elementalOpens in a new tab., and another grumpy ghost. All of these entities can be dangerous in their unique way.

If you are unaware of the existence of a portal, you might be entering a spiritual battlefield with your guard down.

A portal haunting might allow a demon, or several demons, to enter your home or space. This might expose you to the danger of demonic possession.

As the demonic, in other cases, need the invitation to be able to attach to a site or space, a portal might pose a great spiritual danger to you. They are allowed in without you permitting them.

If you have a portal in your home, you might experience violent manifestations such as poltergeist activity. You might also experience powerful psychic attacks. It is not uncommon for portal hauntings to bring on terrifying physical attacks that bring visual marks.

In the list below, you will find the most common dangers of portals.

  • Demonic attachment, oppression, and possession
  • Powerful and terrifying hauntings
  • Psychic attacks
  • Physical attacks
  • Poltergeist activity
  • Terrifying ghostly, demonic, and elemental manifestations

The demonic and portals

It is believed that the demonic love portals as they can enter and leave a place without permission from the living.

Negative energy fuels the power of the portal and the haunting, so they want to keep this energy flowing.

Portals are often situated where there is highly charged energy present. It is believed that crossing ley lines could up the chances of a portal forming. Emotions also accumulate energy; this is why it is thought that crime scenes, hospitals, churches, cemeteries, and battlefields are prone to demonic portal hauntings.

As the demonic are drawn to negative energy and feed off the fear of the living, it is understandable why these sites are commonly haunted.

The risk of opening a portal is high if you use the pendulum or Ouija board for spirit communication. The demonic love divination tools as they easily trick you into compliance. If you want to learn more about the dangers of the Ouija board, you can read more about this here.

You might create a portal if you don’t open and close the spirit communication correctly.

Elementals and portals

Elementals are entities that never lived. They were here long before us and will stay long after we are gone. Some elementals are kind, and some are dark and nasty.

As with the demonic, elementals are drawn to portals. It’s easy for them to cross worlds and interact with the living. We don’t fully understand elementals, what they are and why they want to roam our realm.

As with the demonic, their presence of them can lead to significant harm and peril.

Ghosts and portals

Ghosts are not as powerful as many other paranormal creatures and entities. They often have a more challenging time getting through to us. They tend to have urgent messages they need to deliver thought. They were once living and wanted to make things right.

It is thought that ghosts need to correct things they did wrong in life to pass over. This is why spirits are drawn to portals. They need much less energy to manifest with the help of the portal.

When they enter our realm through the portal, they have more energy left to use to manifest. This can lead to more powerful hauntings. You can read more hereOpens in a new tab. if you want to learn more about dangerous hauntings.

Final thoughts

Portals are believed to bring powerful hauntings as ghosts and spirits need less energy to move from one dimension to another. The energy they save they can use to manifest or launch an attack.

As portals attract intelligent ghosts and spirits without a connection to the site, they are more prone to lash out and make themselves known.

I believe there is much more to learn to understand portals and how they work and form fully. With this comes a lack of knowledge about their potential dangers.

It is always recommended to be cautious if you suspect you have a portal in your home or at a ghost hunt site. Never conduct divination with Ouija boardsOpens in a new tab., as they draw attention to negative energies and the demonic. If you open a portal by mistake, you might get more than you bargained for.

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A certified paranormal investigator, accredited demonologist, and psychic stuck in the Victorian era.

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