Ouija Board Dangers [12 Signs to STOP the Session!]

After a long day spent with friends, you may have thought to pull out the Ouija board and have some fun. After all, who doesn’t like to spook themselves with the thought of ghost encounters? You may try to connect with long-lost loved ones who passed away, but what happens when those encounters become sinister? You have signs on the Ouija board that it’s time to say goodbye to the spirit world. Prepare because, in some cases, even saying goodbye doesn’t get rid of that malevolent spirit. The Ouija board is not for the faint of heart.  

Ouija Board: When the Spirit World Goes Wrong

Before we look at the signs, let’s understand the dangers of the board. Approach the board respectfully because many people have had extreme encounters. The spiritual dangers can’t be understated, and some of the risks include:

  • Demonic possession
  • A demon that won’t leave
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Opened a portal into our world
  • Losing your mind

The Ouija board is a popular divination tool, and many exorcists and even some paranormal investigators have warned against its use. One Catholic priest in Dublin, a Vincentian priest, and exorcist, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told the Sunday Independent, “It’s easy to open up to evil spirits, but it’s very hard to get rid of them.” 

Many people play on the Ouija board without a full understanding of it. 

With that said, the Ouija board isn’t going away any time soon, and we will see an ongoing debate about whether to use it or not well into the future. Those who use it should act responsibly since bad things have happened on the board. It doesn’t always happen at the board but later after having played on the board. We will cover them soon. 

Sign #1: Lie, Lie, Lie

Many curious teenagers play on the Ouija board to speak with departed loved ones. In fact, the Ouija board was originally invented with the altruistic purpose of letting people talk to loved ones who had passed on. In many cases, they wound up inviting a demonic presence into their home. 

Demons don’t care about lying to you or hurting you. In fact, they want to destroy you however they can. Many who had a negative experience on the Ouija board talk about how everything started out good, but the demon slowly dropped its cover over time. It became more abusive by cursing and even attacking people or taking possession of their bodies. 

You can tell when a demon masquerades because you might ask them a simple question about your loved one, and they will answer it wrong. That’s a big warning sign. Say goodbye as soon as possible and keep saying goodbye until it closes the session. Demons are liars, imitators, and illusionists. In some cases, they might get some of the questions right, which may indicate that they had followed your loved one around during their lifetime.

Sign #2: Friend or Friends Acting Funny

Say goodbye immediately if anyone starts to act funny while playing on the Ouija board. They may enter a trance-like state. Signs of possession include deafness, blindness, numbness, difficulty swallowing, muscle spasms, and hallucinations. It may sound funny, but there was even a news article back in 2014 written about three Americans who were reportedly hospitalized after playing on the Ouija board in Mexico, according to the Daily Mail. 

As you can imagine, how do you treat someone at the hospital who has suffered from this condition? It was a complex thing, and they had difficulty even taking one of the girls to the hospital because of her erratic movements. 

End the session if anything doesn’t feel right. In the case above, it happened within minutes of playing the game. 

Whether they were possessed or convinced of their possession, this shows you a concrete example of how people have been hospitalized over using the Ouija board. 

Sign #3: Repetitive or Strange Statements

You may hear repetitive statements about how inadequate and inferior you are while talking to the spirits. This shows you another negative sign. End the session immediately rather than try to learn more since this could foreshadow a demonic attack. 

If you ask if there are any spirits present, and you get the answer “no,” there’s a risk you are dealing with a demonic entity. The same if you ask the age of the spirit, and it answers zero.

Another example of this appears with the Ouija board demon Zozo. You may see Zozo spelled over and over again, which shows that you may be dealing with a demon. End the session immediately since Zozo is believed to be the most powerful demon that you can encounter with the Ouija board next to Satan. Do not be taken in if he appears friendly at first. End the session.

If you want to learn more about demon Zozo and other demons that might haunt the board, I have written an article on the subject.

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Sign #4: You Feel Evil in the Room

Don’t play with evil. If you feel a sinister presence in the room, it’s time to say goodbye on the board. Many report the same feeling where they could feel the pure evil in the room before things went from bad to worse. It probably works in the same way as when you visit haunted sites, and you can feel the sadness or the eerieness. 

This is a huge warning sign, however. You don’t ever want to be disrespectful with the Ouija board since it can give the demon a reason to cause you harm and try to hang on when you say goodbye. Unfortunately, once you open the portal, it can be difficult to get rid of the demon if they want to hang on. Even if the spirit appears friendly but you can still feel an evil presence in the room, it would be wise to say goodbye.

Sign #5: Losing Sight of Reality

I speak about this in general rather than for a single Ouija board session. If you start to obsess over the Ouija board or lose sight of reality, consider it a big warning sign to stop immediately. Many who had bad experiences on the Ouija board reported slowly becoming obsessed with the board. They may have suddenly taken an increasing number of risks. For example, they have started to use the board alone, which can open them to even greater dangers. 

Once you stop paying attention to reality, it’s time to draw back from the board since this is a warning sign. 

Sign #6: Planchette Doing Figure 8’s or Going from A to Z

Never take your hand off the planchette since this lets the demon do whatever they want with the board. Doing figure 8’s or going from A to Z with the board is an incantation that lets them into our world. End the session immediately since no good can ever come from this. They could also take the alphabet from A to Z backward as well. Always keep your hand on the planchette. The planchette going to all four corners gives you another sign of danger. 

Sign #7: Don’t Come to the Board Drunk or High

Despite what anyone might tell you, there is no safe way to use a Ouija board. You can always encounter demonic spirits with the Ouija board since it invites them to interact. You don’t want to make matters worse by being drunk or high because it makes it easier for the demon to manipulate and harm you. 

Even if there is no demon, it makes your mind more susceptible to thinking that something is attacking you. You want to have your full wits about you. To better understand the dangers you can encounter with the Ouija board, you might read the book, “The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine WarrenOpens in a new tab.. (Affiliate link – Amazon)

Opens in a new tab.

It can give you an idea of the dangers of the board since Ed and Lorraine Warren had conducted over 3,000 investigations. Anyone who wants a good scare might try this book to understand the Ouija board a little better. The book speaks about several cases like The Conjuring and The Amityville Horror. There are also a couple of other lesser-known cases that the book talks about. 

Sign #8: Beware if the Planchette Spells These Names

Zozo is the most dangerous demon that you can encounter on Ouija board, but he goes by other names. If the Ouija board spells any of these names, end the session immediately:

  • Mama
  • Zizi
  • Zaza
  • Abacus 
  • Oz

Any of those names indicates that you might be in contact with an extraordinarily dangerous demon, and you would be wise if you were to end the session immediately. Many people report how this demon appears benevolent at first, but he gets worse with time. 

Sign #9: Makes Sexual Advances with Physical Touches or Messages

That may sound funny to someone who first encounters it, but this guarantees that you should end the Ouija session immediately. This encounter quickly becomes negative, with the demon attacking people or causing them harm. The spirit may physically touch you or make sexual advances toward you in messages. You don’t want to encounter this. This is common with the demon Zozo. 

Sign #10: Mentions of Paradise or Taking You to Paradise

In all cases, the demon isn’t referring to actual paradise—it’s referring to hell, and you want to end the session immediately since this commonly is a sign of the demon Zozo. The internet has tons of stories where this happened, and they encountered that demon. 

Sign #11: Correct Answers About the Future

One of the reasons that people become obsessed with the Ouija board is that they used it to learn something about the future from the supernatural. The board told them something about the future that turned out to be true. However, their interactions with the board after this point grow increasingly negative. Getting a correct answer about the future is often a way of drawing in people. 

It also is a sign to many that they’re really speaking to spirits, but this can be dangerous.

After it has drawn them in, it seeks to befriend them. However, the spirit becomes aggressive and mean if the person disobeys them. You quickly learn how the spirit isn’t a friend at all. 

Sign #12: Losing Track of Time

This is said to be another one of the signs that the demon Zozo is present. No one knows exactly why this happens, but it is a big warning sign to close the session. It may be that the demon is trying to make the users of the board fall into a trance so that it can possess them.

What to Do When Closing the Session Doesn’t Work?

You have cases where you try to close the session, but the spirit won’t leave, and the bad things continue to happen. What do you do in those cases? I would recommend that you run. And fast. Seek out an exorcist if needed. Get out of the area. It is never advisable to play the Ouija board at your home since this can open a portal to the spirit world and leave your home with all sorts of bad things happening, but many people play it at their houses, which leads to these problems. 

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These are the signs that you should stop the session immediately. The Ouija board can be very dangerous, and many people have had bad experiences with it. Even those who thought that they knew what they were doing had a negative experience. Knowing about the supernatural doesn’t necessarily preclude one from danger. 

You can still have a bad experience because no one alive truly understands the supernatural fully. It basically amounts to playing with things we don’t understand. While you may have individuals who claim to be experts, no one knows the full truth of this mystery. You would be wise to take caution whenever someone claims to have the full truth on this matter since they often want to sell you something.  

Claudette Beaulieu

A certified paranormal investigator, accredited demonologist, and psychic stuck in the Victorian era.

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