Who is the most dangerous demon? [Scary facts]

Ever wondered about the most powerful and dangerous demon and who he is? Plenty of speculation exists about this topic, but we will have a deeper look at this. The Christian church has, in fact, brought out a classification system for demons based on rank and power, but other religious systems and scholars have rankings for it as well.

Satan ranks as the most powerful and dangerous demon since he’s the lord of all demons, but people rarely encounter him directly. When people play with the ouija board, they encounter another more active demon called ZoZo. He’s reported to have attacked, raped, and even tried to kill adults and children.

Why Satan is the Most Dangerous Demon

Before we speak about the rest, let’s look at the most powerful—Satan. The Bible gives him many names such as Beelzebub, the Tempter, the Prince of this World, and the Father of Lies. He’s the embodiment of evil and sin. Think of the most despicable acts that mankind has ever witnessed. He’s the one behind those acts. Every other demon is simply referred to as the Devil’s Servants, and while they shouldn’t be underestimated, you never want to encounter Satan. 

Arne Cheyenne Johnson, a man convicted of first-degree manslaughter for the fatal stabbing of his landlord, Alan Bono, claims that the devil possessed him. The popular film The Conjuring is based on that story. 

Because most in western culture know about Satan, at least somewhat, we would like to highlight some other dangerous demons because Satan has often proven less active than other demons, but make no mistake, they were acting upon Satan’s bidding.

You even have former Satanists like Zachary King who claimed to try to contact Satan and were never able to do so. The famous occultist Aleister Crowley, nicknamed The Wickedest Man in the World, is also known for having tried to summon Satan and failed. Because of that, let’s have a look at another demon that can mess you up big time.

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I Am ZoZo: The Demon You Never Want to Encounter

Those who have tried to contact the spirit world with the ouija board have often talked about encounters with a demon called ZoZo. This ouija board demon wants nothing more than to steal your soul, and he has apparently haunted people since 1816. 

Beware because this demon often starts out friendly but grows more sinister with time. Some view this demon as controversial and more myth than fact, but we would air on the side of caution. Those who have contacted him report terrifying and life-threatening experiences. He has enough demonic power to cause physical or mental harm. You may also see its name as:

  • Mama
  • Zaza
  • Pazuzu
  • Zo

Some people have also had experiences with ZoZo in hypnosis, electronic voice phenomena, and automatic writing sessions. 

One famous encounter with ZoZo came from Darren Evans in Oklahoma who used the ouija board while with his girlfriend in 1982. After he received information from the other side Evan reportedly became increasingly obsessed with the ouija board. Evan suffered a mental breakdown after the demons followed him and went after his daughter saying that they were going to take her soul. 

Eventually, Evans sought an exorcist to rid himself of ZoZo. You can read more about this experience in a book that he wrote in 2016 called the ZoZo PhenomenonOpens in a new tab. (Affilite link – Amazon).

You have people who encountered it who literally fear to even say its name for fear that that could manifest it. That should show you the pure terror that this demon can unleash on those who play with the ouija board. It reminds one of Harry Potter and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, but it’s real, and you probably don’t want to encounter it. 

When this ouija board demon shows its true self, you better believe that it will cuss you out, threaten you, and try to take possession. Anyone nearby and even those uninvolved is in danger of being harmed as the demon promises to take them to “paradise.” As you can imagine, that paradise probably isn’t anywhere that you want to go. 

You have a story here about how ZoZo tried to drown a one-year-old child in the bathtub. If that wasn’t scary enough, the child nearly died after a strange infection the next day that the person attributed to the demonic encounter. Even those who didn’t play with the ouija board can have their lives impacted.

Some of the signs that you are speaking with ZoZo include:

  • Glass breaks (it likes mirrors)
  • Evil presence felt
  • Doesn’t directly reveal itself
  • Spells its name over and over
  • Scratches appear on the body 

The 13 Demons in the Hierarchy of Hell

All demons rank under Satan, but they do operate under a hierarchy of danger. Still, you wouldn’t want to encounter any of these demonic entities. Who would’ve thought of hell as a bureaucracy? Each demon serves a specific purpose, and they mirror a twisted image of an angel in Heaven in some cases. Keep in mind that different religions and scholars will classify them into different categories, but you have themes that pop up again and again:

  1. Satan – Prince of Hell and Demon of Witchcraft
  2. Leviathan – Prince of Hell and Demon of Heresy and Envy
  3. Beelzebub – Chief of Staff and Demon of False Gods
  4. Asmodeus – King of Demons
  5. Adramelech – Great Minister and Chancellor
  6. Baal Berith – Chief Secretary of Hell
  7. Astaroth – Treasurer of Hell
  8. Verrine – Demon of Impatience
  9. Gressil – Demon of Impurity
  10. Olivier – Demon of Cruelty
  11. Luvart – Dominion over Possession
  12. Verrier – Demon of Disobedience
  13. Behemoth – Devil’s Cupbearer

You can tell what kind of demon you deal with based on the type of things that you encounter. Notice how Beelzebub is used a second time? In some cases, they use the names interchangeably, and some will argue how that classifies as a different demon. For example, Satan has sometimes been called Lucifer, but some argue viciously against this classification. When dealing with the supernatural, there are no concrete facts or authorities. However, encountering any real demon will prove dangerous enough—whether you believe in them or not. 


Hands down, the most dangerous demon is Satan and all others are referred to as the Devil’s Servants, but he often has other demons doing his bidding. You wouldn’t want to encounter any demons since they all can attack, possess or cause harm in some way, and the story of a one-year-old drowning in the bathtub should highlight the level of danger and the evil of these demonic entities. There are plenty of other equally scary stories out there.   

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