My name is Miss Claudette Beaulieu, a certified paranormal investigator, ghost enthusiast, and claircognizant from Scandinavia.

Friendlyspecter.com is all about the paranormal; ghosts, demons, psychic abilities, ghost hunting, spiritual rituals, and everything in between. I want to build a reference hub for reliable resources for anyone interested in learning more about the supernatural and ghost hunting.

This site also aims to debunk common myths and misconceptions about the paranormal. Popular TV shows have made people believe that the spirit world is dark and evil. According to these shows, you need to banish them all!

Most ghosts are not evil or demonic in nature, though. The spirits want to reach out to us because they have an important message to deliver, watch over us, or care for us from the other side. It is not uncommon that hauntings are kindred in some way.

Always remember, there is no scientific proof of the existence of the paranormal. I encourage you to keep an open mindset at all times. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking, “you know it all.”

We gain momentum by challenging the set “truths.” I invite you to research and conduct investigations to build your view on the paranormal. Maybe you will be the one that solves the mystery of ghosts!

Welcome to the Friendly Specter blog, where ghosts and the living meet harmoniously!