Claudette Beaulieu

My name is Claudette Beaulieu, also known as Claudie. I’m a certified paranormal investigator and accredited demonologist that loves everything supernatural.

My story

Since a child, I have been interested in ghosts and hauntings. I remember “lending books” (sneaking them out without scanning them) from the library as I was not allowed to lend them.

The books were jam-packed with photos of apparitions. Of course, I returned them in secrecy when read. No one ever noticed.

When I was a teen, I had my first poltergeist experience. While dining at a cafe with my cousin, a glass shot at me from the shelf.

Since then, I have been on a mission to learn everything about ghosts and the supernatural.

This has ended up in a multitude of different spirit communication tools: such as tarot cards, Ouija boards, crystal balls, and dowsing rods. As a vintage lover, I am more in tune with old-fashioned techniques.

My interest took me on a spiritual journey that ended in a certification as a psychic tarot reader. I work as a professional tarot reader at night and an art historian during the day.

I participate in paranormal investigations as a psychic, certified paranormal investigator, and accredited demonologist.

I enjoy helping investigators understand the information they gather. Psychic work is fundamental for a cohesive paranormal investigation. Logic and intuition should always be used when researching the supernatural.

I also help people understand domestic hauntings and learn how to co-exist with ghosts and entities. If needed, banish negative energies from homes, objects, and people.

At a glance

  • Content creator in the paranormal space
  • Accredited demonologist
  • Accredited paranormal investigator
  • Master in Art History – learned a lot about source review and research
  • Cleansing and exorcisms of homes, objects, and people
  • Poltergeist experience since early teens
  • Ghost enthusiast and paranormal TV show addict
  • Owner of a vast collection of literature in the paranormal field
  • Owner of a possessed doll