Can Spirits Talk in Your Dreams?

Have you ever experienced a dream that stuck with you? Maybe a message, a happening, or a sign startled you? As you sip your morning coffee, you start to think that perhaps it was a message from the spirit world.

There is no scientific evidence that spirits exist or can communicate through dreams. Many are fast believers that spirits communicate when sleeping as we access our subconscious mind.

There is no scientific proof of spirits talking to us in your dreams, so we must take it with a grain of salt. But, as mentioned, many people stand fast, believing they have been contacted by relatives, loved ones, or even negative spirits in their dreams. Let’s take a closer look at the phenomenon.

Messages from the spirit world while sleeping

Many stories and records of people state that spirits have approached them in their dreams. Not all messages are friendly; some are believed to be darker entities.

It is believed that we have easier access to the subconscious mind when we sleep or are in a deep meditative state. As a psychic, I think I have been guided in my dreams, but I have no scientific evidence.

One event is so clear to me. I woke up in the morning with a bad feeling in my stomach. Something was off. I remembered my dream, which I seldom do if there is not some “message” involved. I just knew I should not take the subway to work that day.

So, I took my bicycle to work that morning. When I arrived at work, I watched the news. There had been a severe incident at my station. I froze in my chair. From that day on, I always listened to messages or feelings I got in my dreams.

Spirit messages or intuition

The science-based community believes intuition is gathered information and experiences processed in our subconscious mind, not messages from spirits.

On the other hand, the spiritual community believes the opposite. This is not based on facts but experience-based knowledge.

Many cultures and societies believe spirits exist and can access your dream world to bring important messages. We can’t prove the existence of deities and gods, so we can’t prove spirits.

It comes down to your own spiritual belief. We must accept that it might not be answers to everything happening around us.

We are so reliant on scientific evidence, models, and rules that we sometimes forget there might be another part of our existence, too. We have relied on spiritual input for most of human existence, but nowadays, we rely solely on evidence-based “facts.”

I think it is best to keep an open mind and believe in your own experiences. It can cause lots of stress being in disbelief of what you have “experienced.”

Psychic abilities and spirit communication in your sleep

If you have psychic traits, you commonly get messages in your sleep. Not all know they are psychic; it can surprise them.

It can be that they have been so busy that they have not found the “still” they need to be able to pick up the faint signs. It is not a coincidence that many experience their psychic traits when they are home for sick leave, on vacation, or when they have time off.

It would be best if you switched off the contact go go go in your brain to be able to hear or see the signs.

The first signs people tend to have when talking to peers are messages in their dreams, mysterious scents, or “feelings” of not being alone in a room.

In my opinion, messages in the sleep are connected to being psychic.

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Stigma regarding spirit communications

There is also a lot of stigma surrounding spiritual experiences. This might be a cause that not everyone tells you about their personal spiritual experiences. I hear lots of this from the UFO society. It is not easy to say to people they might have experienced an encounter with aliens or UFOs.

I think the same goes for the spiritual encounters. It is primarily psychics or people surrounded by supporting people who come forward with their experiences. When new people enter, they soon start to tell their own stories, even if they are steadfast non-believers in public.

As with everything spiritual, I can’t share definitive truths even if I know you might be searching for them. But my advice is to trust your gut feeling and instinct. Not everything is following the rules of science.

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Claudette Beaulieu

A certified paranormal investigator, accredited demonologist, and psychic stuck in the Victorian era.

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