How to communicate with ghosts: Spirit communication

Have you ever wondered how to get in touch with the spirits? I bet you have seen Quija boards and old photos picturing seances, but are there other ways? As knowledge and technology evolve rapidly, much has happened in just a few years.

The most common way to communicate with spirits, ghosts, or entities is with the help of psychic mediums. Ouija boards are also a popular tool for spirit communication. Other methods include electronic devices such as EVP recorders and ghost boxes.

There are many ways you can contact the spirit world. Today, a vast array of devices and tech can connect with the other side. Still, many refer to the classic tools as Quija boards, pendulums, and psychic mediumship.

How to communicate with spirits

There are many ways you can get in touch with the world beyond. Throughout history, we have developed techniques to channel spirits. The most common way is through mediumship, as many methods rely on psychic input. Modern devices are exceptions, though. They operate with the help of technology. It is always to keep in mind that both psychics and technology should be used alongside each other – not one rule out the other. One of my favorite paranormal investigators, Ami Bruni, suggests the same in her book Life with the Afterlife.

What is a message from beyond, one might ask? That seems to be an easy question, but in reality, it is not. A feeling can be a message, as well as a sound. We have to stay open-minded when connecting to the spirit world. They might not want to communicate through words. In the end, it is their rules – not ours.

You can receive messages such as smells, unexplained sensory experiences, dreams, knowledge, trance, visions, and much more. A common way of receiving messages is with different kinds of automatism.

Automatism is when you go into a meditative or trans-state and let the spirits use your body to create the messages. Automatic writing is often used in spirit communication. The medium uses pen and paper and allows the spirits to use the subconscious mind to form words on the paper.

As a claircognizant myself, I don’t receive messages through words. I get them through knowledge and feelings combined. It’s like a gut feeling that is hard to ignore.

Types of messages

  • Words
  • Writing
  • Singing
  • Emotions
  • Intuition
  • Memories and Deja Vu
  • Smells
  • Signs and expressions (apparitionsOpens in a new tab.)
  • Unexplained knowledge
  • Touch
  • Dreams
  • Trance
  • Visions
Messages from the world beyond can take many forms – not just through words.

Psychic mediums

Psychic mediumship

The most common way to communicate with the world beyond is through a psychic medium. Many have psychic powers without knowing it. Many think that a “message” must be words or a manifestation. As we already know, the truth is that there is a broad spectrum of ways we receive information from the spirit world.

Most people are born with psychic abilities, but we lose the openness we had as children as we grow up. We are thought to trust science and our rationale. Psychic powers are the absolute opposite – we have to trust our gut feelings and be open to the unknown.

Dejavu is a common psychic happening most people experience from time to time. Neuroscience says a type of epileptic seizure causes it. Others say psychic powers cause it. There is no evidence of that, as with all things paranormal, though.


Psychic mediumship

Seances are an ancient technique for spirit communications. During the rise of Spiritualism in the early 1900s, seances became very popular. The medium channel the Spirit and receive messages from beyond. A seance is an organized sitting where (most often) several persons are present.

There are special rules to follow when conducting a seance. It is preferred that the group sit in a circle and use wooden furniture. The participants place their hands on the table, and in some cases, they can clasp each other’s hands. If people are very afraid or skeptical of the seance, it might hold the communication with the spirits down. Younger participants are often thought to up the chances for a successful seance.

In many cases, music is used to promote the success of the seance. Prayers and gossip might also be used to improve communication chances. The seance is often conducted in the medium’s home, one of the sitters, or on a haunted site. Seances are sometimes used to gather evidence of a haunting and identify the Spirit attached to the site.

A spirit might make itself known by a gust of cold wind, an apparition, or movement of the objects or furniture in the room. I know mediums using feathers and floating globes that will tip and roll away if it is touched. The most slight touch or wind will make the globe or feather move.

Seances should not be conducted if you are not trained or have sufficient knowledge. The risk is that you, by mistake, open a channel or portal to the other side. You have to know how to close the communications properly before communicating with the world beyond. As negative entities might mask themselves as kind spirits, you are also in danger of attachment.

Not all seances are fruitful. As with all spirit communications, you can guarantee results. Some mediums receive the messages through trance, automatic writing, and singing. In some cases, manifestations of the Spirit are generated.

Skeptics mean that music, gossip, conversations, and the darkness are used to mask fraud. There are seances taking place in silence and daylight as well, though.

Guidelines for seances

  • Equally divided by gender
  • Preferably younger participants
  • Skeptics tend to lower the effectiveness
  • Nervous participants lower the effectiveness
  • Round table
  • Wooden furniture
  • Max 8 sitters
  • Placing hands on the table
  • Not more than three seances a week
  • Max 2 hours in duration
  • No drugs or alcohol should be used
  • Sitters should never touch a medium in trans
  • Music enhances the effectiveness

Automatic writing

Psychic mediumship

Automatic writing is a common way for mediums to connect and receive messages from spirits and entities. The medium allows the Spirit to use its body to form words on paper. The medium is not aware of what is written and has no control over the message. It is thought that the Spirit uses the subconscious mind of the medium.

Automatic writing is the most common automatism. As with all spirit communications, you always risk connecting with negative entities. Don’t engage in communications without proper training. There is always a risk for demonic attacks, attachments, and possessions.

Another common type of automatism is intuitive painting. This works the same as for automatic writing, but instead, the medium draws or paints. The message will not be words but a picture or illustration.

I have discovered that I can channel messages with the help of a typewriter or keyboard. I have no idea what I write, and it is only my fingers working by themselves. I often close my eyes and let it unfold. I close my eyes and just let the message through. Automatic writing can be done on devices, not only with pen and paper.

Automatic writing can be done on typewriters or keyboards as well.

Electronic devices

Scientific method

In modern-day paranormal investigations, electronic devices are used to capture evidence. With the help of, for example, EVP recorders, Ovilus, and Spirit boxes, you can communicate with spirits in a way that was not possible before. It was only a privilege of the mediums to “hear” the spirits “voices” or messages. You don’t need to be a psychic medium to experience first-hand spirit communications with electronic devices.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon

To capture EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), you use a recording device. The EVP recorder can catch sounds that you can’t hear. You can ask a spirit a question and then listen to the recording. If you are lucky, you get an answer from the other side! Most recordings are not that clear, though. But at times, there are occasions with intelligent and precise answers.

You can also record answers from the spirits with the help of a tape recorder. If you let a traditional tape recorder run during your “interview,” you might be lucky to fetch an answer. EVPs are more cost-effective, though, as they are digital, and you can record as much as you want. This allows for longer sessions at a time. You can also let the EVP record while you are away.

I have written an article where you can learn more about EVPs. You will find a link to the article below.

Can ghosts talk? Question answered

Learn more about EVPs and Spirit boxes

Spirit boxes

A spirit box is an electronic device with an EVP recorder and a speaker. They often look like a traditional radio. With the help of the spirit box, you can ask questions and get answers in real-time. These have become very popular, and you often see them in paranormal TV shows.

The video below is an example of a spirit box. The woman asks questions into the device, and the Spirit can use the device to answer.

Another type of device that allows for spirit communication is the Ovilus. The Ovilus is a device that lets the spirits use frequencies to access a bank of words. The Ovilus show the words on display. The device has different sensors that help the spirit control what words to depict. In the video below is the Ovilus III.

Ouija boards

Psychic mediumship + tool

An Ouija board is a common way to communicate with spirits. The tool is sometimes called a “spirit board” or “talking board.” It is often made of wood and has printed letters and numbers. In the corners, you find “yes” and “no.” With the help of a planchette, a heart-shaped wooden disk, the investigator receives the message.

By lightly placing the fingertips on the planchette, the Spirit moves the hand across the board. Letters are spelled which form messages or answers. It is thought that the Spirit uses the subconscious mind to move the disk.

Sometimes a glass tilted upside down is used instead of a planchette. The letters and numbers are written on a piece of paper.

As with all spirit communication, it is not recommended to use an Ouija board if you are not trained. You never know what Spirit or entity you might invite. There is always a risk of opening a portal you can’t close. You might also interact with negative energy that has the power to attach to you. Use an Ouija board with caution.


There are many ways to connect and communicate with the world beyond. The most common way is by psychic mediumship in some shape or form. Electronic devices such as ghost boxes and EVP recorders are also used.

Depending on your preference, skill set, and investigation style, you might use one or many methods combined. It is always recommended to use both psychic and electronic devices combined as they complement each other. Ami Bruni, states that it is important to always refer to the senses first and use devices as support in your investigations. It is easy to miss an apparition passing by if you are staring through the camera lens all night (Life with the Afterlife) (Paid link Amazon). As with things paranormal, there is no conclusive evidence that it can communicate with spirits.

References and cites

  • Life with the Afterlife – 13 Truths I learned about Ghosts, Ami Bruni and Julie Tremaine, 2020 (Paid link – Amazon)

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