Can ghosts talk? Question answered

Is it possible for ghosts to speak to us? You hear stories about disembodied voices, but how can it be? Ghosts don’t have bodies. And what are the voices coming from paranormal research devices, like EVPs?

Generally, ghosts talk to us via disembodied voices and recording devices. The message can be received by, for example, EVPs, ghost boxes, or telephones. The voice phenomena are challenged as psychological mechanisms can cause us to hear things we want.

How do ghosts communicate with us through sounds and speech? This article examines how ghosts and spirits might communicate via the disembodied voice phenomenon.

What disembodied voices are

A disembodied voice is a speech you hear that does not come from a living person. You can listen to the voice without any recording or gadgets. Science cannot explain the voice phenomenon, and there is no natural explanation. No scientific evidence concludes what a disembodied voice is. There are recordings of ghostly voices, and people say they heard them loud as day. As with everything paranormal, we have no definite answers.

Many paranormal investigators and ghost hunters have caught disembodied voices on camera or recordings. It is thought to be the voices and sounds of spirits or residual hauntings. In some cases, the voice answers a direct question. In other cases, without any “provocation” at all.

You find examples of disembodied voices in the videos. In the later video, the voice is evident and sharp. It almost sounds electrical. The other voices are a bit harder to hear. In most cases, the voice is quite faint.

Ghost hunters recorded a selection of different disembodied voices. Some are pretty hard to hear; others are easier.
Electrical-sounding voice phenomena are saying “hello.”

Electronic voice phenomena – EVP

Many are familiar with EVP, electronic voice phenomena, from popular paranormal TV shows. The voices or sounds are only heard on playback. An EVP is a smaller digital gadget in paranormal investigators or ghost hunters record disembodied voices. According to Zak Bagans, there is no more essential tool in the paranormal investigator’s tool kit (Ghost-Hunting for Dummies).

The voices recorded are thought to be of the dead, supernatural entities, or extraterrestrials. We are not sure of the origin of the voices or sounds.

EVP results are challenged as some believe white noise might cause us to hear things that are not there. The voices are often very faint as well. According to Zak Bagans, there is always the risk that you want to hear something so severely that you listen to it through the noise, even if it isn’t there (Ghost Hunting for Dummies). I agree with this statement. This is how the human brain works.

Most messages received on an EVP are concise. You hear one or two words. Most messages start with a disturbance, often a popping sound. It sounds like the pop you hear when talking on a walkie-talkie.

According to Rosemary Ellen Guiley, the shorter message, the clearer (The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits). In TV shows, I have seen long messages as well. But these are not common. You can also hear sounds from battlefields, screams, music, singing, etc.

If you want to learn how to record EVPs, check out the article below.

How to Record an EVP: Step-by-Step Guide

EVPs and languages

One strange thing is that the language heard on the recordings often is the same as the investigators. If a paranormal investigator speaks English, the message comes through in English. The message can come through in all languages if it is a multi-language team. The phenomenon makes some believe that EVPs are psychokinetic. The recording is a playback of the person’s thoughts investigating the site.

As technology gets better and better, the software can filter the message. The messages are much clearer. However, it is important not to filter it too much as you can alter the recording.

Classification of EVP recordings

Depending on the quality of EVP recordings, they get different grades. The grades tell the investigator if it can be used as “evidence” of paranormal activity or not. To capture evidence, it is recommended to have multiple recorders. If you hear the voice phenomena in more than one recorder, it is easier to classify it as evidence.

It is a grade-A recording if you hear the voice very clearly, and most people hear the words. Grade B recordings are a bit harder to hear. Not everyone hears the words loud and clear. If you need to use enhancing software or headphones to listen to the message, it is a grade C. Grade B and C are most common. Using grade C-G EVPs as evidence of paranormal activity is not recommended.

Everyone does not use class D, R, and G classifications. But it indicates EVPs of poor quality. Often they need extreme amplification or enhancement to be heard. Many believe these EVPs are not real but a product of the software amplifying them. (ParaPedia.comOpens in a new tab.)

EVP classification chart

AClear message understood by mostYes Seldom
BClear message but with ambiguitySometimesMore common
CAmplification neededNoCommon
D or RInferior quality – chatter and staticNoCommon
GNeed extreme amplification NoCommon
Everyone does not use D, R, and G, as it has poor quality.

I don’t use EVPs, but you can get one for a fairly reasonable price on Amazon (Paid link – Amazon). I have friends that use this one, though. As an empath, I seldom use equipment; I go with my guts and scan areas. This one is great if you are a beginner as it gives clear messages (most of the time) and is not that expensive. I love to share recordings with it later when we can go on investigations again (covid restrictions).

Messages and validation of evidence

Not all messages received from the other side are truthful. Sometimes, the voice phenomenon is not intelligent and derives from residual haunting. The news is the same, like a replay of a recording. I have an article about different hauntings if you want to learn more about residual hauntings and their characteristics. You will find the link below.

Why ghosts haunt: The most common reasons

Learn more about different types of hauntings

It can be residual haunting if you repeatedly ask a question and get the same answer. A residual haunting is not intelligent and can not answer your questions. If you repeatedly ask, “What is your name?” and the message on your EVP is, for example, “where is mom” it might be a residual haunting. If you get a direct response to your question and the message differs, it can be an intelligent spirit answering back.

If the spirit doesn’t like you and your questions, it can start talking rubbish to you. Even if the questions are not in line with your questions, it can be a case of intelligent haunting.

Always try to record simultaneously on two or more EVP recorders. The same goes for photos and videos as well, of course. It is always a great idea if you catch something interesting. It’s easier to file them as evidence than using a standalone gadget. If several devices notice the activity, it’s harder to challenge the evidence.

At times people have recognized the voices of loved ones in EVP recordings. Often the voices are very faint and static, though. It’s often a robotic feeling to them. You can differentiate a female or male voice in many cases, though. In some cases, only growls or heavy breathing comes through.

Sometimes people recognize the voice of a deceased loved one in EVP recordings. This is not common, though, but it happens.

Instrumental transcommuications – ITC

Instrumental Transcommunication is supernatural communication through instruments or technical devices (ITC Voices: Contact with Another Reality?). You can receive messages in many other ways than hearing them when walking about a haunted house. Since the birth of electronics, there have been recordings of supernatural phenomena. Some have seen or heard messages through their TV or radio or on playbacks of tape recordings.

Instrumental transcommunication, IFC, is when you use a technical gadget to receive supernatural messages. You might have seen spirit boxes, ghost boxes, spirit telephones, and similar gadgets on TV shows. All these gadgets are called ITC devices. EVPs are also ITC devices, of course.

Ghost boxes

Ghost boxes are trendy in paranormal TV shows and are used for real-time EVP communications. You don’t have to record and then go back to listen. You get the messages right away.

Ghost boxes are white noise generators with amplifiers, microphones, and speakers. A ghost box is very convenient as you can bring it along. The investigator brings it to the site, which looks like an old-fashioned radio. The investigator asks a question, and the spirit can answer right back.

In the video below, one of my favorite ghost investigators, Ami Bruni, uses a ghost box in conjunction with a traditional seance. The ghost box is connected to her headphones.

This is also a great video showing the ghost box in action. One person asks the question, and the other investigator recalls what they hear in the headphones. This way, you can’t get influenced by the question and listen to what you want to hear. I think this is a great technique, and it eliminates the issue with the “hearing what you want to hear” issue we discussed earlier.


The Ovilus device is a “spirit box” that lets spirits convert electromagnetic energy fields into words. The Ovilus makes it possible to have real-time communications with ghosts and spirits. The device is programmed with a dictionary of words. The Ovilus makes it possible for the ghost to answer with the correct word if you ask a question.

No one knows how the Ovilus work, but according to Zak Bagans, it does (Ghost-Hunting for Dummies). Some think it talks rubbish, but Zak says the ghost might be unable to choose the right word. It can be a word that is similar or sounds about the same.

If you want to look at the Ovilus, click the link below (Paid link – Amazon). I have never used it myself, but I know many paranormal researchers. I love to give you a sneak peek of me using it when the covid restrictions are lifted.

Phone calls from the dead

Another type of voice message from the world beyond is phone calls. It is believed that spirits can contact the living with the help of telephones and smartphones. The one calling is often a family member or a friend. In one way or another, the person has close ties to the deceased.

In most cases, the message is important or urgent. Common types of messages are warnings and final goodbyes. The call often happens 24 hours after death or on days of particular importance, such as anniversaries, birthdays, Mother’s day, etc. The call might reoccur these days but often with the same message every time.

The voice is often recognized but static and distant. There is constant noise, and the voice can sometimes be hard to hear.


There are many ways a ghost or spirit can talk to us. The most common way is through EVPs, but there are instances where disembodied voices are heard without any device at all. Paranormal TV shows often feature ghosts or spirit boxes. An EVP message can’t be heard other than on playback. A ghost box makes it possible to have a real-time conversation with the spirit. The ghost box delivers the EVP via speakers.

Another popular and effective device is the Ovilus. The machine lets the spirits alternative the energy field and translates it into words.

In some cases, the dead contact the living via telephone. The message is often an urgent matter, as necessary information or a final goodbye. The phone call can reoccur on important days like birthdays, Mother’s day, etc. In most cases, they only happen once.

As with everything paranormal, the phenomena have been challenged. There is no definite proof that spirits can communicate beyond the grave. When doing paranormal investigations, it is recommended to use multiple devices simultaneously. If all the devices give hits or recordings, it’s easier to use them as evidence.

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