Are ghosts dangerous? Everything you need to know

We are conditioned by pop culture, books, and lore to be afraid of ghostsOpens in a new tab. and spirits. Fear of what we don’t know, or can’t explain by logic, is rooted deep within. But are ghosts truly dangerous?

As a general rule, ghosts of human origin are not dangerous. Fear and accidents running away from them might cause us harm, though. The demonic (entities or elementals), on the other hand, might cause us great harm as they overtake our bodies and soul.

When you start learning more about the paranormal and want to go on your first ghost hunt, you might want to know if there are any dangers. As with everything supernatural, we don’t have definite answers, but there are a few rules of thumb to follow.

Are ghosts dangerous?

As a general rule, ghosts are not dangerous. There are very few records of spirits hurting people, even if it happens sometimes. According to Troy Taylor, in the book Ghost Hunter’s Guidebook, there are so few, and far between that if they occur, investigators tend to focus on them for years to come.

Ghosts seldom have the power to hurt the living physically. An encounter with a ghost might be terrifying, though. The experience can leave deep emotional and mental scars.

Most records of people getting hurt by ghosts are when they run away from them. Trips and falls due to darkness and old buildings are common causes of accidents during ghost hunting. It is very seldom the ghost itself that causes the injury.

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Most records of people getting hurt by ghosts are when they run away from them. Trips and falls due to darkness and old buildings are common causes of accidents during ghost hunting. It is very seldom the ghost itself that causes the injury.

The majority of ghosts are not very powerful, and it takes lots of energy for them to manifest. If they lash out in an attack, the harm induced is limited. However, psychic attacks leading to fatigue, disorientation, and anxiety are common. They do seldom lead to physical injury but are terrifying to experience.

There are instances where hauntings can impact health and well-being. Intelligent, poltergeist, or demonic hauntings can be dangerous. These hauntings are very rare, and there is a small risk of ever experiencing them.

The majority of hauntings are not dangerous, even if they can be very scary at times.

Don’t freak out if you encounter something ghostly. Take a deep breath and ground yourself if possible. There are often natural and logical explanations for strange happenings, even if they seem scary at first. Calmness is the best way to repel ghosts. Don’t let them feed your fear and anxiety if you want to keep them away. I know, easier said than done.

Don’t freak out if you encounter something ghostly. Take a deep breath and ground yourself if possible. Many times there are natural and logical explanations for strange happenings, even if they seem scary at first.

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If you want to learn more about the different ways a ghost might hurt you, I have written an article on the subject. In the article, you find a handy list of different kinds of attacks. But, again, ghosts rarely attack.

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The difference between ghosts and demons

There is a considerable difference between ghosts and demonic. Ghosts are spirits that originate from a once-living human or animal. The demonic, on the other hand, has never roamed the Earth. They don’t have a soul, and their goal is to oppress and possess the living. They want to take over the soul and body of the person under attack. This is not something that a ghost does. They might scare you and try to influence you, but they will not possess you.

Even if it initially doesn’t seem like it is a difference between entities – it is. If you can distinguish between ghosts, elementalsOpens in a new tab., and demonic, you can protect yourself from potential harm. In the sections below, you find the main traits of the different entities.

Ghosts are, in most cases, not dangerous but can be very scary and upsetting to encounter. Demons, on the other hand, can cause great harm. In the sections below, you learn the main traits of the different entities. With time and experience, you will be able to tell them apart. It can be hard at times, so just back away and stop interacting if you are unsure. It is better to be safe than sorry.


Ghosts are spirits of a person or animal that once lived. Ghosts are often spirits that linger because of unfinished business. Other causes are deep attachments to people, objects, or sites. Because of some reason, they can’t or won’t transcend to the next realm. Ghosts might try to interact to help them solve whatever they need to move on. They might also lash out if they feel their beloved possessions are not treated the right way.

There are also records of ghosts having territorial issues. They don’t want to share the space with the living. There are as many causes of hauntings as there are (dead) people. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what causes hauntings at times. One thing in common is that ghosts seldom hurt people.

Ghosts might manifest as apparitionsOpens in a new tab.. In some cases, you can see the clothing and even facial features in full-body apparitions. In other cases, you might see a dark or misty shadow.

Orbs and light phenomena are common too. Temperature drops and strange smells are not uncommon. In some cases, you might even hear a disembodied voice.

If you want to learn more about how ghosts manifest, I have written an article on the subject. You will find a link below.

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Demons and elementals

Demons and elementalsOpens in a new tab. are something different from ghostly apparitions. They have never roamed the Earth. The demonic is evil and torments people. They are very persistent and are doing whatever it takes to overtake the body and spirit of the living.

A demon is a shapeshifter that can change appearance to trick and fool the living into communications. It is not uncommon for a demon to seem like a friendly ghost needing assistance or help. This makes them so dangerous; they are genius and manipulative. This is why playing with, for example, an Ouija board is thought to be hazardous. You never know if the entity responding is evil or not.

Demonic hauntings are often very intense and draining. The aim is to wear down the victims to make them resign their free will. The wicked will use the body and mind of the living as a tool for evil deeds.

There is no conclusive or definite scientific evidence of the existence of demons or elementals, as with all supernatural. But it is recommended never to interact with a spirit that has traits of a demon. It is always recommended to contact a professional for assistance and guidance.

An elemental is an earth spirit that has been here long before humans ever roamed the Earth. They are thought to be the building blocks of the World – earth, air, fire, and water. They are primitive spirits that might be malevolent. They have great power and are thought to be connected to sites and places. (The Everything Ghost Hunting Book).

Elemental hauntings have traits of poltergeist hauntings. Objects might get thrown around, doors slamming, furniture elevating, and alike. It is not uncommon with physical and psychic attacks either. An elemental haunting is much more potent than a ghostly haunting. This makes them more dangerous as well.

Demons and elementals are very different than ghosts and are nothing to take lightly. It is better to stay away if possible. There is often a misconception that demons are the same as ghosts. This is one of the reasons, in my opinion, that has led many to believe spirits are dangerous.

Signs of dangerous interactions

Even if ghosts, in most cases, are harmless, there are occasions when you can get hurt. Intelligent and poltergeist hauntings might be harmful even though ghosts cause them.

An intelligent haunting is defined by ghosts that have a mission and seek interaction and attention from the living. If the ghost is angry, upset, or alarmed, it can lash out at the living. Most intelligent hunting does not have the power or strength to harm you seriously. But a thrown object might, if you are unfortunate, hurt you.

Poltergeists are the most common type of entity that cause physical harm. Poltergeists are known for slamming, punishing, throwing objects, and pinching people. It is always recommended to consult a professional if you experience paranormal activity, as it might also be demonic. It is hard to tell the difference if you are not an experienced paranormal investigator.

Even if dangerous interactions with ghosts are scarce, you can look out for warning signs you might be experiencing an evil entity.

  • Violent outbursts of energy – poltergeist activity
  • Extreme fatigue
  • A dramatic change of mood – anger, tantrums, manipulative behavior
  • Personality changes
  • Disconnect to ordinary life – isolation and anti-social behaviors
  • Scratchings or bruises
  • Feelings of suffocation

You always have to go with your gut feeling as there is no road map for dangerous hauntings. It is not just one thing that indicates a hanging might be vicious. It is the big picture that diagnoses the situation. Always consult with a medical professional before giving experiences a paranormal stamp.


Most ghostly hauntings are not dangerous, even if they can be very frightening and scary. Ghosts are the spirit of a human or animal and are not very powerful or have lots of strength. Most of the paranormal experiences will be delicate and non-violent. On the other hand, if you interact with a demon or elemental entity, you might be in danger.

It is thought that demons are much stronger than ghosts, and you risk being possessed or tormented. A demon wants you to resign your free will. This is not the goal of ghosts. Ghost usually wants to scare you due to territorial issues or important messages that need to come through.

If you want to how to protect yourself from psychic attacks, you find information here. If you want to learn more about how to dispel the demonic, you find lots of useful information here.

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