Do Elementals Haunt Your Home? Here’s How to Find Out

Have you ever experienced unexplainable occurrences in your home, such as sudden drops in temperature, doors slamming shut on their own, or strange whispers in the air?

While it may be tempting to write these off as mere coincidences, it’s possible that elemental spirits could haunt your home.

This article will explore the world of elemental hauntings and learn how to identify them.

With a little bit of knowledge and a keen eye, you’ll be able to discern whether the unexplained events in your home are simply natural phenomena or something more supernatural.

So buckle up, grab a cup of tea, and dive into the mysterious world of elemental hauntings!

Important: Never label anything paranormal before all natural causes are ruled out. Please consult a professional health provider if you are struggling with health or mental issues or think a demon possesses you. Find international suicide prevention helplines hereOpens in a new tab..

Step 1: Conduct a Thorough Investigation

The first step to identifying if elemental spirits haunt your home is to conduct a thorough investigation.

Start by journaling any unusual events in your home, such as sudden temperature changes, unexplained noises, or objects moving independently. Document each event’s date, time, weather conditions, and location.

Memory fails even if you think you will remember the occurrences in detail. Be sure to note all events as soon as possible.

Memory fades quickly, and you might have forgotten an essential detail hours later. I always keep my journal with me in my handbag or kitchen table.

  • Time
  • Date
  • Weather conditions
  • Barometric pressure
  • It seemed targeted toward a person
  • Detailed report of the activity

If possible, try to catch evidence of the activity with the help of video or audio recordings. Photos are also good, but nothing beats video as you gain more information.

Catching any evidence can be challenging, so don’t feel discouraged if you fail. Make sure you note everything you experience in your journal for later reference.

If you suspect you are dealing with an elemental haunting, you must focus on signs connected to nature in some way or another. Do you experience heavy rainfall, gusts of air, or sudden ignition?

Step 2: Do a historical research

Elemental hauntings are not usually targeted toward a house, object, animal, or person, as ghosts and demons are generally. Elementals focus on areas as a whole.

You might be dealing with an elemental if you notice lots of strange paranormal activity in the community. Look for happenings in the wild, outside, or the same occurrences in many homes or sites.

It is important to notice whether the community is settled on indigenous burial grounds. It is not the spirits of the dead that might cause the haunting; the earth spirits they attached to the ground to protect them might be at play.

Look at the papers and see if you can find an unknown number of deaths or accidents connected to natural phenomena. Missing people in the woods or camp trails, hunting accidents, climbing accidents, many medical emergencies, etc.

Also, check for records of psychics stating that they have encountered nature spirits and unknown entities.

Step 3: Interview the neighbors

It is always a great idea to ask the neighbors if they had strange happenings occur as well. One of the most common signs regarding elementals is that the haunting is not attached to a specific site, person, or object.

If a paranormal team is active in your area, call them! They might have lots of information about the hauntings happening in the community overall.

Step 4: Identity the type of haunting

Identifying what kind of haunting you are dealing with is essential. Not all hauntings are due to elementals.

Residual hauntings are the most common ones, and they are the easiest to identify. The activity is the same over and over, like a replay of a video or audio tape.

If you want to learn more about a residual haunting, find helpful information here.

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It is a bit harder to differentiate between intelligent hauntings and demonic hauntings.

While both hauntings involve unexplained phenomena, they have different origins and characteristics. By understanding the differences between ghost hauntings and elemental hauntings, you can better identify and deal with paranormal activity in your home.

In the table below, you see the most common differences between the type of hauntings.

Difference between ghost and elemental hauntings

Intelligent Ghost HauntingsElemental Hauntings
Ghost hauntings are believed to be caused by the spirits of deceased humans or animals.Elemental hauntings are believed to be caused by entities connected to the elements of nature, such as earth, air, fire, and water.
Ghosts are often associated with a specific person or place and may have an emotional attachment to the location.Elemental hauntings are (in most cases) not connected to a specific person or object due to an emotional attachment.
Ghost hauntings may involve apparitions, disembodied voices, and objects moving on their own.Elemental hauntings may involve temperature changes, sudden gusts of wind, or disturbances in the ground.
Ghosts often have a personal intent for the haunting. They want help to pass over, deliver important messages, and alike.Elementals don’t have a specific intent for their haunting but to protect the element itself – waterways, woods, mountains.
Elementals don’t have a specific intent for their haunting but to protect the element itself – waterways, woods, mountains.Elementals seldom have a specific message to deliver.

Step 5: Use dowsing rods

Dowsing rods are effective and affordable tools for identifying paranormal activity. I recommend using copper or brass rods as I found them most successful.

How to use dowsing rods

  1. Select suitable dowsing rods: Dowsing rods come in different materials, such as copper or brass. Choose the type of dowsing rods that feel comfortable to hold and use.
  2. Hold the dowsing rods correctly: Hold the dowsing rods at a 90-degree angle from your body, with your arms relaxed and your hands gently holding the rods. Maintaining a calm and focused mind while using the rods is essential.
  3. Establish a baseline: Before you start dowsing for paranormal activity, ask the rods yes or no questions you already know the answers to. For example, ask the rods if your name is [insert your name], and observe how the rods move in response to the question.
  4. Use dowsing rods to identify elemental spirits: To use dowsing rods to identify elemental spirits, ask the rods yes or no questions about the type of elemental spirit present in the area. For example, you can ask, “Is there an air elemental spirit present here?” and observe how the rods move in response to the question.
  5. Spinning rods: If your rods start to spin or act very strange, you might have encountered an elemental or demonic entity that doesn’t answer questions.

Remember, dowsing rods are not a scientifically proven tool for paranormal investigations, and their effectiveness is still a matter of debate among paranormal investigators. However, they can be valuable tools in identifying elemental spirits.

If you want to get your own dowsing rods, I share the ones I use on my recommended products page.Opens in a new tab.

If you want to learn more about demonic hauntings, I invite you to read the article below.

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Step 6: Identify Elemental Spirits

If you, during your dowsing rods session, came across indications of elementals or paranormal activity, it is time to identify the entity if they have not revealed themselves in the dowsing session.

Research common types of elemental spirits and their associated behaviors to determine if any events you recorded match their characteristics. You will find a guide to help you below!

Guide how to identify an elemental spirit

  1. Elemental Earth Spirits: Earth elemental spirits are associated with the ground and are often associated with stability, grounding, and physical manifestation. To identify elemental earth spirits during a paranormal investigation, look for signs of movement in the earth, such as rocks or pebbles moving on their own or the sudden appearance of mounds or patterns in the ground. You may also feel a heaviness or sense of grounding energy in the area where the spirit is present.
  2. Elemental Water Spirits: Elemental water spirits are associated with fluidity, emotions, and intuition. To identify elemental water spirits during a paranormal investigation, look for changes in the movement or appearance of water, such as sudden ripples or waves or changes in the color or clarity of the water. You may also feel a sense of fluidity or emotional energy in the area where the spirit is present.
  3. Elemental Air Spirits: Air elemental spirits are associated with movement, freedom, and communication. To identify elemental air spirits during a paranormal investigation, look for changes in the air quality, such as sudden drops in temperature or the appearance of mist or fog. You may also hear sounds that seem carried on the wind, such as whispers or distant voices. You may feel a sense of lightness and clarity in the area where the spirit is present.
  4. Elemental Fire Spirits: Fire elemental spirits are associated with transformation, energy, and passion. To identify fire elemental spirits during a paranormal investigation, observe changes in the temperature or the appearance of flames or sparks. You may also feel a sense of warmth or heat in the area where the spirit is present. You may notice sudden bursts of energy or heightened emotions.

Remember, when conducting a paranormal investigation, it’s essential to approach the investigation with an open mind and to use scientific methods to document any activity.

You can use equipment such as cameras, voice recorders, and EMF detectors to capture evidence of paranormal activity.

If you want to learn more about how to use an EMF recorder, you find detailed information below.

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Following these steps and using scientific methods to document your findings can increase your chances of successfully identifying earth, water, air, and fire elemental spirits during a paranormal investigation.

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Step 7: Rule Out Other Explanations

Before jumping to conclusions, you must rule out other explanations for the unusual events in your home or the site.

Check for structural issues or faulty equipment causing the phenomena, such as creaky floorboards or plumbing. Check for open windows of drafts. Pressure changes in the home can make doors open and close by themselves.

Make sure there are no animals or pests in your home that could be responsible for the strange occurrences.

Elemental hauntings are rare, and the activity often has natural causes. This is true with any paranormal activity. In most cases, you can find a natural cause of the occurrences if you look closely.

If you want to learn more about how to spot signs of intelligent paranormal activity, I have written an in-depth article. You find it below.

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Step 8: Consult with Experts

If you’re still unsure about whether or not elemental spirits haunt your home, consider consulting with experts in the paranormal field.

Look for reputable and experienced paranormal investigators who can help you determine if there is any paranormal activity in your home. I recommend contacting a shaman or pagan priest or priestess, as they have in-depth knowledge about elemental spirits.

They can also provide advice on how to deal with any entities that may be present.

Another route is to contact a psychic to gain information about the energy haunting the site. If you don’t find a trusted psychic to sweep your home, I recommend, as they have psychics that can do distance readings with great accuracy.

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Step 9: Protect Yourself and Your Home

Protecting yourself and your home is essential if you discover that elemental spirits haunt your home.

Start by setting clear boundaries with the entities that are not welcome in your space. Consider using protective crystals or herbs, and make sure you have a plan for dealing with any paranormal activity.

I recommend using black tourmaline and selenite to shield off negative energies. Make sure to cleanse them often, as elementals are powerful. If you don’t, you can risk having energetic spill-overs, and the crystals can’t do their thing.

If you want to get tourmaline or selenite, you find my go-to’s here.

Following these actionable steps, you can determine if your home is haunted by elemental spirits and take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your space.

Remember to approach the investigation with an open mind and prioritize your safety and well-being.

My favorite cleansing method when it comes to elementals is White Sage. You can use a smudge stick or incense. Look at what smudge sticks I use over on my recommended products page.Opens in a new tab.

If you want to learn more about the dangers of elemental spirits, I have written an article. You find the article below.

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