Haunted by Nature: Elemental Spirits

As you wander through the dense forest, you may feel an inexplicable connection with the natural world. It is said that these are the voices of elemental spirits, entities that embody the very essence of nature itself. But what exactly are these spirits, and how do they interact with our world?

Elemental spirits are Earth entities that are often believed to be primitive, evil, and often dangerous. They attach themselves to locations. Their character is often connected to one of the four elements; earth, wind, fire, and wind.

Elemental hauntings are caused by entities that roamed the Earth long before we were here. They are believed to have tremendous powers and can be dangerous if summoned or interacted with. Many cultures and religions recognize these as spirits bound to the four elements, earth, wind, fire, and water.

What elementals hauntings are

Elemental hauntings are a type of paranormal activity believed to be caused by spirits associated with the four classical elements of earth, air, fire, and water. They can be both good and evil and something in between.

Elemental hauntings are believed to be very powerful, and the entities have been here since the beginning of times. Some even think they are extraterrestrial beings, but no one knows.

There are different views on the souls or spirits of elementals. Some believe that elementals never roamed the earth, so they do not possess a soul as we do. This makes them similar to demons.

Other theories mean that elementals have mortal souls. They live much longer than we do, but when they die, their spirits vanish.

Humans, on the other hand, are believed to have immortal souls. When we die, we move on to the next state of being. In Christianity, it is Heaven; in Hinduism, it can be an incarnation as an animal, and so forth.

The elementals want an immortal soul and are believed to want to interact with humans to access it.

Elemental hauntings are unlike the typical ghostly encounters people usually associate with haunted houses or locations. Ghosts do not have nearly the power as elemental entities.

Air elementals cause most elemental hauntings. Fire elementals are also known to cause spontaneous fires but are not as common.

Air elementals act like poltergeists, so it is believed that they are, in some cases, not correctly identified.

The hauntings are often characterized by strange and unexplainable occurrences that seem connected to the elements. They can be very forceful and unpredictable. But they ignore people who do not want to interact with them.

It is common for them to trick and lure people who try to connect with them. We don’t know why this is, but keeping a distance from elementals is always best.

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Common signs of elemental hauntings

It is often tough to identify an elemental haunting from a demonic haunting.

In most cases, it comes down to not find any other explanation than elemental spirits at play. At times the location can give a clue. There had been no previous settlements in the area; the haunting might have been caused by an elemental.

It can be signs of an elemental haunting when you get confusing evidence, such as strange EVPs, poltergeist-like activity, and powerful manifestations.

Common signs of elemental hauntings might be the experience of sudden drops in temperature or a feeling of being watched when near a body of water. Some have reported strange feelings of being drawn to dangerous places in nature or an urge to enter the water.

You might hear strange noises like cracking and popping when near a fire. There are records of people noticing entities in the fire itself. These are often demon-like and very scary.

While some might dismiss these experiences as mere coincidences or figments of the imagination, others believe they are caused by elemental spirits that are somehow connected to the natural world.

Despite the lack of scientific evidence to support the existence of elemental spirits or hauntings, many people still report experiencing strange phenomena associated with the elements.

In many ancient cultures, elementals played an important role. This might be transferred to modern times as cultural heritage.

Whether or not you believe in the paranormal, elemental hauntings remain a fascinating and mysterious topic that continues to capture the imagination of many people worldwide.

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What elemental spirits are

Elemental spirits, also known as nature spirits, are supernatural entities believed to inhabit and embody the elements of nature, such as earth, air, water, and fire.

Other creatures are also included in the elementals:

  • Faries
  • Gnomes
  • Mermaids
  • Mermen
  • Angelic entities
  • Deities
  • Gods

These spirits are considered to be present in all living things and natural objects, including plants, animals, rocks, and minerals. They are often associated with specific physical locations, such as forests, mountains, and bodies of water.

The concept of elemental spirits has existed in various cultures and traditions throughout history, including ancient Greek and Roman mythology, Celtic folklore, and Native American spirituality.

These spirits are typically seen as guardians and protectors of the natural world and are often associated with life, death, and rebirth cycles. They are the force of nature and, in many cases, seen as deities or gods.

Elemental spirits are believed to have different characteristics and personalities depending on the element they represent.

For example, earth spirits are often seen as wise and nurturing, while air spirits are considered playful and mischievous.

Water spirits are associated with emotions and intuition, while fire spirits are seen as passionate and creative.

As a tarot reader, I noticed the characteristics of the tarot card suits are the same. It is a cultural phenomenon in many areas of spirituality and life overall.

While the existence of elemental spirits is not supported by modern science, they continue to play a significant role in many spiritual and mystical practices worldwide.

Some believe connecting with these spirits can give them a deeper understanding of the natural world and its place.

It is common to hear stories where dabbling with elemental backslashes caused wreak havoc. Elementals should be treated with the same, or more significant, respect than demons.

I highly recommend you avoid interacting with elementals as their tremendous power, and we know so little about their essence and goals.

Elementals as extraterrestrial entities

There are theories that elementals are not spirits but extraterrestrial beings visiting us from another dimension.

It is important to note that no scientific evidence supports the existence of elemental spirits, let alone their extraterrestrial origins. However, some believe in the theory, and it can be interesting to explore this idea further.

One possible explanation for this theory is that some believe the elements have extraterrestrial origins. Some believe that UFOs are not spacecraft but fire elementals at work. The light in the sky manifests elements connected with the fire.

There are theories that alien abduction can be caused by elemental interference, not extraterrestrials.

The Big Bang and elementals

It is well known that many elements found on Earth were created in the stars and supernovae and then deposited on Earth through meteorite impacts.

From this perspective, one might speculate that the spiritual or metaphysical entities associated with these elements could also have extraterrestrial origins.

Another possibility is that the theory is based on ancient myths and legends that connect elementals with extraterrestrial beings or advanced civilizations.

For example, some people believe that the ancient Egyptian god Thoth was an extraterrestrial being who possessed advanced knowledge of the elements and could control them through his powers.

It’s important to note that the scientific community does not widely accept these ideas and is often considered more in spirituality or mythology than hard science.

Nonetheless, the theory of extraterrestrial elemental spirits can be an intriguing topic for those interested in the intersection of science, spirituality, and mythology.

I always try to keep an open mind, as we don’t have evidence for any paranormal theories.

How to spot an elemental

Elementals are considered invisible, even though they can manifest in the psychic mind or nature itself. It can be hard to differentiate between demonic and elemental haunting. The main signs are the same, but the elemental spirits are more prone to a show of force than the possession of people.

Possession is believed to be possible but seems not to be the main goal for an elemental.

  1. Look for signs of their associated element: Specific signs or symbols may be associated with their respective element depending on the element you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for an earth elemental, you may find them in places where the earth is particularly fertile or where there are large rock formations.
  2. Observe environmental changes: Some people believe that elements can influence the environment around them. For instance, if you notice sudden changes in the weather or unusual natural phenomena, it may indicate that an elemental is present.
  3. Please pay attention to your intuition: Many people who believe in elementals suggest that one of the best ways to spot them is to tune into your intuition. If you feel a sense of awe, wonder, or reverence in a particular location or situation, it may indicate that you are in the presence of an elemental.

Treating it with respect and reverence is essential if you believe you have found an elemental. Offer a gesture of goodwill, such as a small gift or a prayer, and be mindful of any actions that could be perceived as disrespectful.

Remember, elementals are a matter of personal belief and not scientifically proven.

Suppose you are interested in learning more about the topic. In that case, exploring spiritual or cultural traditions that mention elementals and seeking out the experiences and insights of others who share your interest can be helpful.

Elementals and religion

In many religious and spiritual traditions, elemental spirits are seen as guardians or intermediaries between humans and the divine.

In some indigenous religions, elemental spirits are considered powerful beings that can influence human events.

For example, in many Native American cultures, the four directions (north, south, east, and west) are associated with different elemental spirits that are thought to have the power to bring blessings or curses, depending on how they are treated.

In some forms of paganism, elemental spirits are seen as deities or spiritual forces associated with specific natural elements.

For example, the goddess Gaia in Greek mythology is associated with the earth element. In Islam, they have the Jinn, which might be a fire elemental. In contrast, the god Thor in Norse mythology is associated with the lightning and thunder of the air element.

Here in Scandinavia, where I live, Sami’s religion is on elemental spirits. It is a part of our culture and lore. Almost every fairytale and myth is filled with deities and gods that represent the power of nature differently.

In modern neopaganism, elemental spirits are often called upon in rituals and spells as allies or guides.

Some believe working with elemental spirits can help them connect more deeply with the natural world and tap into its power and wisdom.

Thought forms and elementals

It is believed that thoughts can create elements or beliefs. This means many people start thinking about a creature through urban legends and games. This might be the answer to why places with a scary history might create ghosts and entities from people’s fears.

One of these thought forms might be the Slenderman. Slenderman was a scary story that became popular among teenagers and young adults. When the fear of Slenderman entered the collective consciousness, the Slenderman came alive.

Nowadays, there are reported sightings of Slenderman. Of course, no one knows for sure if this is true or not. There is no scientific evidence that thought forms and elementals exist. But I always recommend having an open mindset. As we have not proven its existence, we can’t prove that it does not exist either.

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