Is the Ouija board dangerous? What you should know

You have seen the Ouija board on TV or in the movies. The pointer slides across the board to deliver scary messages from demons or at least evil spirits. It is easy to be freaked about spirit boards after binge-watching paranormal TV shows. Is the Ouija safe to use or dangerous?

The Ouija board is, in its nature, natural and therefore not dangerous. However, the game is claimed to be hazardous by authorities of the Christian Church. They believe demons might attack users as portals are opened. Others mean that the board responds to the subconscious wish of the user. 

Ouija boards are, in its essence, neutral. When used for divination and spirit communication, some mean the board might pose a danger to the user. It is thought to open portals or communications with evil spirits if mishandled.

What is an Ouija board?

An Ouija board consists of a wooden board with letters and numbers and a pointer. Parker Brothers patent the game under the name Ouija. Similar types of games are called talking boards or spirit boards. It is not uncommon for the terms to be used intertwined. It consists of a wooden board with numbers 0 to 10, letters A to Z, and a pointer. Yes, no, and goodbye is printed on it. The game is foremost used for spirit communication and divination rituals, even if it is sold as a game.

The participants in the game put their fingers on the three-legged pointer. If a spirit interacts with the game, the pointer will start to move across the board, spelling messages.

Game found in toy stores

At first glance, one might think that Ouija boards are sold in New Age, occult, or spiritual shops. This is far from the truth. Most talking boards are sold in toy stores! There are no age restrictions for using the boards.

There are different brands with different looks, features, and materials. You can find a version of the game that you love and are drawn to. You find boards made from paper, wood, acrylic, plastic, etc. There’s a board for every taste.

In this video, you get a brief walkthrough of using the board and what it is. The video is a bit shaky, but if found it very concise. It is crucial to use the spirit board correctly, or you risk opening a channel to the other side inviting spirits to come and go. Not all of them will be kind… it is like leaving your doorway open, allowing anyone to step inside.

What are the dangers of using an Ouija?

Now that you know what is considered a Ouija board it is time to learn if it is dangerous. Talking boards are thought to be practical tools for spirit communication and divination. If used correctly, it is an excellent tool to gain answers or messages from the world beyond. If used incorrectly, it is thought to pose a danger to the user.

Dark entities and even demons might get an entrance as they were invited by participating in the game. According to demonology, demons only attach if they are invited or called upon. Playing the game might be seen as an invitation in itself. So you should always be careful, even if you only invite spirits of light to interact with you.

It is not recommended to use a spirit board by yourself. Be at least two persons present during the session. You never know what to expect when playing the game.


Dark entities and demons are known to misrepresent themselves to lure their prey. They are shape-shifters and can represent themselves as a loved one or a friendly spirit. As many try to use a spirit board to connect to a person they miss or long for, dark entities can play upon grief and desperation. It is easy to understand that people might lower their guard when longing for a loved one.

Demons are often tricking the player into compliance by acting as a spirit of a child. The child is often distressed and needs your assistance to pass over or stay safe. Of course, this is just a charade, and you should always be very careful when interacting with hauntings that claim to be children.

If you are a person that wants to take the shortcut, gain quick wins, or require emotional support or love – watch out. Demons are known to target your weak spots. Don’t get me wrong, no person walking the earth is free from “weakness.” We all have our Achilles heels, so watch out when things seem too good to be true. It probably is.

Never get into any contract or agreement with a spirit you interact with through the talking board. This is a highway to get possessed.


Spirit boards are known to open portals if used not used correctly. Ed and Lorraine Warren always stated that you should never use a spirit board if you don’t know what you getting yourself into. The couple often stated that the boards shouldn’t be used overall. Many of the demonic or evil hauntings they encountered during their careers as demonologists were initiated by a spirit board, like the Ouija.

If you leave a portal open, spirits are able to enter your home as they wish. Not all spirits are kind ones. It is like leaving your door open for anyone to visit at any time. It can be challenging to close a portal once it is opened. If this happens, or you believe this might have happened, always consult with a professional or trusted psyhcic for further advice.

The tricky part is that you might think you closed a session when you didn’t. It can happen when you use a talking board. Experienced users have run into problems due to unclosed sessions. As we don’t fully know how the paranormal works or if it even exists, we have no guarantees the rituals we use work all the time. Depending on the different characteristics of the site, the risk might vary.

High-risk sites for talking boards are fault lines, haunted sites, high electromagnetic fields, and emotionally charged places (such as crime scenes, locations where accidents have happened, etc.).

These are a few examples of places where it might be risky to use a spirit board. Many use the boards on these sites just because they often get responses. But it comes with a risk as well. It is easier to open a portal where the veil is thinner.

  • Fault lines
  • Hunted sites
  • High electromagnetic fields (as power lines)
  • Crimes scenes
  • Hospitals
  • Hospice
  • Correction facilities
  • Historical sites
  • Battlefields
Spirit boards are thought to be common causes of demonic hauntings as they might leave a portal open if not used correctly.

It is important that you only invite willing and light spirits and close the session by sliding the pointer to “goodbye.” It is also recommended to say “goodbye” and thank you for the messages received and that the channel is closed. No spirits are allowed to communicate when the session is closed.

As with all divination, setting clear intentions for spirit communications is crucial. Always be very clear about your purpose and that you call the shots. It should always be you who decides when the session is over. By doing this, the risk of inviting an evil spirit into your home and life is slim – but it can still happen. We are all susceptible to flattering, benefits, and the desire to help.

Always be careful, and never use the spirit board alone. It is always better to have a friend who can help out if you, for some reason, cannot close the session correctly. It is not uncommon to be overwhelmed or enter a trance state if you are psyhcic, empath, or sensitive. The messages can be very emotional, frightening, or plain terrifying.

Due to this, I don’t think a spirit board is not suited as a toy for kids or teens. They are very susceptible to treats and quick gains. They are easy to manipulate as they don’t have life experience overall.

Read the article below to learn more about evil spirits and demons using a spirit board. In this article, I go in-depth into if the Ouija attracts evil spirits or not and what you need to know.

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It is thought spirit boards have caused people to commit crimes. Evil spirits are believed to take control over the user and demand them to commit crimes and bad deeds. There are records of people blaming crimes and violence on the spirits they connected with through the Ouija board. The spirit they connected with was not the friendly spirit they first thought they were interacting with.

The first friendly spirit turned evil and later possessed the victim. During the possession, the victim committed crimes or self-harm. According to Rosemary Ellen Guiley, in her book Encyclopedia of Demons & Demonology, psychiatrists mean that the crimes were not caused by spirits but by surfacing subconscious thoughts during the session. The trickster archetype was to blame, not external energies.

It is tough to know if an entity caused crimes and cases of self-harm. The victim might have suffered from medical complications and not possession.

Demonic oppression and possession

Ouija boards are thought to be the cause of many demonic possession cases. This is very rare though. Ouija boards have a terrible reputation, but if treated correctly, they are safe to use.

When demonic attachment, oppression, or possession occurs, the user has invited and accepted the demon.

Attachment is when the demonic entity attaches to you. It is accepted into your space. Oppression is when the demon controls you through terror, fatigue, or fear. Possession is when the demon has complete control over the body and spirit of the victim.

Demonic possession is thought to be caused by using talking boards.

As always, it is hard to know if a person got possessed by using a spirit board. There is no conclusive evidence of demonic possession. The symptoms might be caused by other factors than demonic attacks – like mental illness.

There is spiritual evidence of the existence of demons and possessions, though. The Catholic church performs exorcisms and states that possessions are real. An exorcism is when a clergy expels a demon from a site or person. Due to this, they take a stance against talking boards as they notice that possessions might happen during spirit communication and divination.

Codependency issues

Using spirit boards to access answers might lead to obsession and codependency issues. If a person has a hard time with a decision, they can start to rely on the responses from the board. It might feel better to let someone else say what to do than take responsibility yourself.

Codependency issues due to spirit communication are not isolated to using spirit boards. It is also common in other divination types – for example, pendulum readings, tarot readings, or psychic readings.

Two sides to the coin

There are two main ways to look at spirit boards and how they “work.” One school believes the spirit board to be a tool for divination and spirit communications. The other school believes the board opens a channel to the subconscious mind. In the latter case, the hand will move the pointer to spell out messages. These movements are not done with intent; it is involuntary movements. There is no ghost or spirit present.

Depending on what school you believe in, the dangers of the spirit board vary. If you believe the spirit board can be used for spirit communication, there is always a risk that you run into a demonic entity. On the other hand, if you believe your subconscious mind causes movements, there is hardly any danger. You might be upset or access information that needs to be processed, but you will not get “possessed.”

Due to the different belief systems, it is hard to say differently if Ouija boards are dangerous or not. There is no scientific evidence of demons or spirit communication, for that matter. But there is spiritual evidence that points in the direction of the existence of demons. Do it all boils down to your personal belief? Do you believe in the supernatural or not?

Some say demons, and the paranormal, exist if you believe in them. It opens your mind to access the Ether. This is why many non-believers never have paranormal experiences. So my best bet is, if you think the Ouija might be dangerous, it probably is.

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