Do Ouija boards attract demons and negative energies? Question answered

Is the Ouija board a tool for black magic and evil deeds? It is often featured in horror movies and books in film and pop culture. Should you stay away from it as a newbie paranormal investigator or ghost hunter?

The Ouija board, also called spirit- or talking board, can attract demons and negative energies if not used correctly. Be sure only to invite spirits of light, and close the session by saying goodbye. Slide the planchette to “goodbye” on the talking board. Cleanse the room for extra protection.

The Ouija board also called a spirit- or talking board, is a very effective tool for spirit communication. As the planchette moves, it forms messages or words on the board. Let’s look at if using a talking board can pose a danger.

Can Ouija boards attract dark spirits?

The Ouija board is an effective tool for spirit communication. But with its sinister reputation, many are afraid of using it. When used correctly, the Ouija board is a powerful way of reaching out to the spirit world – but it comes with risks if not used correctly. One thing that sets the Ouija board apart from other spirit communication techniques and tools, you don’t have to be a psychic to receive messages (Ghost Hunter’s Guidebook) (Paid Link – Amazon)

Ouija boards are thought to attract dark energies if not used correctly.

Most paranormal investigators insist that you should not play or use the Ouija board without proper training. If things go south, it can be tough to correct. In the worst-case scenario, a hostile entity might attach to you – or even worse, a demon possesses you. There are many cases where attachments and possessions started using the Ouija board.

The Ouija board was emerging from the Spiritualist movement. When it appeared, the Ouija board was not connected to evil deeds and devil worship, but rather the contrary. It was a tool to communicate with dead loved ones. As its popularity rose, the church and pop culture rebranded the Ouija as a devil’s tool. The famous novel and later movie “The Exorcist” in 1973 cemented the Ouija board as a tool of darkness in the eye of the public (Theconversation.comOpens in a new tab.)

The Ouija board is sold as a board game, but it is far from what it is. Ouija boards, also called spirit boards, are used for spirit communications and might open a portal if misused. This, in turn, might leave you exposed to negative entities.

There is no scientific proof that Ouija boards work. Some mean that, in reality, unconscious movements of the muscles slide the planchette across the board. Other explanations are psychic abilities.

There is no scientific proof that Ouija boards work. Some mean that, in reality, unconscious movements of the muscles move the planchette across the board.

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Ouija boards and dangers

The Ouija board also called the spirit– or talking board, is thought to be a powerful tool for spirit communication. Anyone can use it; you don’t have to have any psychic abilities or powers to receive messages. The Ouija board opens up a channel to the Ether. As you start your session by inviting the spirits in, you open yourself up for danger. Not all spirits are friendly, you see. They are just like the living; they come in all shapes and forms.

You never know who you are talking to on the other end. Negative energies can lure you and pretend to be “nice.” There is always a risk that you open a portal without realizing it. Portals are gates where spirits can enter and leave as they wish. You have no control over who enters or leaves. It is like leaving your front door wide open 24/7.

In worst-case scenarios, Ouija boards are thought to be the onset of forceful hauntings and even demonic possession.

There are known hazards with using spirit boards. Known dangers with Ouija boards are codependency issues, emotional distress, demonic attacks, and obsession, to name a few.

  • Codependency
  • Emotional distress
  • Demonic attacks
  • Obsession
  • Opening portals
  • The onset of paranormal activity
  • Onset of PK activity
  • Psychic attacks
  • Trans

Ouija boards are not recommended for teens or if you have emotional instabilities. If you are not ready to handle what might happen when using the board, it is better to stay away from it (Ghost-Hunting for Dummies). (Paid link-Amazon)

Recommendations when not to use a spirit board

Don’t use the spirit board if anything of the following applies to you

  • Under 18 years
  • Emotional imbalance
  • Insufficient knowledge about talking boards
  • Afraid of paranormal activity
  • Afraid of manifestations
  • Not ready to receive messages you don’t want to hear
  • Have experienced poltergeist activity in the past

As a haunting might occur in the space where you used the Ouija board, you should always use it with care. When you use a spirit board, you can start experiencing moving objects, disembodied voices, tapping, and other paranormal activities. It is not uncommon for paranormal activity to spike when using a spirit board. It can attract spirits that want to communicate. If you don’t know how to handle the board correctly, you can open a portal by mistake.

Some paranormal investigators believe talking boards can cause PK activity (psychokinetic activity). This kind of poltergeist activity where a living causes the events to unfold. It can be terrifying. If you want to learn more about PK activity, I have written an article. You will find a link below.

Are poltergeists dangerous? Everything you need to know

Learn more about PK activity and human agents

Demonic possession and Ouija boards

Many paranormal investigators and clergy recommend not using a talking board at all. The risk of attracting negative energy or demon is high. Even if the bad reputation of talking boards often comes from the movies, religious propaganda, and pop culture, the risk outweighs the benefits. If you are not experienced or trained by someone who is, it is best to use it with care.

There are occasions when talking boards have caused demonic attachment, oppression, and possession. Even if the boards are sold as “board games,” you should be careful handling an Ouija board.

If you notice paranormal activity after closing a session, be sure to contact a professional in the field. It is hard to close a portal left open as a beginner. It is easier than you think to leave a door open when using a spirit board. If you notice drops in temperature and an uncomfortable feeling entering the room, it is a sign not everything is as it should be. If you experience a strange uptick in insects or bugs present in the room, be on your guard. This is a common sign of a demonic presence.

If you smell any strange foul smells, you might have a negative presence in your house. If you experience this in the room where you used the talking board, be sure to consult a professional.

Talking boards made of wood

I love the Ouija boards that are made out of wood. I don’t fancy the paper ones. They are slippery and hard to place between the laps during readings. I love the sturdiness and that they last a lifetime. You can connect to them on a deeper level and get to “know it.” I don’t find this with the cheaper ones from the toy store. You can buy handmade ones if you are really into talking boards.

This one is a gorgeous talking board I found on Amazon (Paid link). It is made of wood with laser engraving. The planchette is very beautiful too.

How to use the Ouija board safely

Before you start using an Ouija board, you must know how to use it safely. Never use the talking board alone – be at least two persons per sitting. Place the spirit board on your laps, facing each other. You can also place it on a table if that feels more comfortable. All sitters must have free access to the planchette, the little heart/shaped wooden disk. Place two fingers lightly on the edges of the planchette. Be sure not to press down too hard. If you notice that someone is pressing down too hard or trying to steer it, stop the session right away.

Place your fingers lightly on the edges of the planchette.

Start the session by inviting a “willing” spirit. It is thought negative spirits might try to interfere if channels are left open for anyone to join. Only invite spirits of light. This might protect you from negative energies, as they must be invited to be able to wreak havoc.

Ask your questions very slowly and with a clear voice. It is hard for the spirits to hear you otherwise. You should only ask one question at a time. Ask questions one at a time. The planchette will start spelling a word or sentence if you get an answer. You don’t get replies every time, so don’t get frustrated or discouraged if you don’t succeed every time.

How to use the Ouija board

  1. Be at least two persons
  2. Place the Ouija board on your lap, or on a table
  3. Be sure you are facing each other if possible
  4. Place two fingers lightly on the planchette
  5. Welcome spirits to communicate
  6. “We ask willing spirits of light to communicate with us with the help of the board between us” (example)
  7. Ask your question with a clear and slow voice
  8. Only one person talks at a time
  9. Stay calm and wait for a reply
  10. Close the session by saying thank you and goodbye
  11. “Thank you, spirits of light, it is time to end this session for this time. Goodbye”
  12. Slide the planchette to “goodbye” on the board.

The most important part of the session is to close it correctly. Permanently close the channel by saying thank you and goodbye. Slide the planchette to “goodbye.” If you forget to say goodbye or slide the planchette to “goodbye,” you are opening up to attachments and hauntings.

Always end the session by sliding the planchette to “goodbye”. This is to prevent leaving a portal or channel open.

Cleansing after a spirit board reading

If you know how to cleanse your space, it is recommended to do so. An easy way to cleanse the reading area is to place a tourmaline crystal in the vicinity of the board, or on top of it. This wards off negative energies or residual energies lingering. You can also use sage to cleanse your reading area. I have written an article about this on my tarot site. It is the same procedure, but you sage the board or the space. You will find a link below.

How To Cleanse Tarot Cards With Sage: Beginner’s Guide

How to cleanse your board or space with sage


Ouija boards are potent tools for spirit communications. You can gain incredible insights into the spirit world if you handle the spirit board correctly. There is always a risk of inviting negative energy to your home if you don’t close the reading correctly. Many paranormal investigators recommend not using talking boards at all, as the risk of letting a negative or demon into your realm is high. There are cases where using a spirit board has led to demonic attacks and possessions, so use the talking board with care.

Spirit boards are not recommended as a toy for kids or teens. Teens are susceptible to PK activity, and using a spirit board might set things off. If you are afraid of paranormal activity or in an emotionally fragile state, it is better to leave it be.

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