Is your mirror a portal? [9 scary signs]

There’s a blaring mirror that you can’t shake; it has this strange vibe. When you pass by, you can feel something is off. The energy is different, and it makes you uneasy. But is it just you’re head making it all up?

Mirrors are considered potential portals or thin spots. A portal is an entry for spirits to roam our world and return to the Ether when they wish.

Even if there is no evidence that mirrors acts like portals, many paranormal investigators and psychic swears by it. Portals are believed to form in liminal spaces (voids or places in between); during twilight, midnight, and dawn. Mirrors are liminal spaces as they are voids between reality and reflection.

Midnight is the void between today and tomorrow, twilight between light and dark, and dawn between night and day.

Are there ways to recognize a mirror acting as a portal? As there is no scientific evidence for the existence of portals, we can’t say for sure. According to paranormal researchers, scryers, and psychics, there are common signs that might indicate you are dealing with a portal.

In this article, I share my best tips and tricks for spotting a haunted mirror. You get both signs to watch out for and techniques you can use.

Sign #1: A space between your finger and the reflection

A straightforward way to test if a mirror might be a portal is by using your finger.

Place your finger on a mirror and watch if there’s a space between the mirror and the finger or not. If there is a space, the mirror might act as a portal.

Sign #2: You see multiple reflections

If you are worried that a mirror might act as a portal, you can check for multiple reflections. You do this by placing a mirror straight in front of the mirror in question. You might have a portal on your hands if you notice multiple reflections.

Two mirrors aligned

You might be dealing with a portal if you notice two or more reflections. It is essential to face them straight on.

In some cases, I have placed a lit candle between the mirrors. This has changed the outcome, and suddenly you get multiple reflections. This phenomenon was known to several scryers I talked to.

Candles have a strange way of tuning up the volume in hauntings, so be careful. If you notice strange and scary activity, blow out the candle immediately. There are beliefs that candles and mirrors might attract negative entities. I have never experienced this, though.

I recommend cleansing the room with Palo Santo to be sure. A spirit might have entered through the portal. Palo Santo removes any negativity and leaves the positive as it is.

Sign #4: Dowsing rods spin or point to the mirror

It is believed that ley lines carry the paranormal activity. Ley lines are magnetic lines that cross the Earth. This is because the energy in these lines feeds the hauntings. You can track ley lines with the help of dowsingOpens in a new tab. rods.

I recommend using copper rods, but you can also use other dowsing rods. If you want don’t have dowsing rods, you find great ones here.

The risk of paranormal hauntings and portals is higher if you live on or near a ley line.

If you want to check if your mirror might be placed in a ley line, you can use dowsing rods to check for anomalies. If your dowsing rods cross or spin in front of the mirror, it might indicate a higher risk of portal haunting.

Sign #5: The mirror has been used in occult rituals

If the mirror might be used in magical practices or black magic, there is a higher risk that your mirror might be acting like a portal.

If the mirror is bought second-hand, you might have difficulty researching its history. In these cases, I often recommend covering the mirror and removing it from the home, just in case. It is better to be safe than sorry.

If occult or black magic has been performed in the house or on the site, it is also recommended to remove the mirror if you believe it might be acting as a portal.

If you are on a ghost hunt and can’t remove the mirror, cover it until you leave the house or site.

Sign #6: Erratic movements when using a pendulum

If you notice that your pendulum moves erratically or is drawn towards the mirror, it might be a strong indication of a portal.

As all pendulums swing uniquely, it is vital to program your pendulum. If the pendulum moves or swings in an unusual pattern, it might indicate a portal.

Sign #7: Unexplained interest in the mirror

It might be haunted or act as a portal if you feel an unexplained interest in the mirror. It is not uncommon to feel drawn to a haunted mirror. Intuition is the most powerful tool when it comes to the paranormal.

If your pets show an unexplained interest in the mirror, it might indicate that it acts like a portal – or is haunted.

If you desire to look into the mirror, have difficulty removing it, or feel crept by it – watch out. Never ignore feelings like this. It is time for you to use the techniques referred to in this article.

Try to place a finger on the mirror, and look for a space between the reflection and your finger, pendulum, or dowsing rod to gain more information about the status of the mirror.

Sign #8: Powerful hauntings in the room of the mirror

There might be a great idea to investigate if a mirror act as a portal if you experience powerful hauntings in the room where its located.

If you notice aggressive hauntings when you move a mirror, it is a strong indication that the mirror is either haunted or acting as a portal.

I know instances where the person moving a mirror got scratched, so be careful.

As portal hauntings have the tendency to spread to the rest of the home, it is always a great idea to check all mirrors in a haunted home.

Sign #9: Cold or warm spots

If you notice extreme cold or hot spots in the vicinity of the mirror, it is a strong indication that the mirror might be a portal.

Use a thermometer to measure the temperature shifts when you get closer to the mirror. The higher the shift, the stronger signal that something paranormal is going on.

The most common signs your mirror is a portal

Here’s a list of warning signs that your mirror might act as a portal. It would be best if you relied on your intuition, as it is the most powerful tool in the paranormal toolbox.

  • Uneasy feelings about taking it down
  • Unexplained willingness to move it to another location
  • Strange feelings of attachment to the mirror
  • Unexplained willingness to watch your reflection in it
  • Creepy and uneasy feelings
  • Pets show a strange interest in the mirror
  • Hauntings in the vicinity of the mirror

If you are unsure what to make of it all, it is always recommended to seek help from a trusted psychic or paranormal investigator.

Final thoughts

Mirrors, reflections, and shiny surfaces have been connected with superstition and lore. What portals are and why they might exist is a topic debated amongst paranormal researchers.

According to Rosemary Ellen Guiley mirrors, many societies regard reflections in mirrors as the visualization of the person’s soul. This, in turn, has led to beliefs that mirror act like portals – transferring souls between the realms.

There is no evidence that mirrors have paranormal capacities. With this said, many paranormal investigators and psychics swear by mirrors being possessed or acting like portals. If you want to learn about possessed possessions, you can read my article on the subject here.

If you believe a mirror in your home is acting like a portal, you can either let a psychic do a sweep or put it away. Many advise that you cover the mirror in question to close the portal.

As with the paranormal, you need to take everything with a grain of salt and go with your gut feeling. This rule applies when it comes to haunted mirrors as well.

Claudette Beaulieu

A certified paranormal investigator, accredited demonologist, and psychic stuck in the Victorian era.

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