When objects get possessed: Possessed possessions

Is it possible for ghosts or the demonic to possess objects? Sometimes when I buy something from my favorite antique shop, I stop and wonder, will I bring a restless soul along?

It is believed that objects can get attached by spirits, ghosts, and entities. According to demonology, the term possession only applies to humans, though. Not all attachments are demonic.

Does the demonic hide inside objects, trying to escape discovery? You might have seen paranormal TV shows with possessed items that bring doom and gloom. But is there any truth to it?

Possessed possessions

Is it possible for objects to get possessed? Yes, paranormal investigators’ common viewpoint is that haunted objects do exist. The phenomenon is referred to as possessed possessions. According to Troy Tailor, the object is something that the ghost held dear to its heart. Any object can get an attachment – everything from small decorations to buildings themselves. In some cases, the entire site feels like an entity itself.

The difference between attachments and possessions

When we talk about haunted objects daily, it is easy to refer to them as “possessed.” In reality, only humans or animals get “possessed.” According to demonology, objects can get attached by demonsOpens in a new tab.. Things can also get attachments from ghosts or spirits as well. Not all attachments are caused by the sinister, so to speak.

To be possessed, in terms of demonology, you have fully surrendered your free will to the darkness. Only a living being can surrender its free will, not objects. The demonic can use items as hiding places, though. Haunted objects are therefore infested, but they might have attachments as well.

When you take a closer look at the process of demonic possession, it is easier to follow along in the argument.

InfestationWhen a demonic entity is present in a place, item, or animal
OppressionOvertake of a person’s free will
PossessionTotal overtake of a person’s free will, body, and spirit
Reference: The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology, Rosemary Ellen Guiley

For example, a cute teddy bear can house a demon (infestation). The demon might awaken and try to attach when you find the toy at the flea market. This is called the oppression stage. The demon tries to make you surrender through psychological- and physical attacks. When you are worn down, the chance is that you finally surrender. The demon entirely takes over your body and mind. You are now possessed.

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How to know if an object has an attachment

There are several signs to look out for in items with attachments. Many of the signs might be subtle at first. It is sometimes hard to pinpoint what is causing paranormal activity. The symptoms of the attachment often amp up slowly.

As the activity gets more intense over time, more significant signs appear. The item itself might start moving around by itself. You might leave it on a shelf, but you find it on the bed when coming home after work. This was one of the signs a demonic entity possessed the famous Annabelle doll.

According to Zak Bagans, items prone to attachments are older antique objects. This is not always the case, though. So don’t write off an object just because it is newer. Other items might be mirrors, decorative items, jewelry, clothing, art, photos, books, toys, dolls, etc. One thing that connects the items is that they are all very personal objects. Someone could have held them very dear in life.

  • Antique objects overall
  • Mirrors
  • Decorations
  • Christmas ornaments (yes!)
  • Jewelry
  • Clothing
  • Art
  • Photos (foremost family pictures or portraits)
  • Books
  • Toys
  • Dolls (decorative as well as toys)
  • Tarot and oracle decks
  • Spiritual tools such as pendulums and spirit boards

Symptoms of haunted objects in people

Haunted objects can cause a vast array of symptoms in people. You must look at the whole picture before jumping to paranormal causes. It is always recommended to consult a medical professional before classifying something as supernatural.

Haunted objects can cause a vast array of symptoms in people. As always, you have to look at the whole picture before jumping to paranormal causes. It is always recommended to consult a medical professional before classify something as paranormal.

claudette BeauLieu

I compiled a list of some symptoms a possessed object might bring on. As you notice, the symptoms are very vague. You must conduct a thorough paranormal investigation before narrowing down on the causes. Not all attachments are demonic. Spirits can be evil too. Sometimes it is just a spirit upset by how the item is handled. They might be kind but lash out occasionally.

  • Sickness
  • Nausea and dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Poor health
  • Bad luck
  • Relationship breakdowns
  • Poor judgment
  • Bad decisions leading to losses
  • Loss of faith
  • Isolation
  • Constant feelings of fear
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • A sense of being watched
  • Strange bruises and scratches
  • A strong connection to the site
  • Feelings of static electric fields (goosebumps)

Nausea and hauntings

The most common symptom by far is nausea and dizziness. Many experience sudden fatigue and loss of focus and orientation. It is not uncommon to lose track of time – it feels like everything is in slow-motion. Of course, all people experience the paranormal differently. As you get more experienced, you learn how your body reacts. The symptoms might last a few days if you have an intense encounter. Nausea will often go away fairly quickly when you leave the site.

Using your senses when locating a haunted object gets easier with time. With experience, you can do sweeps to hone on possessed possessions. Slowly move from room to room and pay close attention to your bodily sensations. As you get closer to the object, you will feel the onset of symptoms.

It is always great to remember that you can get strange symptoms from other things than the paranormal when going on ghost hunts. The sites are often filled with mold, dust, debris, and dirt. You can get physically sick from the environment itself as well. Ghosts are not always to be blamed!

I quickly get headaches as I have pretty lousy night vision. This has nothing to do with a paranormal experience but my eyes adjusting to the darkness.

You might experience different symptoms from hauntings.

How to remove a haunted object safely

A psychic can locate the object during a psychic sweep. Sometimes a spirit likes to hide in things – without being attached to them. They might have infested the site in other ways. It is always a great idea to let a psychic locate the item. It is always recommended that a demonologist or professional paranormal investigator help you remove the item from your home.

If you try to remove the object with the attachment yourself, the demon or the spirit might lash out forcefully. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Are possessed items dangerous?

According to many paranormal investigators, possessed objects might pose a danger. When we talk about possessions, we often refer to demonic attachments. But ghosts can be the cause of haunted things too. It is easy to forget that part when watching popular paranormal TV shows.

Due to ghosts, human-originated spirits, hauntings are less dangerous than demonic hauntings. They can be terrifying too, but you are not in danger or being overtaken. You can get physically and mentally weakened, though. The stressful experiences are not good for you either.

As it is believed that the demonic has the power to take over the soul and body of a person, it is not recommended to keep haunted objects. They can act as a vessel for infestation. It can be very hard to know if a spirit, ghost, or demon attach an object.

In the book “Ghost-Hunting for Dummies,” Zak Bagans says he always approaches a suspected demonic haunting with caution. He collects all the symptoms and tries to diagnose them as a doctor. He categorizes a haunting as wicked when there are no other options available.

Remember, though, there is no conclusive evidence of the existence of haunted objects. If you experience physical or mental issues, contact a medical professional to rule out any health issues before exploring paranormal causes.

Famous possessed objects

There are quite a few examples of famous haunted objects. Famous possessed items are, for example, the Dybbuk Box, Robert the Doll, and the super-creepy doll named Annabelle. You find the Dybbuk box and Robert the Doll in the Haunted Museum in Las Vegas.

You find the scary Annabelle in the collection of the occult museum of haunted and cursed objects. The doll is owned by the famous paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren.

The scary Annabelle doll. Cred: Hollywoodreporter.com
The super-creepy Robert the Doll. Cred: WikipediaOpens in a new tab.
The Dybbuk box. Cred: Wikipedia

The Dybbuk box

The Dybbuk box is my “favorite” haunted object. The story is so creepy, and many records show people getting in trouble by interacting (or even being close) with the box. Zak Bagans writes in his book “Ghost-Hunting for Dummies” about the box and how it impacted his life in many ways.

Previous owners sold the box as they were all experiencing terrifying paranormal activity. The sellers described it as haunted and evil. Zak bought it and placed it in his museum. He quickly realized it was very sinister and that you could only view it if you were over 18 years.

A dybbuk is a demonic entity according to Jewish demonology. The demon is a sinner’s soul that can’t transcend to the Afterlife. The dybbuk targets living sinners and aims to possess them. Other evil spirits tormented the dybbuk, and the only way to escape was to escape to a living vessel.

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Paranormal tourism and museums

As the paranormal tourism sector is growing due to rising interest in ghost hunting and the paranormal, there is always a risk people are fraudulently riding the wave. I find new paranormal museums, tours, travel destinations, and restaurants, and like popping up everywhere. Not all items on display might be “the real deal.”

Always do your due diligence before booking tours or visiting haunted objects. As there is no scientific evidence of the paranormal, all you can rely on are stories and records of experiences. If you want to go ghost-hunting paracons are a great way to get started.

As there is a mix of beginners and pros, you can get great information from seasoned hunters. There are great online forums to get reliable information about sites and destinations. Facebook groups and Subreddits are a great starting point.


According to paranormal experts, objects might be possessed by spirits, ghosts, entities, or demons. If the attachment is demonic in nature, the situation might get dangerous. The demon wants to possess the body and soul of the owner or people nearby. If a spirit or ghost haunts the object, it can be scary – but you will not get possessed.

You can get drained and experience different symptoms, though. One common symptom is nausea and an airy feeling nearby the item. If you move it, the paranormal activity might spike.

It is always recommended that you contact a professional health provider if you are experiencing strange symptoms. When there are no natural explanations for the symptoms, you might contact a professional paranormal investigator, psychic, or clergy for help.

It is always recommended to get rid of possessed items. Beware, though, that there might be an uptick in paranormal activity. You can keep a ghost attached to an item if you are dealing with it.

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