Creepy facts: 7 ways a ghost can hurt you

Can a ghost hurt you in any way, or are they just scary? Many questions pop up when it comes to hauntings. It is common to get freaked out when you encounter paranormal activity, but is it better to keep cool?

There are many ways a haunting might cause you harm. The most common is tripping or falling when escaping a paranormal experience. You can also suffer from mental issues due to spirit- and demon attachments. Physical harm can occur when ghosts and entities scratch, push or throw objects at you. 

In this article, we look at the everyday dangers of ghosts. Depending on what type of activity you are facing, the hazards differ. In many cases, we hurt ourselves by tripping or falling when getting afraid, but there are negative entities that have the power to hurt us.

Hauntings and dangers

As a general rule, ghosts are not dangerous to us. They might be scary and creepy, but most of them leave us alone as long as we treat them with respect and (some kind) of understanding. There are situations where hunting can cause us harm, though.

The greatest danger is often ourselves. The most common is that we trip and fall when we get scared and try to flee the scene. As we experience most hauntings at night, when our senses spike, it is easy to understand this might cause hazards to us. Falling down the stairs while trying to escape the sighing of a scary apparitionOpens in a new tab., disembodied voice, or footsteps in the hallway.

We will look at some dangers we might be exposed to when encountering a ghost or entity.

Psychological dangers

Hauntings can take a toll on you, draining you of your energy and stamina. Constant loss of energy can cause fatigue and weakness. A ghost or entity often uses your energy to manifest or feast on it.

Most of the entities that cause significant harm are not human, though, but demonic. Of course, there are human spirits that are very angry and frustrated. They often don’t have the vast array of psychological weapons to fire at you as a demon has.

As you experience fear, it can lead to psychological issues in the long run. Feeling unsafe, watched, or touched in your own home violates your private space. It is very stressful and might create anxiety, fear of being alone, and other psychological scars.

Dealing with the supernatural is often very challenging. Our perception of the world does not include paranormal activity. It doesn’t fit our reality, and we might have difficulty dealing with it. I remember what Amy Bruni said in a “Kindred Spirits” episode. She said that even if she were used to facing paranormal entities, she would never want to experience a haunting like that in her home. If the pros find it hard to handle around-the-clock hauntings, imagine a layman’s experience.

It is not uncommon to feel ashamed as well. You can’t tell people, as you think they will think you are crazy. This is also a stressor that can cause psychological issues. Holding uncomfortable feelings inside is never a great thing. It bottles up inside and builds over time.

Another danger to psychological wellbeing is a demonic infestation, oppression, and possession. We will cover this danger in more detail under the sub-title Demonic Attacks.

Negative entities are prone to feast on people with challenges and psychological weaknesses. So if you have a history of mental illnesses, unresolved issues, and unhealed wounds from the past, you should be extra careful.

Spirit attachments

Spirit attachments might lead to psychological harm. Not all everything that attaches to the living is demonic. There are human-originated spirits as well. They tend to attach to a weak person in an attachment to express their hatred, frustrations, bitterness, or alike. The soul doesn’t want to leave the earthly life and (often) picks a random person to live through.

The spirit is intelligent and can be divided into three main categories: benign, parasitic, and malevolent. The harmless spirit attachments are not “evil” spirits; they don’t understand that they hurt the person. They haven’t been able to move on to the afterlife. They are confused and try to handle the situation the best they can. A benign attachment can be very confusing for the living, though.

Negative energies cause benign, parasitic, and malevolent attachments. They use the living to continue expressing the negative behavior in life. These kinds of attachments can be very harmful to the person. You can learn more about the different types of attachments in the video below. You also find a great list of symptoms of an attachment as well.

Common symptoms of spirit attachment are depression, a sudden change of behavior, abuse, and change in character and mood. In many cases, the speech and tone of a person change as well. The more successful the spirit is to pierce the victim’s mind, the worse the symptoms will get. (The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits, Rosemary Ellen Guiley).

You can remove the attachment with the help of spirit releasement. A professional and experienced person does this in the field. The ritual releases the spirit and helps it pass on to the other side.

Physical dangers

Even though you seldom get hurt physically by ghosts, it can happen. It is always a great idea to be cautious when communicating or encountering a ghost. The most common way you get hurt is by tripping and falling. As we often encounter ghosts during the dark hours, it is easy to get frightened and try to escape.

Be careful if you are on a ghost hunt at night as you easily trip and fall.

If you are on a ghost hunt or investigation, it is always a great idea to visit the site during the day to recognize that there are dangerous areas you need to watch out for. Old stairways or debris can easily cause an accident.

Negative entities can scratch, push, hit, pull your hair, and choke you. When this occurs, you should always contact a professional in the field for further investigation and remedy the problems. A demonic attack and this is very dangerous (read below).

If you encounter a poltergeist attack, you can get hurt by flying objects. There are cases where people are getting scratched and thrown across rooms during demonic attacks. In rare cases, there are incidents where people have been thrown out of a window to their death.

Ed and Lorrain Warren experienced strange car issues after encountering demons (the Annabell doll). They were almost killed when the car started to act oddly on the motorway. These instances are scarce, though, and this happening is connected with an exorcism (The demonologist, Gerard Brittle).

Demonic attacks

Demonic attacks are the most dangerous thing you can encounter. Demons are also referred to as fallen angels or devils. They do not derive from human spirits. This is the main difference between demonic attachments and spirit attachments (read above).

The goal of a demon is to take away the person’s free will. They do whatever it takes to lure a person into allowing them into their lives. Demons can possess you and take over your soul and spirit. A demon aims to interfere with the living and create chaos. The demon wants you to allow it into your life, as it needs to be invited. People invite demons into their lives by playing with ouija boards or attending seances.

Demons have more profound wisdom than any living spirit ever accumulated. They are compelling and manipulative, and they lack empathy and morals. It is almost impossible to outsmart them or have a meaningful “discussion” with them. They can trick you into doing things by acting like a likable person or someone very attractive.

You find demons where horrible things have happened as the site’s vibrations are low. Demons also thrive on people with weaknesses or emotional scars. It is common for demons to attach to persons when sedated, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or have mental illnesses. Psychics and mediums say they adhere to the person’s aura. Low vibration persons are more prone to attacks.

Demons attach to three stages infestation, oppression, and possession. They act like shape-shifters and can take any form. Demons are most prone to attack when you sleep and have your guard down.

There are different types of demons, and some are more powerful than others. The demons that attach with the help of ouija boards are often lower-level demons. In the videos below, you are an example of an attachment. It is hard to say if this is a demon, but the attachment is very powerful.

Demons tend to take over the voice of the person. The voice change, and they often start to talk profanities. Demonic attachments can cause vomiting, spitting, levitation, abnormal strength, strange bending, and curving of the body.

Demons are expelled with the help of magical or religious rituals. The most famous one is the exorcism performed by the Catholic clergy. There are of course other rituals as well depending on the belief system of the person attached.

Isolation and social issues

Many that suffer from hauntings, attachments, or possessions isolate themselves. The isolation cause harm to the person as they sink deeper into lower vibrations. This might also be one of the goals if a demon or negative entity is involved. It is easier to take over the free will and allow the entity in when isolated.

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Persons who experience hauntings might also avoid letting friends and loved ones visit. They are afraid they will get spooked and afraid. Many are scared to tell others they are experiencing supernatural activity due to stigma. Many are seen as “crazy” and “dilutional” if they tell others they have seen a ghost or a UFO (for example).

Many experiencing hauntings are also very edgy, scared, tired from sleepless nights or sleep paralysis. Everyday life is turned upside down.

Hauntings often cause isolation and social issues. The person haunted is often afraid of sharing their experiences with others.

Economic problems

At times hauntings also cause economic problems. If you have a business, the word can get around town that crazy stuff is happening, and clients shy away. For example, if you have a hotel or restaurant, hauntings might impact revenue.

As an individual, you might suffer economic problems due to the mere fact that you are getting sick from the hauntings. Many suffer mental illnesses as a cause of hauntings. In bad cases, you can get physically hurt as well. It is essential to get the help you need as fast as possible. Never shy away from asking for help.


In most cases, hauntings are not dangerous or harmful to us. The majority of hauntings are residual hauntings that are not communicating or have intelligence. The experience from hauntings might cause health issues, though. If you get spooked, you can trip and fall, trying to escape the experience. If the haunting is very persistent and negative, you can experience fatigue and isolation.

In rare cases, spirit and demon attachments cause serious harm to the well-being and health. Demon attachments can be hazardous and should never be treated lightly. It would be best to never attempt to resolve a demonic attachment yourself. It can only make things worse. Always consult a professional in the field for guidance and help if you believe you or a loved one might be under the influence of a dark entity.

But remember, most hauntings are not dangerous at all. A paranormal activity might be frightening but seldom harmful in any way. If you are an empath or psychic, you might suffer more than others if you live in a haunted house, as all the vibrations constantly drain you.

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