How to Use the Ouija Board in a Safe Way (14 Rules and Guidelines)

Some would argue that you can’t use a Ouija board safely, but you do have rules and guidelines that you can follow that may make them safer. You must follow the best practices because if used in ignorance, you can encounter negative entities that seek to harm you or a loved one. Following the guidelines will reduce the risk, but the danger still exists, and we will cover how to navigate the dangers here.

Rule #1: Choose the Right Environment

First, don’t choose to play with the Ouija board in the cemetery since this place holds spirits that don’t want the disturbances. You never know what you might encounter in the graveyard. Instead, you want to look for somewhere peaceful like near a garden, river or lake.

Choose somewhere peaceful, but I would recommend that you choose it away from the home. Some believe that doing this in the home opens a portal to the spirit world, and this can create an issue where the spirits won’t leave your home. Many say that this can even leave the home haunted afterward. 

Look for a place with happy memories, such as where you got married or had good memories. You want a place where you will feel safe and comfortable so that your mind won’t play. You have a higher risk that you will encounter a dangerous spirit in places like this. Again, I would emphasize that risk always exists if you play with the Ouija board. Those who do it accept the risk that comes with it since we understand very little about the spirit world and how it works. 

Don’t do it in a place that doesn’t feel right. For example, don’t look for a haunted place known for having evil entities and choose that as the place to use the Ouija board. This would make it easier to have a negative experience. Whether or not you believe that you can contact demons through a Hasbro game, it’s better not to tempt fate. Choose a place that doesn’t feel too spooky.  

Rule #2: Cleanse the Space around You ahead of Time

You might cleanse the space around you to keep it free from negative entities that might speak to you. To cleanse the area, you can burn incense since the smoke clears the room of negative energies in the space. Doing this will also create a calm and serene atmosphere. 

Some of the best incense for positive energies include:

  • Sage
  • Lavender
  • Cedar
  • Rosemary 
  • Cinnamon 
  • Sandalwood 
  • Palo Santo
  • Frankincense
  • Myrrh
  • Dragon’s Blood 

Place quartz crystals around the board to cleanse and maintain the energy in the space. The most common choices include obsidian, hematite, and kyanite. 

Rule #3: Draw a Circle around You with Sea Salt

Many who use the Ouija board will put sea salt around themselves and the Ouija board to protect themselves. Salt acts like a type of barbed wire that keeps the spirits out of the space. Most people choose to cleanse their boards before and after use. They do this especially if they encountered an evil spirit during the session. 

Many do this especially if they haven’t used the board in a while. Many people will do their own protective prayer before they begin use of the Ouija board. 

Rule #4: Don’t Use the Ouija Board in a Bad Mood

Spirits feed off energy, and you will attract the type of spirits that you feel in certain moods. For that reason, I wouldn’t recommend that you use the board when in a negative mood, since this can quickly become a dangerous situation. You want to avoid the board whenever you feel depressed, angry, or sad. 

You can attract a bad spirit if you use the board when in the wrong mood. The spirit often tries to use your fears against you. Some will try to take advantage and possess you. 

Rule #5: Don’t Use the Board When Tired or Sick

Many report feeling tranced out while using the board and losing track of time. This is a common warning sign of negative energies that you don’t want to encounter. You may prove particularly susceptible to the dangers when you feel tired or sick, which is why they don’t recommend it. If you will use the board, you need to have your wits about you.

Rule #6: Never Invite Them to Show Signs

Many people who use the Ouija board will tell them, “Give us a sign if you’re here with us.” This invites them into our realm, and they can do all sorts of dangerous things once inside. As one Dublin exorcist said, “It’s very difficult to get rid of demons once they have entered our world.” You don’t want to invite them in.

The other danger comes from how you never know how they might show themselves. One person reported feeling cold, dead hands on their own hands, which sent them running from the room without closing the session. 

Other people report how the demon attacked them or in some cases, sexually assaulted or possessed them. 

Rule #7: Know the Warning Signs

Once you spot a warning sign or multiple warning signs, don’t wait to say goodbye on the board. In some cases, you may need to keep saying it until they leave. This is why you shouldn’t invite them to make their presence known in the room because it makes it harder to get them to leave if you want them to leave. 

You can learn more about the warning signs of Zozo here, a common Ouija board demon to watch out for. 

Demon Zozo: Dangers and warning signs when using Ouija

As soon as you spot the warning signs, it would be wise to close the session. Many times, the demon will appear friendly at first, but it becomes increasingly sinister with time. It has to put you on the hook first. Demons will often pretend to be something innocent, but you will see their true colors over time. 

Rule #8: Don’t Play It Alone

Similar to how you wouldn’t go diving or whitewater kayaking alone, you shouldn’t play the Ouija board alone. In most cases, one person can’t work the board alone, but you increase the danger if you do it alone. You might bring in a friend to play it with you. If something goes wrong, you can close the session. 

However, this isn’t always the answer because groups of people have had issues with it as well. The difference is that it makes it less likely to happen. 

Only one person should ask the questions to the board, and it should be done by the one most knowledgeable about the board. For example, someone who has done it before and understands the rules well. 

Rule #9: Keep Control of the Session

You never let the board spell whatever it wants because it can lead to dangerous consequences. If anything feels off about the session, end it. You control the session, not the other way around. I emphasize this attitude because you encounter the most problems when you don’t have that attitude. Demons can smell fear, and they will feed off it. Keep a positive attitude and don’t let anything control you. For example, never let the board spell certain words like “Satan.”

According to Hanz HolzerOpens in a new tab., in his famous book The Handbook of ParapsychologyOpens in a new tab., one of the most important things to remember when engaging in divination or spirit communication is to always know that you are in charge of the situation (Affiliate link – Amazon).

Rule #10: Simple Questions

In general, you want to aim for simple questions with the board because it will elicit a response better. You have to stay patient because you may not hear real answers in the beginning. Another thing is never to ask the board stupid questions. Things like this include questions like, “When will I die?” The board may answer in six months, which will leave you needlessly scared if it doesn’t happen. 

The other danger is that it could turn out true. Some things you’re better off not knowing, and this would be one of those things. Act respectfully toward the board and never goad on or taunt spirits. 

Don’t believe everything the board tells you. The board can lie, and it will lie many times. Beware of getting hooked on it as well, however. For example, some people ask a question that they later learn is true. This brings them back to the board and turns it into an obsession. In many cases, this never ends well. Oftentimes, it was a demon that told them what would happen.

Rule #11: Close the Board After Each Session

At the end of each session, you must close the board since not doing this can lead to an opening for the spirit. Especially if you were speaking with an evil spirit, the situation quickly becomes dangerous. It leaves a portal open for them. Slide the planchette to the words “Goodbye” and end your session by taking your hands off the board. 

If you want to learn how to close the board correctly, I have written an article on the subject.

How to close a Ouija the safe way [Never ignore this]

Many report experiencing the paranormal years later in some cases because they forgot to close the session. This will depend on the spirit, but if it chooses to stick around, it has the option unless you closed the board. Think of Ouija as a doorway, and you want to close the door at the end of each session. 

You open yourself up to the risk of harassment at the least. On the worst end, it can lead to possession and death. Failure to close the board could be compared to leaving all the windows and doors open when you go to the grocery store. You never know what you might come home to. 

Rule #12: Don’t Play the Ouija Board When Drunk or High

When dealing with spirits, you must have all your wits about you. Being drunk or high can make it difficult to focus. You may become more susceptible to demonic possession. You need to make good decisions, and alcohol or drugs can mess with your judgment to make mistakes more common. You need to know when to say goodbye on the board. In addition, you must be able to spot the warning signs. 

Rule #13: Understand the Planchette

Many dangers exist with the planchette. For example, you need to understand how it normally functions. Usually, it will move from one number to a letter. However, if the planchette starts to move through the alphabet or the numbers, say goodbye on the board. This is the equivalent of an encantation where the spirit counts down until it can enter our world. You must end the session before it reaches the end. 

Let’s say that the planchette travels to all four corners of the board. It means that you have contacted an evil entity, and you should end the session. 

You should also never let the planchette fall to the floor since this will release the spirit talking through it. After you finish, beware of the planchette. Put it back in the bag to store it. Don’t leave it on the board. 

Rule #14: Topics to Avoid

Change the subject immediately if a spirit appears agitated with your question. Things to avoid speaking about with the Ouija board include:

  • God or religion
  • Death in general (even their death)
  • Your name or the name of family members
  • Your health
  • Private questions about others
  • What will happen in your future
  • Possession questions
  • Questions about romantic affairs with the living

Whether you think demons are real or not, it’s best never to talk about demons on the Ouija board. 

You don’t want to invite dark energies into your world since no good will come from that invite. You may not be prepared to deal with the consequences, and some who were skeptics of the board changed their minds after a bad experience.  

Free download: Ouija board checklist

I have created a free download for you to bring to your session. I know it is easier to have the rules printed out than scrolling on the phone. The checklist is for personal use only.

Final Thoughts

Following these rules can reduce the risk, but there is always a risk with the Ouija board. Not everyone believes in the same rules with them, but many of these things reduce the risk that anything bad would happen. You don’t want to go into playing with the Ouija board blindly because enough scary stories exist around them to make them worthy of caution. Those interested in the Ouija board can find it here.  

Claudette Beaulieu

A certified paranormal investigator, accredited demonologist, and psychic stuck in the Victorian era.

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