How to close a Ouija the safe way [Never ignore this]

You just bought a Ouija board and want to try it out for the first time. When googling Ouija rules, you realize there are hazards in not closing Ouija sessions correctly. Failing to do this will get you into deep trouble, seriously.

Close the Ouija board by dragging the planchette (pointer) to “goodbye.” The key to success is to close the board with clear intent. Believe in your ability and power. If you fail to do this, the board might remain open, and entities can pass through as they wish, leaving you vulnerable.

There are many rules when it comes to Ouija. The most important one is to close the board correctly. If you fail to do this, it can leave you with an open portal where spirits and entities can come and go as they wish.

How to close the Ouija session in a safe way

Ouija boards are lovely tools for spirit communications. Mishandled, though, they can lead to disasters. There are rules in Ouija that you can’t ignore if you want to stay out of trouble. Not closing a session the right way is one of the rules you have to nail to a tee. If you fail, it can lead to attachments and, in worst cases, demonic attacks.

When it is time to close the session, you need to focus and not get distracted. You can’t forget any of the steps, or you can leave your board acting as a portal. We don’t want that.

When doing Ouija readings, there should always be one person in charge. If you are doing it alone, which is not recommended if you are new to Ouija, you close the board yourself. The leader of the session should always conduct the closing ritual. No one else should interfere as this can lead to a failure of closing the board.

Start the closing ritual by thanking the spirit for their answers and knowledge. Always be respectful and treat the spirit with dignity. They were people too, and now they are here to help you from the world beyond. They don’t have to do this; this is very kind.

Let the spirit say goodbye if they wish. Don’t move forward at a fast pace. It is never polite to hang up the phone without letting the other person have time to say goodbye. The same applies here. I often refer to Ouijas as spirit telegraphs.

The key to success is to close the board with a clear intention of closing the communication. This means you need to do it with self-confidence and believe that you have the power to do so (because you do). If you had a stressful or scary session, this is very important. Negative spirits try to manipulate you to feel insecure for this reason. They want to frighten you so that you forget the steps.

When it is time to close the session, drag the planchette to “goodbye.” Be sure that the planchette touches the word goodbye and that it stays there. When “docked,” all the sitters can lift their fingers. Imagine how your robotic vacuum cleaner docks, it should be like this. Determined and in place.

It is best if the session’s leader says when it is allowed to do so. Before the session starts, all sitters need to know the rules.

The session’s leader now proclaims the session closed and that no spirits are allowed to use the board. How you say this is not important; the key is that you mean it and trust yourself and your powers.

“Spirits of light that support our highest good, we thank you for your insights and wisdom. In the name of Jesus Christ and Archangel Michael (or else) we command all spirits, energy, and entities in this place to return from which they came. We ask that the Holy Spirit and Archangel Michael watch over this place and the people in it, cleansing this home with holy light, keeping evil away. So be it. Amen”

I have altered it a bit from a prayer I found hereOpens in a new tab.

I always like to add Archangel Michael to the prayer for protection. You can, of course, change to any divinity your wish.

If you have candles burning, blow them out to close the portal. If you wish, you can place a protective tourmaline or smokey crystal in the vicinity of the board. This will protect when the board is not in use in the case the board is not closed correctly.

How to close the Ouija session the safe way

  1. The leader of the session proclaims the session closed
  2. Place the planchette on “goodbye”
  3. The leader of the session allows the sitters to remove their fingers from the planchette
  4. The leader of the session proclaims the board officially closed and that no spirits are allowed to come through (closing prayer of your choice)
  5. Remove the planchette from the board.
  6. Place the planchette in a bag
  7. Wrap the Ouija board in a scarf or cloth
  8. Smudge the area, sitters, and the board
  9. Place protective crystals in the vicinity of the board (tourmaline is recommended)

Important things to consider

It is important that you are sober and not in a weak state when reading the board. This applies to all sitters. If you are feeling under the weather, anxious, sad, or just tired it is not the right time to use the board.

If you by any means feel vulnerable you should not use Ouija. It is important to have self-confidence and strength during the session and the closing of the board.

What might happen if you don’t close the Ouija correctly

It might act as a portal if you don’t close the Ouija board after your session. A portal is a gateway for spirits, who can come and go as they wish. This might lead to unwanted hauntings, attachments, and even demonic attacks and possession (even if this is not common).

If you leave the Ouija board open, the spirits don’t know the session is over. The spirits might hang around for months or years.

In the worst-case scenario, the demonic will have an opportunity to attach to the board and in the end launch an attack. If the wicked can use the board as a portal, it can lead to demonic possession. This is a severe matter and nothing to play with.

Now when you know how to close the board, you are ready to take on the spirit world with full confidence!

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