Demon Zozo: Dangers and warning signs when using Ouija

The most common demon one will encounter with the Ouija board, Zozo poses a great danger to anyone who encounters him. Many report how he starts off friendly, but the encounter swiftly grows more sinister with time. This malevolent demon, once summoned through the Ouija board, can prove difficult to get rid of. 

Thousands of Bad Experiences with Zozo

Thousands who played with the Ouija board claim to have had an encounter with the demon Zozo. Oftentimes, this encounter leaves them forever scarred by the Ouija board. If you even think that you might be speaking with Zozo, say goodbye on the board immediately.

Many dangerous encounters have happened where the demon attacked or even tried to kill someone. Extremely negative psychological and physical confrontations have taken place. Let’s have a look at the warning signs that you might be speaking with Zozo.

I vouch for the dangers of Ouija myself. I have used it in paranormal settings with the aim of communicating with spirits. It can turn ugly fast. Always be cautious and on guard. And never trust anything that comes through the board. Take it with a grain of salt.

Possible Names of Zozo

  • Mama
  • Oz
  • Zo
  • Zaza
  • Abacus
  • Pazuzu
  • Pazaza

11 Warning Signs of Zozo

Zozo will often masquerade as a different spirit to win your trust. For example, one of the appeals of the Ouija board comes from the fact that people believe that they can speak with departed loved ones. More often than not, however, they wind up in contact with a malevolent demon who seeks to harm or destroy them. 

Rapid figure-eight movements of the planchette give us a warning sign. End the session immediately and close the contact. If you’re going to play with the Ouija board, keep your hands on the board at all times. The figure-eight on the board is an incantation that lets the demon enter our world.

Another way that you might see this is if he makes the planchette move in the shape of a rainbow from side to side. You should end the session immediately because you face grave danger. People have needed exorcisms because of this demon. 

Let’s cover some of the other warning signs: 

  • Mentions of paradise
  • The number 28
  • Losing track of time
  • Sense of empowerment
  • Bad luck
  • Feeling drawn back to the board
  • Extreme uneasiness
  • Thoughts of depression
  • Sexual advances
  • Dark shadow movements around the board

#1: Mentions of Paradise

This demon will often tell you about the paradise where he wants to take you. Instead of meaning an actual paradise, Zozo will eventually reveal that the real place he plans to take you is hell. First, he will try to befriend you so that you would think of the paradise as something pleasant. 

A lot of theories exist about Zozo and some belief him to be a head-ranking demon of satan nearly 3,000 years old. He has the body of a man and the tail of a scorpion. 

#2: The Number 28

The demon Zozo loves the number 28, and if it pops up while playing, end the game immediately. This number has an association with the Feast of the Beast. You may see it crop up in reverse as well such as the number 82. Beware of numbers that come up in four sevens that would equal the number 28. Think of the number seven and what letters do you see sitting underneath it? That’s right. It spells OZ. 

In numerology, they consider the number 28 the most unlucky of numbers. Experts consider it the number of misfortune. Close the session if you encounter this. 

#3: Losing Track of Time

No one knows why this phenomenon happens, but many know this demon is in their presence when the players around the board lose all sense of time. You never want to play Ouija alone, but even with other players around you, things have happened where everyone around the board lost their minds. 

There are different examples of this happening, and in this case, three friends found themselves hospitalized. They only played the game for a few minutes before this happened. 

#4: Sense of Empowerment

You may feel a weird sense of empowerment from this demon, but I would warn you to close the board immediately since most believe this happens so that the demon will convince the group to keep the board open. Once Zozo gains control, he can warp your reality however he sees fit. You don’t want that. 

#5: Bad Luck

Many report an unexplainable number of bad things happening to them after they encounter Zozo. This demon brings death, suicide and other types of bad things into your life. 

#6: Feeling Drawn Back to the Board

The demon Zozo will create circumstances where you will feel drawn back to the board. For example, he may tell you something will happen and it actually happens. The person feels compelled afterward to go back to the board to see what else it could tell them. 

This is a sign that you’re dealing with something extremely dangerous. Don’t go back to the board whatever you do. In all cases, the demon grows increasingly sinister with time. You will hear him curse at you or eventually attack you. In some cases, he will try to possess you. 

#7: Extreme Uneasiness

Make no mistake that the presence you speak with is nothing but evil. The encounter, even if he speaks friendly on the board, may make you feel uneasy deep down. Others have reported feeling this extremely evil presence near them, which isn’t an encounter that you want to have. Close the session if you feel anything like this. It may be Zozo, but the same rule applies to anything else that you would encounter. 

#8: Thoughts of Depression

Not only has Zozo been linked to murders, but he has also been linked to suicides. Whenever this demon appears, you can expect nothing but bad things to come from it. You may think thoughts of suicide when in the presence and unexplainable depression is a common feeling. 

#9: Sexual Advances

Another warning sign is that Zozo will make sexual advances on you or a friend while speaking on the board. That is a huge warning sign that you should close the session immediately. At first, the people around the board may laugh at the novelty of it thinking like, “This ghost is sexually attracted to me.” No… This rarely ends well. Take it seriously. Say goodbye on the board and end the session. This can be very traumatic for the one who goes through it. 

Here’s an example of what can happen with Zozo even though it was a milder encounter:

In some cases, he may even plant thoughts of raping or murdering others in the group. This is the danger that this demon poses. 

#10: Dark Shadow Movements around the Board

You may see shadow figures moving around the board while you speak. At first, it may appear interesting, but this is a sign of Zozo and that you may be playing with great danger. Never request that Zozo or any other spirit makes their presence known to you in the room since this is considered an invite into our realm. 

#11: Entering a Trance

No one knows why this may happen except that it has similarities to how hypnotism works where the person loses control. Losing track of time may be similar to it as well. Either way, as the person enters a trance, they become more susceptible to manipulation, which can make it easier to cause harm to others or themselves. 

What are the Dangers of Zozo?

Some may be skeptical, but the biggest dangers of Zozo include possession, sexual assault, or physical harm. This demon especially has a reputation for possession. Possession is one of the most dangerous because stories exist of people who murdered someone while possessed. You can take that however you want, but this isn’t something that you would want to take lightly in my opinion. 

You have several potential encounters with the demon Zozo that show us the dangers. For example, in 1949, Roland Doe was a 14-year-old boy who was potentially possessed by the demon Zozo. 

His aunt had taught him about spiritualism and how to use the Ouija board. Since Zozo is the most common Ouija board demon, this may have been the demon that possessed him. This case inspired “The Exorcist.” Now, some variations to this story exist, which make it somewhat questionable, but according to one account, 48 people witnessed this exorcism. 

According to one report, furniture was levitating and vases would fly whenever the boy was near. They took him to see a Catholic priest. During the exorcism, they had to halt it at one point because his arm slipped the restraint, and he used a bed spring to slash the priest’s arm. That should highlight the level of danger that this demon poses. 

This is not an isolated incident. You have had dozens of cases like the one in 1949. Another case happened in 2012 with a small group of soldiers who were off-duty. They began to mess with the Ouija board when they may have encountered the demon Zozo. In this case, one of the soldiers entered a deep trance and began to drive the car erratically. Everyone nearly died in a car crash. 

What to Do if You Encounter Zozo

First, and this may sound easier said than done, don’t fear. This demon, and demons in general, feed off your fear. Fear will only make the situation worse. Say a prayer for strength and to get through the situation as quickly as possible. Second, close the session and keep closing the session until it rids you of the demon. This is always a good practice even if you don’t encounter this demon.

Otherwise, you leave an opening for the spirit to enter our world. If malevolent, they can cause great harm and follow you around. Say goodbye and keep saying goodbye until it leaves.  

In some cases, you may need to call an exorcist to rid yourself of the demon. Interacting with ghosts and other entities will always pose a danger. The spirit world is something that no one living understands. For that reason, it comes with great risk whenever someone would mess with a Ouija board. 

Never burn a Ouija board no matter how frightened you feel of it. Some skeptics believe that nothing will happen, but if negative energy is connected to the board, some say that you may hear screaming. If you hear screaming, it means that you will die. It’s not worth the risk. 

After an encounter with the demon Zozo, never use that Ouija board again because the negative energy attached to it will bring it forward again. Instead, I would recommend that you get rid of the board, but you must do it the safe way. I wrote about how to get rid of a Ouija board the safe way here

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Can You Avoid This Demon on the Ouija Board?

Because you deal with unseen forces and our understanding of the supernatural remains close to zero, you can’t avoid this demon. The only way to avoid it is to not use the board. You take a risk whenever you play with the board. Some skeptics choose not to believe in it, but even skeptics who have had bad experiences with it stop short of calling it poppycock. 

Instead, one person who considers themselves highly rational and intelligent after having such an experience with this demon said that they believe there are forces in the world that we don’t fully understand and to exercise caution. 

Final Thoughts

For anyone interested in a great book on the topic, Darren Evans, someone who encountered the demon himself, wrote a book called “The Zozo Phenomenon.Opens in a new tab.” This survival story gives you another interesting example of encounters. It looks at the origin of the creature as well as what it may want. Make no mistake that if you encounter this demon, you will want to say goodbye quickly for your safety. The demon can do real harm to people, and more than one story exists of this happening. 

Claudette Beaulieu

A certified paranormal investigator, accredited demonologist, and psychic stuck in the Victorian era.

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