Why churches are haunted: Answer and cause

We all instinctively know that cemeteries and churches are known places for ghost activity. But why is it so? As children, we often feel a slight tingle of fear or uneasiness when visiting cemeteries or churches. We carry this feeling into adulthood without ever knowing exactly why.

As a general rule, churches are often haunted because of the collective emotions of grief, sorrow, and loss. The vicinity to the cemetery is also a catalyst for hauntings, as ghosts often linger near their final resting place. A church also acts as a portal for spirit communication.

Cemeteries are often in close vicinity of the church. The funeral ritual usually takes place in the church as well. The function of the funeral ritual is to help the deceased transfer from the Earthly world to the Afterworld. This gives clues to why churches and cemeteries are prone to hauntings and paranormal activities.

Strong emotions triggers church hauntings

When we talk about churches and hauntings, we need to remember that the church is not the root cause of the paranormal activity. All places considered holy and a place for transition from the Earthly world to the Afterworld should be regarded as a “church” in this article. Continually expand your thought to encompass other religions and belief systems as well. All of these places are prone places for hauntings and paranormal activity.

The onset of hauntings is often connected with strong and often conflicted emotions. Maybe they died a sudden or unjust death. Perhaps they can’t part from loved ones or possessions. In other cases, they might feel fear of judgment due to sinful acts. This is often the case with religious people that commit suicide. Another possibility might be that they killed someone and don’t want to face them in the Afterlife. Or they might have been killed and want to seek revenge. The reasons are as many as there are people or spirits involved. But the connecting dots is the intense emotions in connection to their death.

Another point of view is that churches are places for communication with spirits, angels, divinity, and saints. It might act as a portal for spirit communication.

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Religious rites and their function

Religious rites in connection with funerals are focused on helping the deceased’s spirit transfer to the Afterworld. The rituals also help the living find comfort in letting go of a loved one. If the ritual “works,” the spirit will be able to move on, which is in most cases. But in some occasions, the collective energy of solid emotions might hinder the spirit. In some instances, the living might be the ones that short circuit the ritual.

Why chuches are prone to hauntings

Now that we know more about the charged nature of a church and cemetery, it’s easier to understand why they might be haunted. The collective emotions gathered in the area, the religious rituals, and the influence of the living might cause trouble for the spirit to transit. But, again, this is not common. In most cases, a soul can enter the Afterworld without any problems.

Churches are emotional anchors that might hinder ghosts from transitioning. Fear of judgment might hold spirits trapped in the world in-between.

There are theories that psychics or empaths might interfere with the rituals as they can project and anchor feelings. Yes, I know we are always to blame when things don’t go according to plan, especially when it comes to religion. But we leave it there.

A church is an emotionally charged environment where ultimate happiness, despair, and sadness live side by side. It’s no wonder it is the perfect storm for hauntings and emotional anchoring. Often when we talk about hauntings,, we think of grief and sorrow. But it can also be the happiest time of your life. Marriage, baptism, salvation – you name it. These feelings can also act like emotional anchors for spirits. No one could erase my memory when I said “yes” at the altar. I will never let go of that precious moment. When I recall the happiest days of my life, this is one that pops up. This could be a refuge for me if I was afraid of the Afterlife.

Another important thing to concider is the powerful words of the church. It can put fear into people after their death they retreat to the church for final salvation before moving on.

Key takeaways

  • Strong emotions might onset hauntings
  • Collective emotions of grief, dipair, and loss is present in a church
  • Dead or the living don’t want to let go of loved ones (and the opposite)
  • Fear or sin might hinder a spirit to move on
  • Unfinished business that needs to be resolved
  • Highly religious charged place

Why cemetries are prone to hauntings

As cemeteries are a place to mourn the dead and the final resting place for human remains, it is easy to understand why hauntings might occur. As the dead often linger in vicinity of their grave the cemetery is a super-charged area for hauntings. The sorrow and grief acts like a catalyst for hautings as well.

It is a great thing to remember though, that human spirits seldom bother the living. You might feel their presence but they seldom harass you or spook you with the aim to scare you. If they haunt they often have a message to deliver or need help resolving the issues keeping them from moving on.

As cemetries with time get overpopulated, old graves might be disturbed as they get new tendents. This is a common cause of hauntings at the cemetery. The same goes for disturbed gravesites of other religions too, of course.

Key takeaways

  • The collective emotions of grief and sorrow acts like an emotional anchor
  • The grave is concidered “home” for a ghost
  • Most ghost never bother the living
  • Disturbed graves trigger hautings
  • Always treat the ghosts and spirits with dignity and understanding

Always tread the dead with respect. In that way, you are most likely to be left alone. Of course, there are instances with frustrated and angry ghosts that want to force communication. By recognizing them, and if possible helping them, they will in most cases leave you alone. You don’t have to fear ghosts of human or animal origin, even if the phenomenon might be scary at first. If you are an empath or HSP there are techniques to let go of the interference from the emotional mesh. Contact a trusted medium for guidance.

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