What black mirrors are made of

Black mirrors are genuinely one of the most beautiful divination tools. It has a magic about it you can’t deny. It is one of the most widely known divination tools. “Mirror, mirror on the wall,” we have all seen Snow White and the magical mirror. But what is it made of?

A black mirror was initially made of polished black obsidian stone. Nowadays, you also find black mirrors made of glass and acrylics.

Mirror scrying is an ancient form of divination. Black mirror scrying goes back to the Aztecs. They polished black obsidian to make a reflective surface to gaze into. Nowadays, glass painted black is also an option. It is not uncommon with black acrylic surfaces as well.

If you want to learn how to use a black mirror, I invite you to check out the article below.

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Different kinds of materials for mirror scrying

The first scrying mirrors were made of polished obsidian stone. Mirror scrying later evolved to include all shiny and reflective surfaces; mirrors, glass, crystals, acrylic, and water. You can scry in anything reflective that acts like a “mirror.”

Below you will find the most common materials to make scrying mirrors

  • Black obsidian stone
  • Painted glass
  • Plexiglass
  • Acrylics

The Aztecs were the first culture that we know of that used black mirrors for spirit communication. These mirrors were made of black obsidian.

As other cultures adapted the practice of mirror scrying, other materials than obsidian entered the scene. Nostradamus was a famous fortune-teller that used a mirror made of glass for scrying to access information about future events.

Even though modern science does not accept black mirror scrying, many use black mirrors as divination tools. In some cultures, mirror scrying still holds a sacred place.

Black mirrors allow the user to access the subconscious mind through psychological mechanisms. Others believe that the messages are from spirits, ghosts, or entities.

Black mirrors made of polished obsidian stone

The first black mirrors were made of polished obsidian. The mirrors first appeared in the Aztec culture and were then adopted by other cultures as a way of looking into the future. Most obsidian mirrors are made in Mexico.

Black obsidian is volcanic glass and is very hard and brittle. It is also very spiritually charged. Many use black obsidian as a protective crystal.

The obsidian stone is cut and polished to retain a highly reflective surface. As the rock is very brittle, you must go gently when polishing it, or it might break.

In this video, you can follow the process of creating an obsidian mirror. It is easy to understand how hard it must have been to make these mirrors back when you didn’t have access to modern polishing pastes and tools.

Black mirrors made of glass

Black mirrors can be made of glass with a black back to create a reflection. You can easily create a black mirror from a picture frame. Instead of a picture, you place black paper in the photo slot. You can also paint the back of the glass, preferably with spray paint, to gain an even finish.

The surface will be more smooth and not have the same imperfections as a handcrafted obsidian mirror. Glass is quite challenging but can get scratched if you are not careful. It is also brittle and breaks easily.

Black mirrors made of acrylics

You can create a black mirror for gazing by using acrylic plexiglass as well. You can create a black mirror much like the example with a glass picture frame. Place black paper in the photo frame, and voila! You have yourself a black mirror.

You can also paint the back of the plexiglass with black acrylic paint or spray paint. It is vital to make the paint layers as even as possible. Therefore, I guess that spray paint will be best suited for the job.

The surface of plexiglass is much more sensitive to scratches than glass or obsidian. Be careful with it and store it using a cloth if needed.

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What should your black mirror be made of?

As all reflective surfaces can be used for scrying, you can use whatever material or media you prefer. There is no right or wrong here, just personal preferences.

I don’t like using modern materials for divination purposes. I think much of the spiritual properties lie within obsidian itself. With this said, I go for obsidian all the way.

Obsidian mirrors are expensive, so if you want to try mirror scrying before buying an obsidian mirror – glass would be my go-to.

Acrylics are fine too, but I think they lack the spiritual connection. But again, it is all about personal preferences. I might be old-fashioned!

If you are on a budget, I know you can scry with the help of your mobile phone as well. Turn it off and use the black screen for scrying. Easy as that!

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Final thoughts

I love obsidian black mirrors as they are spiritually charged and have a history I connect to. I tend to say away from modern materials such as acrylics and other plastics.

The Aztecs used the black reflective surface for divination as spirit communication and fortune-telling. Nostradamus was another famous fortune-teller that used a mirror to receive messages about future events.

The use of mirrors has been adapted across different cultures and belief systems. Mirrors overall are surrounded by lots of superstition. If you want to learn more about black mirrors and if they are dangerous to use, I invite you to read the article below.

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