Are Black Mirrors Dangerous? [Scary Facts]

Black mirrors, you may have heard of them and wondered what all the fuss was about. Maybe you only have a vague idea about them and would like to learn more. Many times, people use them in scrying or a form of divination. In some cases, you may even hear the mirror called a scrying mirror. Are black mirrors dangerous?

Mirror scrying can pose a danger as you might open a portal, attract negative energies, or suffer emotional and mental strain. Anyone who uses it should understand what they’re doing before they use it. Even then, it can still pose a danger.

If you’d like to learn more about black mirrors, keep reading because we will cover the history and some of the dangerous situations encountered with them. 

History of the Black Mirror

Before we delve into the dangers, let’s look at the origin to better understand it. In ancient Mexico, in the Aztec empire, polished obsidian mirrors, also known as tezcatl, were used as an instrument of black magic.

Sorcerers would gaze into the depths of the mirror and supposedly travel to the land of the gods and their ancestors.

Obsidian Aztec mirror in the Museo de América in Madrid by Simon Burchell

The Aztec deity Tezcatlipoca even has a black mirror on his chest. While its origin began with the Aztecs, the use of black mirrors for sorcery goes beyond that. Rumors exist that the famed 16th-century political advisor and occultist of Queen Elizabeth I, John Dee, supposedly used a black mirror to speak with angels. 

What are the Dangers of the Black Mirror?

We spoke about how they can pose a danger to people who use them, but we never gave the specifics. Scrying is considered an ancient magical rite in some circles, and while you can use a black mirror, others have used a crystal ball or the reflection off water to create the same effect. 

Encountering Demons

The consequences of using a black mirror can be hefty. For example, if you feel fear when you use the mirror, you may encounter demons or entities on the lower planes of existence.

They may pass through the mirror and refuse to leave. They could either make themselves comfortable in your home, or they may try to harm you in your everyday life. 

In cases with black magic, some people have used them to invoke demons and open a portal to hell. Dealing with demons from scrying is a painful cost not worth it. 

Knowing What You Can’t Unknow

Scrying gives people access to learning things that they may never unknow afterward. In some cases, the knowledge of it destroys them, and they may turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope. 

You should especially exercise caution with learning anything related to visual information in the mirror. An example of this would be thinking highly of someone only to discover that they kept a dark secret, and you could never see them the same way again. 

Another example of this would be if you learned how you will die in this world. You may not be prepared to know that information, and the terror of realizing how you don’t have long to live could ruin your life. 

In some cases, a person could get so depressed from what they learned that they choose to commit suicide. 

You Can Ruin Your Eyesight

One of the less spiritual dangers, scrying was meant for low-light conditions, and the danger of it comes from how it can cause eyestrain. Over time, this can damage your eyesight.

To reduce eyestrain, you might blink quickly over several seconds to spread the tear production across your eyes. 

Mental Health Problems

Some who did scrying suffered mental breakdowns due to the things that they saw or experienced in the mirror. Anyone who would seek a black mirror to perform any sort of black magic should fear the potential consequences to themselves because they face a real danger that they could suffer mental health issues. 

Keep the Black Mirror in a Black Bag or Cover It with a Dark Cloth

One of the big dangers of a black mirror comes from how darker entities could use it as a portal to enter our world. Once you have opened that gateway, they can enter through it if you don’t lock it properlyOpens in a new tab..

Many would say to put it in a black bag or cover it with a dark cloth. This prevents any communication or anything coming through it when you don’t want it to do so. You may even feel this spooky sense like someone is looking at you from it while you sleep if left uncovered.

If you want to learn more about the storage of your mirror, I invite you to read my article on the subject.

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Interpretation Dangers

What you see in the mirror could cause you to take actions that you wouldn’t otherwise take, and how do you know if what you saw was correct?

Let’s take an example where you saw your husband or wife cheating on you in the mirror. Because of that, you chose to divorce someone who truly loved you. 

That is a smaller danger, but another danger is where you do black magic to get back at them, and they suffer serious harm.

The gravest danger is that that person never cheated in reality and loved you unconditionally. You were misled. Whether it was demons that misled you or the black mirror not actually working, it’s not worth the risk. How a person interprets what they see in the mirror can pose just as great of a danger. 

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Final Thoughts

Black mirrors pose a danger especially if someone approaches them with the intention to do harm. In those cases, they may encounter a demon or other terrible consequences such as knowledge that they were better off not knowing.

In general, the use of a black mirror poses more danger than it’s worth. If you want to use it, you have to know how to use it in a safe wayOpens in a new tab..

Whether what you even see is real is up for debate, and it would be dangerous to take action against anyone for what you saw in the mirror. 

If you want to try mirror scrying yourself, I invite you to visit my recommended products page where I show the mirror I use in my practiceOpens in a new tab. (affiliate link).

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