Do I need to cover black mirrors [Question answered]

Black mirrors are a tool for scrying and might act as portals if not used correctly. As you use the mirror for looking into other dimensions, you might wonder if you should cover your mirror in between sessions.

It is advised to cover a black mirror if it is used for occult practices. Covering the mirror reduces the risk of a portal haunting if a scrying session is not closed correctly. If not used for magical rituals, a black mirror is like any other mirror and does not need to be covered.

It is commonly known that covering mirrors can help when you have issues with portal hauntings. Mirrors are known to attract spirits as they use the reflective surface as a gateway between dimensions. Let’s take a closer look if you need to take the same precautions with a black mirror.

If you need a quick answer if you should cover the mirror or not, take a look at the table below.

YesNoBelief | Usage | Experiences
xMirrors have the power to display or attract the soul
xMirrors can act as portals
xMirrors do not have magical powers
xI always close scrying sessions correctly
xMy cultural heritage and lore tell me to
xThe devil has the power to retrieve my soul through mirrors
xI store my mirror close to a window
xI want to protect my mirror against damage
xI use the mirror for occult practices – scrying and divination
xI have experienced portal haunting activity in the vicinity of the mirror

Black mirrors and dangers of portal hauntings

Black mirrors are used for divination and scrying – you use the mirror to access information from another dimension. During these practices, it is believed that you risk opening a portal by mistake.

If you don’t close the session correctly, you might leave a portal open for ghosts and entities to come and go as they wish. The mirror becomes a portal haunting and might even attract negative entities as demons.

If you don’t use the scrying mirror for spiritual or occult practices, you are unlikely to open a portal. You don’t have to cover it if you don’t want to. You have to give the mirror the intention to work as a divination tool to gain its “magic.”

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The intention is a key factor

I have searched my reference books about best practices regarding covering black mirrors and scrying. I found that there is no set rule on how to go about this – most of the advice is connected to lore and cultural belief systems.

Some say you need to cover the mirror; some don’t. The essence if of the question seems to center around the belief that mirrors, overall, are prone to hauntings and portals. According to Rosemary Ellen Guiley, the idea that mirrors hold magical properties is founded in culture and lore and maybe not in the scrying process itself (The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits).

So if you believe that your mirror might act as a portal, I guess it can. We give divination tools their function by intention, not the other way around.

So if you believe that your mirror might act as a portal, my guess is that it can. We give divination tools their function by intention, not the other way around.

Claudette Beaulieu

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Important: There is no scientific evidence that mirror scrying works. There is no evidence of the existence of portals either. When it comes to the paranormal, you must go with your gut feeling and take things with a grain of salt.

Black mirrors and fires

One of the most practical dangers of not covering your scrying mirror is that the sun might reflect on it and cause a fire.

It is essential to never store your mirror near the window (or outside) where it can be hit by direct sunlight. If you have a magnifying mirror, the risk of causing an unintentional fire is even higher.

I know that some scrying mirrors have concave or convex surfaces to up the chances for vivid visions. At times the mirror is like those you find in funny houses.

A magnifying mirror is concave, creating a concentrated ray that acts like a “laser” beam if hit by the sun. It is hazardous to place these kinds of mirrors near the window or outside, for that matter.

If you have a handmade obsidian mirror, imperfections in the surface might make areas concave or convex. The same goes for ancient mirrors made from handblown glass.

Lore and cultural beliefs

According to cultural lore and belief, mirrors have magical powers. Superstition is widespread when it comes to mirrors overall. For example, if you break a mirror, you will suffer seven years of misfortune (or even death in the family).

According to Russian lore, the devil can retrieve the souls of the living through mirrors. In other parts of the world, shiny surfaces attract spirits. If someone dies, it is essential to cover the mirrors. You don’t want the decieced to get lost on its way to the heavens.

Covering the mirror is done to honor and respect the deceased. You might, by accident, see the soul of the decieced through the mirror. As the soul is the person’s purity, you might see the private sides of the person. It’s like reading the diary of another.

The core is that mirrors are reflections of the soul or gateways for souls to pass over to other realms. This applies to most cultural belief systems regarding mirrors. When you look into the mirror, it is your soul or spiritual being you see – not necessarily your reflection of your physical body.

The idea that the soul is reflected goes hand in hand with scrying as a tool to dive into the subconscious mind and the visions of the third eye.

The belief that mirrors have magical powers and visualize other realms makes it easy to understand why many want to cover the mirrors. The same applies to black mirrors, which with added occult practices, have even more believed powers.

If you believe mirrors are reflections of the soul or gateways to other realms, you can cover the mirror if you wish. Always do what your intuition tells you to. As we spoke of earlier, the intention is what creates magical tools overall.

Fingerprints and scratches

Black mirrors and obsidian mirrors are sensitive to fingerprints and scratches. This is another reason why it is a great idea to cover it in between sessions.

Covering your mirror will prolong its life, which is always a great idea. You bound with your mirror over time, which can be heartbreaking if you need to replace it.

Depending on the material of your black mirror, it might be more or less fragile. If you want to learn more about the different materials available, I invite you to read more in the article below.

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Privacy and protection

A good reason for covering your mirror is to protect guests or nosy kids from peeking into the mirror. If you incorrectly use the mirror, you might open portals.

I tend to cover my mirror for this reason. I know how interesting the mirror is for others. It helps me to protect them from possible harm.

Storing your black mirror

Covering your mirror is also a great thing to do to show respect for it. Wrapping it in a beautiful cloth shows how much you treasure it. It is the same with tarot cards, pendulums, and Ouija boards – many store them with dignity and respect.

Divination tools should never be something that you throw into your junk drawer. Place it covered on your altar or shelf as the treasured item.

Wrapping the black mirror also protects it from wear and tear.

The way you handle and store your black mirror impact the effectiveness of your scrying. If you don’t treat it with respect, it will not deliver the answers or visions you search for. Simple as that.

If you are interested in getting a scrying mirror, I invite you to take a look at the recommended products pageOpens in a new tab. (affiliate link). You will find the black obsidian scrying mirror that I use in my practice.

Final thoughts

My recommendation when covering scrying mirrors is to trust your gut feeling. Yes, I know that is not always the answer you want. You want a “yes” or “no” answer, but the paranormal doesn’t work like that.

Tools and practices are driven by their intent, so you must return to your belief system. Do you think the mirror can act like a portal? If yes, you should probably cover it. If you think of your black mirror as a decorative piece, then no, you don’t need to cover it.

I always think that divination tools should be treated with respect and dignity. They act like “religious” objects to the practitioner. No one would ever toss a holy cross into the junk drawer between prayers.

Claudette Beaulieu

A certified paranormal investigator, accredited demonologist, and psychic stuck in the Victorian era.

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