How to use a black mirror: Step-by-step guide

Your black mirror is hanging on the wall, just waiting to be used. The biggest fear is that you connect with a nasty demon that will harass or even hurt you. When new to scrying, it is easy to forget the necessary steps, which might lead to dangers.

Black mirrors, or obsidian mirrors, are ancient tools for scrying. With the help of the mirror, you can retrieve messages from spirits, entities, and ghosts. You can ask anything from general guidance to connecting to a specific spirit.

It takes about one hour to complete a scrying session; make sure to block off time. When you are stressed or interrupted, it’s a more significant risk that you forget a step. This might lead to danger or a bad experience. In the worst scenario, you might leave a portal open without realizing it.

As with everything paranormal, there is no proof that scrying works. It is always good to take messages and information retrieved with a grain of salt. Trust your gut feeling at all times.

It is also good to remember that negative energies and demons are thought to misrepresent themselves to lure you. Always be careful when conducting spirit communications.

In the list below, you will find essential things to know when scrying in a mirror.

  • Be sure you are undisturbed, as mistakes might lead to dangers
  • Negative energies are thought to lure you – take everything with a grain of salt
  • Stay grounded and calm at all times – even if the visions are scary and grotesque

Step #1: Cleansing and clearing the mirror

Before your session begins, cleanse and clear your room and your mirror. You can choose whichever method you prefer. I recommend using Palo SantoOpens in a new tab. as it will retain the good energy in the room while removing the negative vibes.

Step #2: Ground yourself and open your heart space

Ground yourself and open your heart to receive the messages you need to receive. Make sure you are in a good heart space and calm and relaxed.

During the session, it is advised to let go of analyzing and just let things unfold without judgment or a need to understand or explain.

Use a dictaphone to record your visions during your session. In this way, you can go back to your session. You must get into a meditative state. Focus on your breathing and acceptance of being in the now.

Step #3: Dedicate or program the black mirror

It is recommended that you program the mirror before starting your session. By programming the mirror, it acts as a tool for divination. It will be “just” a mirror if it is not programmed.

Hold the mirror in your hands and say out loud (or in your head) that this mirror will act as a tool to retrieve messages from other dimensions. Only spirits of light here for your good can communicate through the mirror.

Step #4: Cast a protective spell or prayer

Before you start your scrying session, you should use a protective prayer to ban negative energies. You have power over the situation. Only allow spirits and entities of light to communicate through the mirror.

It is advised to set a clear intention for your scrying session – what you want to accomplish and who you want to talk to and not.

If you need extra protection, you can create a protective aura shield and ensure you are in a high vibrational state before starting your session. You can read more about this hereOpens in a new tab..

If the closing of the mirror fails, you will only be haunted by good energies – not the bad ones. Stay safe at all times.

Step #5: Charge the mirror with your energy

Hold the mirror in your hands and place it over your heart. Imagine how all your love surrounds the mirror. Imagine how the mirror gets charged with love and light.

Step #6: Place the mirror between two white candles

Now it is time to place the black mirror between two white candles. You can, if you wish, also use one candle. In that case, please put it in front of the mirror.

You can choose to place the mirror in a vertical or horizontal position.

Step #7: Light white candles

Light the candles. I prefer scrying in the evening or at night as it is easier to see details in the mirror.

White candles are protective and help remove any vibes that might attract negative energies. The candles also help you see the visions in the mirror.

Reflections from candles are believed to open portals, which is something we want when scrying. This is how we access the visions and messages – through a portal.

Be sure to close the session when done. Otherwise, you might end up with an active portal in your home. This is not desirable as this can cause scary hauntings.

Step #8: Position the black mirror for scrying

Place the mirror in a way that you can see your complete reflection. Alternatively, you can place the mirror so that it is blank. You can try which method suits you best.

Step #9: Gaze into the black mirror

Use a soft gaze when looking into the mirror. Relax your eyes and imagine you are looking at a point behind the mirror. Don’t try too hard. Just let things be as they are. The more you try, the harder it gets.

Try to get into a meditative state. You can do this by humming, singing, or doing breathwork.

Acknowledge your thoughts and feelings and let them go. Remain focused on your breath. Open your heart to receive the messages you need to receive.

Never get scared; you are in control of the situation. You have the power to end the session whenever you want to.

It can take up to ten minutes before the visions and images appear. Sometimes they don’t appear at all. You have to have patience.

Step #10: Look for swirling gray or white smoke

The visions are about to appear if you start to see gray or white swirling smoke. Relax your body, and don’t fight it. Don’t analyze or try to understand it – just let it be as it is.

Record your visions with the help of a dictaphone. You can use the same one as for EVPs or your mobile phone. You can’t take your eyes off the mirror when the visions start.

In this video, the experience of mirror gazing is explained. The woman explains how it feels when she moves through the smoke veil. She experienced a very strong spiritual awakening. She also warns you not to use the mirror if you are not ready to encounter the world on the other side of the mirror.

Step #11: Take the gaze away

When it is time to close the scrying session, take the gaze away, close your eyes and give thanks for the visions (regardless of whether they were scary). Images can be scary as we are not used to seeing creatures, entities, and spirits. They might not look as you think they do.

There are theories about visions and how they work. Some believe they are reflections of your subconscious mind, and some believe you connect with external entities. Regardless, the images might not be what you expect them to be.

Step #12: Formally close the session

Now it is time to close the scrying session formally. For example, I recommend that you say, “Thank you for the vision and messages. Now the session is closed, and no messages or visions are allowed. The mirror is closed, and no entities, spirits, or ghosts can use this mirror for communication or as a portal.”

Thank you for the vision and messages. Now the sesson is closed and no messages or visions are allowed. The mirror is closed and no entities, spirits, or ghosts can use this mirror for communcation or as a portal.”

Closing prayer

Step #13: Energetically disconnect

Make sure you energetically and emotionally disconnect from the session. Reset your energy field by grounding yourself.

It is essential to close the session spiritually. Your intention is key to closing the mirror. If you are emotionally connected to the mirror, it won’t close even if you say the closing prayer.

Step #14: Close the scrying session

It is recommended to end the session when you have stopped looking into the mirror, are emotionally disconnected, and have said the closing prayer.

If you want to, you can cover the black mirror when not used. This will prevent it from acting as a portal if you are unsure you have done all the steps correctly.

Important: Remember to close the session even if you didn’t have any visions or saw any images.

If you are interested in getting a scrying mirror, I invite you to check out the recommended tools page. You will find the black obsidian mirror that I use in my practiceOpens in a new tab. (affiliate link)

If you are not ready to buy a mirror just yet, you can use your TV when shut off. Your mobile works as well. The black reflective surface will work as a black mirror.

Claudette Beaulieu

A certified paranormal investigator, accredited demonologist, and psychic stuck in the Victorian era.

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