How To Open a Spirit Portal

Opening a spirit portal is a concept that varies across different belief systems and spiritual practices. Some people believe that spirit portals are gateways or portals that allow communication or interaction with spiritual entities or dimensions.

While the specifics of opening a spirit portal can differ, I can provide you with a general outline that reflects common elements found in various beliefs and practices. I use a multi-faith approach to paranormal investigations and found it very successful in most cases.

Please note that this information is for educational purposes only and should be approached with caution and respect for different beliefs.

It is also ok to create your own ritual. The key is the intention behind the goal of your practice. Always close any open portals as they otherwise might lead to unwanted hauntings and paranormal activity issues.

If you are new to spirituality and portals, never opening a portal alone is always advised.

Before you open one, learning more about what spirit portals are is always recommended. You find helpful information in the article below.

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Clear Intention and Boundaries

Before starting, you must clearly state your goal with the ritual. What do you want to achieve with the portal, and what kind of entities or spirits are allowed to enter or communicate through the portal?

Always make sure that you have the answer clear to these three questions:

  • What is your goal with the portal?
  • Who is allowed to enter or communicate through the portal?
  • Who has the power to close the portal?

Doing this clearly defines your intention for opening a spirit portal. Determining why you want to establish this connection and what you hope to achieve is the key.

The second important thing is to set clear boundaries for who can enter or communicate through the portal. By doing this, you can block negative energies from entering. This is a crucial step for your safety – no one wants to deal with negative hauntings if something goes wrong.

It is crucial to approach this process with a sincere and respectful mindset. Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the experience. Never try to open a portal if you are feeling weak, unsure if you are up for the challenge, or don’t know how to close it.

I have an article discussing boundaries in depth; you find it below.

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Create a Sacred Space

Create a sacred space where you can perform the ritual or practice. I tend to recommend not doing this in your bedroom. This is because spirits can easily access your subconscious mind when you sleep. If the portal is not closed correctly, you can get tormented in your sleep.

If it is possible, it is best to open portals outside your home. I tend to do this in my garage. If I need to sage or do extensive rituals, I don’t want my bedroom to be all smoked out if I have to go heavy on the cleansing.

Your chosen space should be clean, peaceful, and free from distractions. You may decorate it with symbols, objects, or elements that resonate with your belief system or the entities you wish to connect with.

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Protection and Grounding

Before attempting to open a spirit portal, it is advisable to establish energetic protection and grounding.

This can be done through various methods, such as visualization, meditation, or reciting protective prayers or mantras using protective crystals or amulettes. This step is essential to ensure your safety and maintain a balanced connection.

If you want to learn more about breaking any spirit attachment, you will find lots of helpful information in this article.

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Ritual Tools or Intention prayers

Some practices involve using specific ritual tools or objects that are believed to aid in opening a spirit portal.

These include crystals, candles, incense, ceremonial symbols, or sacred herbs. Choose tools that align with your belief system or are significant to you.

I use my intention and energy to work alone to open portals. It is much easier than you might first think.

Focus on opening a portal, who can enter or communicate, and I can close it. This is, in short, the three questions above.

An intentional prayer can go something like the example below. Be sure to use your own words as it works the best. Remember, you have to say this with agency and self-esteem.

If you are not alone, it is essential to include the person attending to have the power to close the portal. They can close the communication if something happens to you during the session. See this as a safety procedure.

I hereby open a portal to let the energy and entities of love and light through. When I say the portal is closed, it is closed for any energy or entity to use. The votex is dead and and the rip in the web sealed.

Intention prayer to open a portal

Invocation or Meditation

Invoke the spiritual entities or energies you wish to connect with. This can be done through prayer, chanting, reciting invocations, or meditation practices that allow you to focus your intention and open yourself to the spiritual realm.

I tend to meditate and let the messages through without the assistance of divination tools. At times I use a pendulum for yes or no answers. If you want to learn how to use a pendulum, you find a helpful article below.

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Communication and Connection

Once you feel a connection has been established, you can attempt to communicate with the spiritual entities or energies present.

This can involve asking questions, seeking guidance, or simply being open to receiving messages or insights. It is crucial to remain grounded and discerning during these interactions.

If you go into a meditative state, it is always recommended that you have a friend present. They can help you return to consciousness if something goes wrong. If you cannot close the portal yourself, it is also recommended that this person is included as having the power to close the portal.

Having an EVP recorder running during the sessions is always a great idea. Sometimes you get great EVPs. If you have a friend attending the session, make sure they take notes of everything happening.

Having a video recorder pointed at you during the session is also great. Set time and date stamps on the video if possible. If you want to take a closer look at what I use in my investigations, you will find my ghost-hunting kit on the recommended products page.

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Closing the Portal

After you have finished your intended communication or interaction, it is essential to close the spirit portal. If this is not done, you might end up with unwanted hauntings. No more significant dangers exist if you set up your doorway to only allow love and light. But it is good practice always to close portals regardless of their nature.

This is done by expressing gratitude to the entities you connected with, offering closure, and expressing your intention to disconnect and return to the physical realm.

Closing the portal is crucial to maintaining a safe and balanced spiritual practice.

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Final thoughts

Remember, the specific rituals, practices, and beliefs associated with opening a spirit portal vary significantly. It is always advisable to seek guidance from experienced practitioners or spiritual leaders who can provide specific instructions and support based on your chosen belief system.

It is good to remember that portals are opened as soon as you engage in divination. This is why closing any spirit communication session properly is very important.

Ouija boards are known to cause problems when they are not closed correctly. This is not because they are more dangerous than any other tool but because so many use them. As they are sold in toy stores as games, it is easy for portals to remain open due to the lack of broader knowledge.

If you want to learn more about how to safely close your Ouija board session, I have written an article on the subject. You will find it below.

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