How to communicate with spirits using your pendulum

In the paranormal-TV shows, the professional pendulum dowser holds the pendulum in their hand, and the responses are astonishing. The pendulum moves magically, with clear swings and circles. You know you have a pendulum in your ghost hunting kit but never used it. Now it is the time!

How to use a pendulum for spirit communication

In this step-by-step guide, you learn how to communicate with ghosts and spirits with the help of pendulum dowsing.

#1: Cleanse the pendulum

Residual energies can interfere with the reading. Tap three times on the pendulum to reset it and cleanse it from residual energies.

#2: Open the session

Open the session by making sure the pendulum is at rest. There should be no movements. You can use a pendulum chart or read the pendulum by programming it to say “yes” or “no.” If you are unsure how to program your pendulum, you can read everything about it hereOpens in a new tab..

Open the session by inviting spirits of light to communicate; no other energies, entities, or spirits are allowed to come through. Set clear intentions and boundaries.

Be sure to record your session with the help of a video recorder or your phone. If you fetch information, you don’t want to lose it.

#3: Program the pendulum

Check your pendulum. Ask questions you know are “yes.” Continue asking questions you know should be “no.” If the pendulum responds in the “correct” way, you know your pendulum is calibrated and programmed.

#4: Ask the pendulum for answers

Now it is time to ask away. Be mindful of the way you approach the spirit, though. Never threaten or be rude. Remember, they were people too. Please give them the respect they deserve by helping out.

#5: Ask for directions

Ask the spirit for directions if you want to hone in on hot spots that might lead to manifestations or a deeper understanding of the haunting. Follow the direction of the swing. If the swing starts to act erratic, ask if you are moving in the wrong direction.

#6: Watch out!

Always be cautious when following directions from spirits. You might have encountered a sinister entity that wants to direct you into hazards or dangers. Not all sites for ghost hunting are safe. Always watch your steps!

#7: Take notes

Be sure to take notes or record the session. It is tough to remember all the answers during an intense reading. Let a friend or fellow ghost hunter help out. It is hard taking notes while holding a pendulum.

If you are alone, I recommend that you record your reading with the help of your mobile phone. This way, no information will be lost even if you get carried away.

#8: Stop the reading if something feels off

It is essential to stop the reading if anything feels off or you get hostile answers.

It might be time to stop the session even if you are dealing with a spirit of light. You will not extract great messages anyway – and it is the polite thing to do. It is like someone is knocking on your front door at 2 AM asking questions, and you want to go to bed.

Another option is that you have come across negative energy. This is never a great thing. Demonic attachments might lead to possession and a whole rainbow of problems. It is best to back off and stop the conversation while you have the power to do so.

#9: Close the session

Thank the spirits for their cooperation, and firmly address that the reading is completed and that no further communications are allowed.

Closing the session is one of the most critical steps. If you fail to do this correctly, there is a risk that you will get a ghostly friend lingering. The ghost doesn’t know the session is over and follows you around.

If the session is not closed correctly, the pendulum might also start to act as a portal for other spirits to use as they wish.

According to Hans Holzer in his book The Handbook of ParapsychologyOpens in a new tab., The most crucial part is to do this with intent and a belief that the session is closed (affiliate link – Amazon). You have to believe with all your heart that you have control over the communication (which you are). If you second-guess yourself, the session might still be left open.

Free download: Spirit communication checklist

I have created a free download checklist with all the steps for a successful pendulum reading. I know that downloads can be very helpful when out in the field investigating. Feel free to download it for personal use.

Let’s talk with the spirits!

It is not a secret that pendulum dowsing is a very powerful way of communicating with ghosts and spirits. As it is impossible to retract scientific evidence of hauntings or paranormal activity, it is not featured that much in paranormal TV shows.

This doesn’t mean that pendulums don’t deliver valuable information. Pendulum dowsing can help hone in on hauntings, haunted objects, undiscovered hotspots, and communication that helps investigators identify or understand hauntings.

Pendulum dowsing is one of my favorite tools as it is straightforward. There are some fundamental “rules” to know. These rules protect you, as not all spirits are friendly (as humans).

If you are uncertain about what kind of pendulum to choose, I have written an article about the best crystals for pendulums hereOpens in a new tab.. If you don’t like crystal pendulums, copper is also a great option.

Do you need to be psychic to use a pendulum?

One of the most common questions regarding using pendulums as a tool for spirit communication is: “Do I need to be psychic?”

No, you don’t. It will help if you are, though. It takes time to perfect the art of pendulum dowsing. If you have psychic traits, you will soon pick up on the reactions of the pendulum and intuitively know if the answers are correct or not. But this doesn’t mean you can’t retrieve messages without being psychic. It is just a longer learning curve.

Many are psychic without knowing it, so try and see how it feels. Being psychic can mean so many things. It is not just the ability to see something; it can be just knowing things, hearing things, feeling things, and dreaming things. The list goes on.

Important things to know about using a pendulum

While using a pendulum for spirit communication is very effective, there are some risks or dangers you must consider before diving in.

The pendulum doesn’t summon spirits by itself. It is through you and your subconscious mind they can interact. This means you risk getting attacked if you don’t take things safely.

Never start a session with the intent to speak to whoever wants to respond. Be clear about who you want to communicate with. Never summon demons or dark energies. This can be very dangerous.

If you fail to requisite the reading, anyone can join in. This is not desirable if you are not well trained with lots of experience. If you summon a demon, it can attach to you and, down the line, possess you.

If you want to learn more about the dangers of pendulum dowsing, I have written an article on the subject. You find it below.

Is pendulum dowsing dangerous? What you should know

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