Is pendulum dowsing dangerous? What you should know

You just got your hands on your first pendulum and are eager to try it. Suddenly a chill runs down your spine. What might happen when using the pendulum? Will it attract evil entities or even demons?

As a general rule, pendulums are not dangerous if you open and close the session correctly and use it to channel your subconscious mind. Known dangers with pendulums as divination tools are codependency issues, demonic attachments, and relying blindly on the answers given.

Pendulums as a divination tool are practical and straightforward to use. Hold it in your hand and ask yes or no questions. You will get the answers you seek depending on how the pendulum swings. Spirits can be attracted, though, and it is of most importance to close the session correctly, or you risk having a ghostly friend lingering in the shadows.

Known dangers with pendulums

Pendulums are popular divination tools that are easy to use and give clear answers. Pendulums answer yes or no questions, depending on the way they swing. Pendulums can be used as divination tools as well as self-development tools.

As with everything spiritual, there are different opinions if the pendulum is dangerous or not. Some say they are not dangerous at all, as the answers derived are due to micromovements of the hand. Our subconscious mind creates the movements, not spirits.

Subconscious mind – Micromovements – Pendulum – Answer

This is a prevalent take on the dangers of pendulums and is described in the video below.

Others say the pendulum can attract spirits when used as a divination tool. Others go even further and believe that you can get possessed by demons.

The video below gives you a nuanced view of how the pendulum works. The pendulum picks up on your subconscious mind, and the micromovements make the pendulum swing. But it doesn’t end there. If you are a psychic, you might get influences from the Ether.

As a psychic, your subconscious mind taps into the Ether and retrieves messages from other dimensions. May it be ghosts, elementalsOpens in a new tab., deities, or demons.

Subconscious mind – Ether – Spirit – Message – Micromovements – Pendulum – Answer

Depending on what you believe in and if you are psychic or not plays a big part in deciding if the pendulum is dangerous or not. Nothing in life is ever black or white, more a shade of gray.

Dangers for persons with psychic abilities

If you have psychic abilities and tap into the Ether through your subconscious mind, you might get answers from spirit guides, spirits, elemental, deities, entities, or demons. So the answer is not clear-cut if the pendulum is dangerous or not. It depends on your unique traits and how you use the pendulum.

If you have psychic abilities, you can tap into the Ether and open the door to external entities. So yes, you can run into a demon if you are unlucky. But if you intend to only speak to spirits of light, you deny access to any dark or demonic entities. They are only allowed to communicate if you let them or summon them (never do that, by the way).

That is why opening the pendulum dowsing reading with clear intent is essential if you have psychic traits—only communicating with spirits of light that support your highest good. No one else is allowed to enter into the conversation.

When you close your session, say goodbye with the intent of closing any portal that might have been opened and ending the communication. It is like moving the planchette to goodbye when using your Ouija boardOpens in a new tab..

I recommend always opening and closing the pendulum session, as not everyone knows their psychic abilities.

Codependency issues and pendulums

There are other dangers than demons and dark entities using a pendulum. You can get too dependent on your pendulum as well. This is a danger that not everyone talks about. Most of the debate is surrounding the divination side of dowsing.

If you get too reliant on your pendulum, you might start developing issues making decisions. You ask the pendulum for everything, which spirals to something very concerning. For example, you wear it in your pocket all day. When you are faced with a minor decision, you must sneak into the bathroom to get guidance. You get me; it is too intense and not good for you.

This is a psychological phenomenon when you stop relying on your own decisions. This can happen with all divination tools. This is why you should only use divination tools when feeling well and grounded.

Demonic attachments and pendulums

There are a few things to consider when it comes to codependency tendencies. If you are psychic, you might have encountered a dark entity that has started to weaken you. The demonic want to take away your own will, and codependency is a red flag. The only way they can possess you is if you give up your free choice. You get the point. Not good at all.

In the worst scenario, you might get an attachment or even worse if you don’t break the cycle. So always beware if you feel codependent on your pendulum.

Relying too much on the answers

There is always a danger of relying too much on the answers given in a reading. You should never forget that the answers are advice and guidance, not final. You have your free will and can do whatever feels best for you.

If you use the pendulum for self-discovery and growth, you can’t access answers about the future. You are accessing your intuition and inherited wisdom.

If you are performing divination, the answers given are never definite. The Ether doesn’t follow the same time as us. This means your answer is in the distant future, but maybe not tomorrow. Depending on the choices you make, the answers might shift. Fortunetelling is tricky and not set in stone.

Using a pendulum for divination

If you want to use the pendulum for divination purposes, you should be aware of a few rules and dangers. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

How to use the pendulum in a safe way

If you decide to use a pendulum to communicate with spirits, you have to know the basic rules, or you can get into trouble. Pendulums are like any other divination tool; you must use them with care and knowledge.

The most important rule you must follow to keep your pendulum reading safe is to open and close the reading correctly. This ensures that you only communicate with spirits of light and that the spirits leave when the session has ended.

If you fail to close the session, the spirit you have connected with doesn’t know the session is over. It will linger in your vicinity, leading to unwanted haunting. The same goes for not closing the session and saying goodbye.

In the list below, you find the most important things to remember while using your pendulum for divination purposes. I recommend following these rules even if you don’t think you are psychic. You might have traits you are unaware of as mediumship can look and act very differently.

  • Open the reading by only inviting spirits of light
  • Beware of unusually drastic movements of the pendulum
  • Stop the session if your gut feeling tells you something is wrong
  • Permanently close the session by saying goodbye
  • Place your pendulum in a safe place in between readings

If you were sloppy with the opening of the pendulum reading, you might have attracted an entity of darkness. If you fail to close it, you will have them lingering in the shadows. Not a great situation.

Only invite spirits of light that are here for your highest good. No other spirits are allowed to enter the conversation.

Final thoughts

A pendulum only answers yes or no questions. This makes it a bit less dangerous than the Ouija board (which works as a “spirit telegraph).” With an Ouija board, you get complete and detailed messages (if you are lucky); this is not the case with pendulums. You can get demonic attachments by using pendulums, though. This might happen if you are psychic and sloppy with the session’s opening and closing.

Pendulums are excellent tools to get insights and work with your subconscious mind. Pendulums are also great tools for divination. It is generally not dangerous if you follow the rules and set a clear intention for your readings. You only want to communicate with spirits of light.

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