10 Ways to Protect Yourself When Using Ouija

You have heard numerous things that can happen to you when using the Ouija board, and most are unpleasant. One terrifying thing is being possessed by the scary demon Zozo. But as with everything, there are things you can do to minimize the risks.

In this article, I will share the most effective ways to protect yourself during Ouija sessions. I will also share my best-kept secrets, which I rely on when on ghost hunts and investigations. You don’t need to use all of the ten options, only the ones that apply to your spiritual belief.

Your spiritual strength is your best protection

The most crucial factor that keeps you safe during Ouija sessions is your spiritual strength and maturity. Being balanced and having a positive mindset will protect you during the Ouija session.

Spiritual strength means how susceptible you are to psychic attacks. Maturity means that you have deep self-knowledge and know when you are not balanced or grounded.

It is often advised to set a clear intention for the session. Imagine all negative energy is swept away and that only kind spirits of light are welcomed. I often imagine this as a bright white light coming from my heart.

Before starting any Ouija session, you must be in a good place, mentally and physically.

Never use Ouija if any of the following statements are true:

  • You are sick, moody, tired, or have low self-esteem or self-love
  • You believe demons and negative energies can attack and harm you
  • You are afraid of demons
  • You are scared of Ouija boards
  • You don’t know how to cleanse yourself, the space, or the board

If you want to learn more about how to strengthen your spiritual armor and strength, I invite you to read the article below this section. This article gives valuable insights into spiritual protection and how it works.

Before we begin, it is essential to understand that Ouija has not been scientifically proven to “work” for contacting spirits. Nor has the existence of demons and spirits been scientifically proven. If the paranormal doesn’t exist – there is no danger in using the Ouija board.

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Option #1: Cast a circle

A widespread way of protecting yourself from demonic attacks during an Ouija session is by casting a circleOpens in a new tab.. The rite is performed before the session begins. Be sure to expand the parameter or protection to the room if needed.

A protective circle means a protective energetic sphere around you that is hard for negative energies to penetrate. Imagine it as a sphere surrounding you. The rite derives from Wicca but can be used by anyone who believes this technique is effective.

How to cast a protective circle before a Ouija session

The most crucial factor for this option is that you fully believe in it and can create a solid spiritual shield.

  1. Mentally prepare yourself and slow down
  2. Tidy our space and take a shower
  3. Cleanse your space and yourself with incents, Florida water, or crystals
  4. Set a clear intention for your ritual (to create a safe space and ban negative energy)
  5. Assemble all your tools for the ritual: Pen and paper, Ouija board, crystals, etc.
  6. Put your phone on flight mode
  7. Make sure that you will not be disturbed
  8. Start by facing east
  9. Point to the ground in front of you with your finger (or wand)
  10. State that you are about to cast your circle
  11. Invite the element of air
  12. Draw a half circle to the south, inviting fire
  13. Continue to the west and invite water
  14. Continue to the north and invite earth
  15. Invite all elements to protect you
  16. Point upwards, and invite your higher self (or spirit)
  17. You can not leave your circle when it is completed.
  18. When the Ouija session is completed and closed, it is time to thank the higher self and release the energy
  19. Go counter-clockwise and thank the elements (Earth, water, fire, and lastly, air)

Be sure to release the energies when you have closed your Ouija session. It can be very draining to have the energies lingering around you all the time.

Option #2: Crystal protection

During the Ouija session, crystals are an excellent option for added spiritual protection. If you have cast a protective circle, bring them before you activate it.

Protective crystals are often black (but not always). Many of them absorb negative energy and lock it inside. With this said, cleaning them after the session is closed is important. You don’t want the crystal to spill over in your home.

The following crystals are often used for spiritual protection:

  • Tourmaline
  • Black onyx
  • Smokey Quartz
  • Amber

I share helpful information in the article below if you want to learn more about cleaning your space and yourself using tourmaline. If you’re going to get your own tourmaline crystal, check out my recommended tools page.

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Option #3: Always close the Ouija board

One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself against psychic attacksOpens in a new tab. and negative energies is to close the Ouija board correctly. Always move the planchette to “goodbye” when the session is over.

Another essential part of the closing ritual is to do it with intent. Make a clear statement that the session is over, and say it out loud. Make sure that everyone participating in the session understands the importance of this step.

If it is not done correctly, the Ouija board might start acting as an active portal. This is nothing we want, as it might lead to nasty portal hauntings.

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Option #4: Know the warning signs

Make sure that you know the rules of the Ouija board. It is essential to know the signs of demonic presence.

The most common signs are the planchette racing to the corners of the board. Close the session if the planchette starts moving like the figure “8”, counting down, or spelling the alphabet backward.

If you want to learn more about Ouija’s most common warning signs, I invite you to read the article below.

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Option #5: Never use the Ouija board alone

It is often advised never to use the Ouija board alone. It is easier to get freaked out and forget essential steps and rules if you get a powerful reaction on the board (or your surroundings).

If you are an experienced Ouija user, there might be exceptions to this rule. If you want to learn more about this, you find all the information you need in the article below.

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Option #6: Keep the board away from your bedroom

Never use the Ouija in your bedroom, as it might stir up bad energies. When you sleep, it is easier for the demonic or spirits to interact with you.

When you sleep, you get access to the subconscious mind, and this allows for spirit communications. This is why you should never store it in areas where you relax or sleep. Some even recommend not using the Ouija board in your home.

Option #7: Cleanse the space and yourself

CleansingOpens in a new tab. your space and yourself before and after your Ouija session is key to keeping negative energies away.

Using incense and herbs to cleanse spaces of negative energy is common. Using smudge sticks and Palo Santo is a potent way to banish negative vibes.

I recommend using Palo Santo as it will keep the good energies. If you use White Sage (smudging), you will reset the area. This means that all energies will be removed, good and bad. This is not necessary in most cases.

If you are interestedOpens in a new tab. in trying Palo Santo, you find it on my recommended products page.Opens in a new tab.

Option #8: Raise your vibrational state

You must have a high vibrational state when you use a Ouija board. When you have a high frequency, low-level entities (as demons) can’t attach to you. In most cases, they don’t even bother.

You can reach high vibrational states in numerous ways. The most common ones are through religious faith or spiritual practices. When you open your heart to love and light, you elevate your vibrational state, no matter what belief system.

If you want to learn more about how to elevate your vibrational state, you will find helpful information in the article below:

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Option #9: Light white candles

By lighting white candles, you can repel negative energies. Place the white candles near your Ouija board during your session. Before you start your session, light them. Let them burn throughout the reading. When the board is closed, you blow them out.

It is important to blow out the candles with intent. Think about how the negative energies that might be lingering have to leave.

Option #10: Prayer or protective spell

You can cast a protective spell or say a prayer to protect yourself from negative energies during your Ouija session. Start your session with a blessing and end it with one.

It is not what you say but how you say it that makes all the difference. For the best result, say it with intent and focus. You have to believe in your heart that you are protected.

You can create a personal prayer or spell if you want to. If you don’t know what to say, you can say something like this.

Saint Michael the archangel, please protect us/me from evil and darkness. Shield our/my body and soul from harm. In your divine light, protect us from anyone who come at us with malicious intent.

Protection prayer

You will find helpful information in the article below if you want to learn more about using a protective prayer.

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Final thoughts and tips

The dangers of using Ouija boards are somewhat exaggerated in many cases. If you prepare yourself and take precautions, the risk of using the Ouija board is minimal. The Ouija is like any other divination tool; it has to be treated with respect and knowledge.

My recommendation is always to be safe than sorry. It is easier to protect yourself than get rid of negative energies. To banish energies can be very hard at times. If you are not experienced in the spiritual space, it is always better to protect yourself than to hope for the best.

Choose the alternatives that fit your vibe and spiritual belief. You don’t need to use them all.

The most important thing is that you believe they work and that you are protected. If you doubt, don’t use them, and stay away from the Ouija board overall. Your safety relies highly on your spiritual strength.

You might not need to take extra precautions when you have experienced and built spiritual maturity and strength. Your belief in the power of your light will be enough. But until then, always protect yourself using the Ouija board.

If you don’t find any ritual that speaks to you, you can create your personal rite. It is the belief in the ritual that is the crucial thing.

Ouija protection during ghost hunts and investigations

When you use the Ouija board to communicate with spirits during ghost hunts, it is best to be cautious as you enter a known paranormal activity. Ouija boards have a way of stirring up activity.

Always set firm boundaries for what kind of entities and spirits are allowed to use the board. I tend only to let the energies of light communicate. In cases where I need to investigate and identify suspected demonic activity, I don’t use tourmaline or other crystals. This is because of the fear of locking them into the crystal and bringing them home.

Be sure to cleanse yourself and the board before leaving the site. Also, say a protective prayer, and make sure the spirits are not allowed to attach or follow you home.

If you want to learn more about how to prevent spirits from following you home, I invite you to read the article below.

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