Cleansing and protection with tourmaline

You love crystals and want to learn how to use tourmaline to protect yourself against psychic attacksOpens in a new tab. and negative energies when out on a ghost hunt. Should you place it in your pocket and hope for the best, or are there rituals and techniques that you should use to amp up the game?

Tourmaline is best worn on the person, as jewelry, or in the pocket as spiritual protection. When placed near the entrance and on the window seals, it acts like a protector of the home.

The most efficient way to maximize the benefits of tourmaline is to wear it on your person. Tourmaline absorbs negative energy and supports your inner light. The higher the vibrational state, the less chance there is for negative energies to launch psychic attacks.

How to use tourmaline as a spiritual protector

Black tourmaline is a black crystal that is used for spiritual practices. It can be worn on the person and with loose stones in the pocket. If you want to create a negative free space in your home, you can place the crystals on your window seals near the entrance.

Black tourmaline is a powerful protection and cleansingOpens in a new tab. crystal. Tourmaline absorbs negative energy; think of the ghostbusters spook vacuum! The absorption of negativity helps you get space to raise your vibrational state, making you untouchable from lower-vibrational entities and energies.

A common misconception about black tourmaline is that it works as a psychic shield. It does not, but it hinders psychic attacks. It absorbs the negativity that launches at you, or you, by mistake, walk into it.

Black tourmaline is not expensive and easy to get your hands on. I recommend you wear it on your person as a necklace, bracelet, or ring. You can, of course, put it in your pocket as well.

You can easily get them online if you don’t have a New Age or spiritual shop nearby. Below you will find a box in bulk.

Another alternative is wearing a tourmaline in a bracelet. Below is a link to Amazon, where you can find one. I wear chipped tourmaline bracelets myself. I love the look of them.

If you want to protect your private space from negativity, you can buy a box of tourmaline and place it around your home. The size of the crystal doesn’t matter that much. It is easier to handle smaller crystals, but it can be nice to have a pillar placed in a room where you want to feel relaxed and safe.

Tourmaline is most effective to wear on your person, though. As you move around in society, you will walk into negative energy traps. Tourmaline is there to help you on the spot! It is not as common for a house to walk about town if you are not Baba Yaga with her chicken-legged house, of course.

How tourmaline works

Tourmaline is a wonderful crystal for helping you raise your vibrational state. It absorbs negative energy and keeps it stored inside. This means you don’t have to use your energy to repel negativity.

As you can focus on restoring your inner light and high vibrational state, tourmaline is a perfect option if you feel low or drained. When you feel low or in a bad mood, negative energies easily get under your skin.

It is important to know that it is not a psychic shield but a “vacuum” for negative energies. It can hold a lot of negativity, but it needs to be cleansed to release energy safely and in a controlled way.

Cleansing tourmaline is essential

You need to cleanse tourmaline regularly as it absorbs negative energy. It can contain a lot of negative energy, but it will get filled to the rim at one point or another.

You don’t want your tourmaline to leak nasty energies into your home. Imagine leaving your uncleansed tourmaline by your bed! You are prone to trouble as you are most vulnerable at night.

I don’t recommend placing tourmaline in your bedroom if you are not cleansing your crystals – often! If you do, though, they are the best spiritual watchdogs you can have. Never bring tourmaline to a haunted or very negative space, either. You don’t want to bring anything home with you!

Cleansing tourmaline is not complicated, but it needs to be done. I have compiled the easiest ways you can cleanse your tourmaline.

RitualLevelHow to
SunbathEasyPlace the crystal on the window seal and let it soak in the sun for a couple of hours.
MoonbathEasy Place the crystal on the window seal and let it soak in the moonlight overnight.
SaltbathIntermediateBury the crystal in a container with salt (not Epsom) overnight.
WaterEasyPlace the crystal under running water and imagine how the negative energies follow the water down the drain.
Sage smudgingIntermediate/ProBurn a sage stick and let the smoke cleanse the crystal. Set a clear intention to clear the crystal from negative energies. Always conduct this ritual concerning the indigenous people (requires knowledge and understanding of the indigenous people’s culture).
Palo Santo Intermediate/ProBurn Palo Santo and let the smoke cleanse the crystal. Set a clear intention to clear the crystal from negative energies. Always conduct this ritual concerning the indigenous people (requires knowledge and understanding of the indigenous people’s culture).
Ring a bellEasyRing a metallic bell with a crisp and clear sound.
Singing bowlsIntermediate/ProUse a singing bowl to release the negative energies in the crystal.
BurialEasyBury the tourmaline crystal in the dirt. Leave it for a couple of hours to help it release the negative energies back to earth.
Rain cleansesEasyLet your tourmaline crystal release its negative energy with the help of the rain. The negative energy will be flushed back to earth.

My favorite way of cleansing my tourmaline crystal is leaving them in the rain (rain cleanse). If it’s a thunderstorm, the effect is even better. Remember not to leave any pendulums too long in moist conditions, as the chain might get damaged depending on the material.

This is how I cleanse my tourmaline along with my other protective crystals.

Another favorite is using Palo Santo to help me release negative energies in a controlled way. I have a smudge kit at home to help me cleanse crystals and my space if needed.

If you want to fetch a smudge kit you find different options online. Below you will find an option that ships worldwide.

Tourmaline and the paranormal

Tourmaline is a powerful protector that absorbs negative energies. With this in mind, it might not be the best crystal to wear on ghost hunts or paranormal investigations. The crystal might bring the negative vibes of a haunted site with it.

Always be sure to protect yourself from spirits following you home. If you want to learn more about this, please read the article below.

Can ghosts follow you home? [Things you must know]

If you are working with haunted objectsOpens in a new tab., don’t bring tourmaline to the site. The worst case scenario is that you bring the nastiness with you home.

If you want to learn more about protecting yourself against psychic attacks, I invite you to read my article 9 effective ways to protect yourself from psychic attacksOpens in a new tab..

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