Is it Safe to Use Ouija alone? [Important facts]

You want to explore the possibilities with Ouija, but not always together with friends. Sometimes you might want to ask questions that are not for everyone to hear. When reading the rules and guidelines for Ouija, they often state that you should never use it alone, but are there exceptions?

It is recommended never to use Ouija boards alone if you fear demons. If you are a very experienced Ouija user, know the warning signs, are spiritually mature and strong, or don’t believe in the demonic, you can use the Ouija board alone.

Depending on how you use the Ouija board, the possibility of encountering harmful and destructive energy differs dramatically. If you don’t intend to use it for spirit communication but only to access your subconscious mind and follow the basic rules of Ouija, there is no risk in using Ouija.

Dividing opinions about using the Ouija alone

There are divided opinions about using the Ouija board alone. Most recommend that you should never use it alone. You might be a target for negative energies and even demons. Others mean that there are no risks as you only connect with your energies. Skeptics suggest that it does not work at all. But as with everything paranormal, there is nothing clear-cut.

Let’s take a deeper look at the different opinions so you can decide.

Opinion #1: Ouija is very dangerous used alone

The most common opinion is that Ouija is dangerous and that you should never use it alone. This is because the Ouija board is thought to attract nasty demons, for example, the demon ZozoOpens in a new tab.. If you want to learn more about Zozo and how to get rid of him, I have written an article on the subject.

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Opinion #2: Ouija is safe as you only use your energies

The second most common opinion is that Ouija is safe to use as you only access your own energies.

When we talk about only using our energies, it often means that you are accessing the subconscious mind to access information locked inside your mind. It is like performing a self-hypnosis using the board.

Ouija boards are considered “real,” but you never “talk to spirits.” You are accessing information that is hidden deep within. There is no traditional spirit of communication in that sense.

In my experience, though, we tend to interact with spirits when we enter the subconscious space. Most psychic mediumship takes place in this space, the Ether. This means that it is possible to interact with spirits when “only using your energies.”

Opinion #3: Ouija is fake and not dangerous at all

The third common opinion about using Ouija alone is that it is not hazardous as it is fake. The skeptics mean Ouija works by conscious (con-men) or sub-conscious movements (suggestion). There are no spirits or magic involved, only science.

In this case, there is no danger in using Ouija as there is no risk of encountering a demon (or spirit).

Opinion #4: Use the Ouija with caution as we are not sure how it works

Another take on the question is that we should be cautious in using Ouija as we don’t fully understand how it works. According to Church, the board can attract demons and cause demonic possession. On the other hand, it has never been proven by the scientific community.

As the world might work differently regarding science and the spiritual plane, it might be best to use Ouija with caution.

This is the most diplomatic take on whether you should use Ouija alone. It encompasses both scientific evidence and spiritual one.

As you may have noticed, there are many opinions about how Ouija works. Whether science or spiritually driven, you might find different answers and “proof.”

There is no right and wrong as we look at “truths” differently if we step outside the box of science.

Dangers of using the Ouija board by yourself

In the section above, we talked about how Ouija has a bad reputation and that it is believed to be safe to use if you are experienced and know some basic strategies.

If you believe that demons might harass you if you use the board, it is better to stay away. Only if you are sure that you can handle any demon that comes your way is it ok to use it alone (or at all).

The demonic is believed to be able to retrieve thoughts and emotions by telepathy, which is how they know you might be a good target. Fear of them is a weakness, and they might hone in on you. This is also why you can’t ask trick questions to try to verify the identity of a loved one; they know what you are up to.

If you forget to close the board correctly, the board might start to act as a portal for negative energies. This might lead to hauntings, which might be very scary and disturbing. If you want to learn more about how to close the board, you find an article on the subject below.

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Demon Zozo and demonic possession

The most common demon associated with Ouija is Zozo. Zozo is known as the demon of the spirit boards. If you want to learn more about Zozo, you will find an article at the end of this section.

The demonic use of the board to bring you messages that are not true in the hope of attaching to you. The wicked are believed to manipulate, scare, and deceive to get under the victim’s skin. They are not uncommon to portray themselves as loved ones or children in need.

When you let your guard down, they might attach to you, and with time, they might possess you. The best way to protect yourself is to always set a clear intention for the reading. This means that you only allow spirits of light and love through.

How to determine if you are dealing with a demon

Demon Zozo, and other demons, have a particular way of interacting with the board that you will learn with experience. The most common signs that you are interacting with negative energy are the planchette moving from corner to corner, in an “8,” counting backward. Another common sign of the demonic is when the planchette starts spelling the alphabet backward.

If you ask the spirit how old it is, and it says “0,” it is also a warning sign that you might be dealing with negative energy. If it says “no” when you ask if someone is there, it is also a common sign that you are dealing with a not-so-lovely entity.

But as we stated earlier, we do not have scientific proof that demons exist. According to science, the experiences of demons are due to religious suggestions or medical conditions.

Ouija has a bad reputation

The Ouija board has a bad reputation, and many fear the tool. But it might not be as dangerous as many thinks.

The Church has deemed it dangerous as it can attract demons and negative energies. It is not uncommon to hear that Ouija boards have caused demonic possessions. The truth is, there is no scientific proof that this is the case.

The Ouija has also been pictured as a tool for black magic and satanism in movies and pop culture. The board came about during the spiritualist era to contact deceased relatives and loved ones after the world war. It had nothing to do with demons and black deeded.

The Church noticed that people turned away from faith to access messages from their loved ones that they could not get from the Church. This was one of the causes of the negative propaganda regarding spirit boards. The Church wanted people to trust their faith and get divine answers from non-religious sources.

Use the Ouija in a respectful manner

As we don’t know if demons exist or if Ouija even works, I always recommend treating the board respectfully. We should never take anything for granted when it comes to the paranormal.

If you are religious and fear that the board might attract demons, it is best not to use it.

There are other ways to access messages that are not as tainted as the Ouija. You can, for example, use a pendulum or hold an item or picture of your loved one and ask questions. The answers will come to you without any divination tool with practice.

It would be best never to do something frightening or challenge your spiritual beliefs. This is a negative spiritual, and in the end, you will feel bad about using the spirit board.

Ouija is like any other divination tool

Ouija is like any other tool for divination, and it is neutral, not evil. It is all about how you use the board that matters in the end. If you treat it with respect, never call on demons, or try to use it for black magic, there is very little chance that you will get into trouble.

It is thought that demons can’t possess you without you permitting them to do so. It is when you are weak or frightened the demons advance. They can’t hurt you if you don’t intend to communicate with them and are confident you have power over the situation.

If you think you might get attacked by a demon during a session, your chances will increase. If you allow any spirit through, it is the same. Always be sure only to let spirits of light that are there for your greatest good come through.

Ouija boards are not dangerous to use if you have some experience using them. If you don’t know how to set the intention for the reading and don’t believe that you are stronger than the demons, it might get risky – if demons exist.

Always be sure that you follow these guidelines when using Ouija (alone or with others).

If you want to learn how to use Ouija safely, I invite you to read the article below.

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Final thoughts

Ouija has a bad reputation due to the Church’s propaganda that it is a tool for black magic. It has also been featured as a dangerous spiritual tool in pop culture, such as movies and books.

In reality, Ouija boards are like any other divination tool. It is neutral but can be used in a way that makes it a tool for black magic (like all divination tools).

Depending on your belief, the Ouija can pose a danger to you if you use it alone. If you believe in demons and that they can possess or harass you through the board – there is a risk they will.

On the other hand, if you do not believe in demons, you will have slim chances of problems. If you want to learn more about why this is, I invite you to read the article at the end of this section.

Because of all this, it is hard to give a clear-cut answer to whether you should use the Ouija board alone. It mostly comes down to your level of experience using it, your spiritual belief, and your spiritual strength. My stance is to follow a cautious line, as we don’t fully understand the mechanics of Ouija. Even if we have not yet scientifically proven that it “works,” it can have spiritual properties that you are unaware of.

I recommend never using Ouija alone if you are not comfortable doing so. There are other ways to conduct spirit communication, for example, pendulums, psychic mediumship techniques, or meditation.

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