Buying a used Ouija board: Things you should know

Vintage or retro Ouija boards are beautiful and often high quality in respect to the newer editions made of cardboard. The wooden board with the worn-down finish adds to the experience – but are they safe to buy?

Dangers with used Ouija boards

As a vintage enthusiast, I can’t resist everything with a worn-down look. My affection also includes, yes, Ouija boards. There are two main standpoints regarding used Ouija boards. Some seem to freak out as you don’t know what the board has been through. The fear is that a demon or evil spirit might be attached to it – a possessed possession. In my article ” When objects get possessed: Possessed possessions, you can read more about possessed possession. You will find a link below.

When objects get possessed: Possessed possessions

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The other standpoint is that using Ouija boards is as dangerous as a vintage bookcase, telephone, or book… per se, not dangerous at all. What you use it for will determine if it will lure demons to your home.

In my experience, people with psychic traits seem to vouch for the latter alternative. We often recognize that many objects have “attachments” – as residual energies or even a spirit attachment. We won’t bring them home if we realize that an object has a negative vibe.

If you haven’t explored your psychic abilities (yet!), it is easy to get frightened as you don’t know what to expect. When we don’t know or understand something – we often get scared.

The dangers of second-hand Ouija boards

If you don’t know the history of the Ouija board, you might risk getting a possessed item into home. If the Ouija has not been used correctly, it might act as a portal. If you are new to the spiritual and occult, it might be a challenging task to correct.

If you don’t correctly close the portal, you might have spirits walking through your Ouija into your home. This might not be a fun situation, right.

If you are a newbie Ouija board user, I recommend starting with a new board with no lurking past attached. In that way, you know what you get. When you are more experienced, you can buy that beautiful vintage talking board.

If you are a psychic and trust your gut feeling, you can buy a used board. Be sure to cleanse it before taking it home. If you are unsure how to cleanse your board, you can read more about it in my article 9 ways to cleanse your Ouija board.

9 ways to cleanse your Ouija board

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Buying your Ouija board at a flea market

When you buy a used Ouija board at a flea market, the chances are slim that the seller knows the history of the board. But you never know! Ask if they know anything about the board, who owned it, how old it is, etc. The more you know, the better.

Hold the Ouija board in your hands. Listen to your intuition. Does it feel ok? Do you feel any nervousness or anxiousness? If you get the slightest feeling that you should not get the board, don’t!

Hold the Ouija board in your hands. Listen to your intuition. Does it feel ok? Do you feel any nervousness or anxiousness? If you get the slightest feeling that you should not get the board, don’t!


Be sure not to wear protective amulettes, signs, crystals, or alike. The protection might numb your intuition. I know this happened to me once! I wore my favorite tourmaline crystal in my pocket as I had been working all day (I was at the time in a toxic workplace). I told my friend that the board had no bad vibes at all. The next day we had to perform an earth and salt burial to cleanse it.

Buying a vintage Ouija board online

When you buy a vintage Ouija board online, you can’t touch it. You can’t hold it in your hands and get a “vibe,” for it makes it a little more “hazardous” than buying it at a flea market.

My recommendation is to ask about the history of the board. Do they know where it came from? If it was used for black or white magick? If Is it known to have a lousy aura? Did the former owners experience problems with the board, and if so, what issues did they struggle with?

If they tell you it was used as a toy for kids, I would step away. Kids (and teens) often use the board without knowing the rules or the consequences if they fail to close sessions correctly. In most cases, there are no problems, but to be on the safe side when you can’t experience its vibe.

Recommendations and tips

If you want to buy a used or vintage Ouija board, consider a few things before buying it. In most cases, an Ouija board is neutral. It is not evil or good – it just is. The board’s usage might make it more or less prone to possession or to act as a portal. These are things to look out for.

Don’t buy a vintage/used Ouija if:

  • The previous owner was a teen or child
  • You can’t hold it in your hands to feel the vibe of it
  • You don’t know how to cleanse it
  • You are a newbie to Ouija, spiritualism, spirit communication, or the occult
  • If you know, there are “problems” attached to it
  • You don’t know how to close portals
  • If your intuition tells you to step away

If you are a newbie at Ouija and spirit communications overall, I recommend buying a new (neutral) Ouija board. Please do your research on how to use it safely and how to cleanse it, your space, and yourself.

Don’t be afraid of the Ouija board. It is a wonderful tool for divination and spirit communication. But you should, as with all divination tools, have to treat it with respect and care. If you run into problems, don’t try to fix them yourself. You might worsen a harmful situation if you don’t know what you are doing.

Always ask a more experienced Ouija user, medium, or paranormal expert for advice if you run into problems. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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