Unlocking Secrets with Trigger Objects

Have you ever wondered how paranormal investigators communicate with spirits or entities from the other side? One technique they use is called trigger objects. These everyday items are believed to have a personal connection with the deceased and can trigger activity in a haunted location.

Trigger objects are physical items used to potentially trigger or elicit a response from any spirits or entities present during a paranormal investigation. The idea is that the object might hold some significance to the spirits or that they may have interacted with it in the past.

In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating world of trigger objects and how they are used in paranormal investigations to unlock the mysteries of the supernatural. Get ready to discover the haunting truth about these powerful tools and the secrets they hold.

What trigger objects are

You might have seen trigger objects used on paranormal TV shows and when you participate in a ghost tour. It can be any object placed in a haunted area with the intent to make the ghosts react to it.

It can be toys, personal belongings, or things the ghost might hate or get annoyed by. I seldom think that is a great idea, as we have no right to upset anyone else, dead or alive.

The hope is that introducing these trigger objects into the environment will make the spirits more likely to interact with investigators or make their presence known somehow. It’s important to note, however, that not all paranormal investigators use trigger objects, and there is some debate about their effectiveness in eliciting a response from spirits.

There are also trigger objects made as paranormal investigation gadgets, such as a toy bear that, in reality, is a REM pod. These kinds of trigger objects are designed to spark the interest of child ghosts. There are also trigger objects created as crucifixes or other religious items. These are more to annoy negative energies like demons.

Trigger object banks

A trigger object bank is a collection of various trigger objects that paranormal investigators can use. The aim is that the ghosts on the scene will interact with them so that the investigators can capture evidence of their presence. Cameras and other gadgets are often aimed at the objects, so they act like ghost “traps.”

By having a diverse range of objects, investigators can better tailor their approach to the specific spirits they are trying to communicate with.

Some common trigger objects found in a trigger object bank might include personal belongings of deceased individuals, toys or stuffed animals for child spirits, religious objects such as crosses or rosaries, and items related to the history or culture of the location being investigated.

It’s important to note that not all paranormal investigators use trigger object banks, and there is some debate about the effectiveness of trigger objects in general. However, for those who use them, a trigger object bank can be a valuable tool in their investigations.

The Paranormal Investigators of MilwaukeeOpens in a new tab. use contextually relevant objects and place them in haunted sites to get evidence of paranormal activity.

Along with these objects, they record any movement, manipulation, or other interactions with ghost-hunting gadgets and different kinds of cameras. They have an example of how they placed trigger object banks in one of the most haunted sites in the world, Bobby McKackey’s Musicworld.

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Commonly used trigger objects

Common trigger objects include items like toys, jewelry, or personal belongings of a deceased person. For example, if you were investigating a location where a child’s spirit is said to be present, you might bring a toy that the child would enjoy playing with as a trigger object.

Similarly, suppose you were investigating a location where a specific person is said to haunt. In that case, you might bring an item that belonged to that person, such as a piece of jewelry or a favorite possession.

Common trigger objects used in paranormal investigations

  1. Toys, for example, balls or stuffed animals for child spirits
  2. Jewelry or personal belongings for deceased individuals
  3. Music boxes or other items with sentimental value
  4. Religious objects such as crosses, the Bible, or holy water
  5. Objects related to the history of the location being investigated
  6. Photographs or portraits of deceased individuals
  7. Books or other items related to the interests of the deceased
  8. Clothing or accessories worn by deceased individuals
  9. Tools or equipment related to the profession or interests of the deceased
  10. Objects present during a significant event, such as a murder weapon or furniture from a crime scene.
  11. Alcohol, cards, and dice to mimic speakeasy and bordello settings
  12. Army men to simulate battlefield or army settings
  13. Money, collectibles, or other valuable objects

Remember, the effectiveness of trigger objects can vary depending on the circumstances and the spirits involved. It’s always important to approach paranormal investigations with an open mind and a healthy dose of skepticism!

Never provoke the spirits, and approach trigger objects with care and ethics. We have no right to disturb them or annoy them. You might get quick results, but the spirits never want to speak with you again or lash out at people overall. That is not a desirable situation. A paranormal investigation is a marathon, not a sprint.

Claudette Beaulieu

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A personal connection is key

For a trigger object to work, it needs to have some personal connection to the spirit in mind. This means that the trigger object can be anything the ghost finds interest in or treasures sincerely.

Because of this, it is always a good idea to research the history of hauntings. Why do they stay and not move on? What can help them find ease? Just throwing anything out there will not do the trick.

Respect and boundaries

There are a few things to consider regarding trigger objects used in paranormal investigations and ghost hunts.

Suppose you plan to use a trigger object that belongs to someone else, such as a deceased person’s belongings. In that case, obtaining permission from their family or estate is essential first.

Remember that spirits, just like living beings, have personal boundaries. If you feel that you’re making a spirit uncomfortable or intruding on their space, it’s important to respect that and adjust your approach accordingly. We don’t have the right to upset them to get evidence or as entertainment.

Any spirits you may be interacting with were once living beings themselves, and treating them with respect and dignity is essential. Avoid being confrontational or disrespectful, and always approach investigations with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

By following these tips, you can use trigger objects respectfully, ethically, and responsibly.

Remember, the goal of any paranormal investigation should be to seek understanding and knowledge rather than to provoke or disturb spirits.

Claudette Beaulieu

A certified paranormal investigator, accredited demonologist, and psychic stuck in the Victorian era.

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