Should You Get a Psychic Reading [What You Must Know]

Perhaps you have thought about seeing a psychic for a reading. Learning what someone has to say about your future can be exciting, but you do have a few things that you may want to be aware of before you visit a psychic. Don’t go into this blindl,y and while some may consider it a fun visit, don’t take it overly seriously. Should you get a psychic reading?

Going to a psychic can offer a unique outlook on things, but you may not want to take it overly seriously. The reason is that no one knows the future and no one—not even a psychic—will always be right about it. Choosing the right psychic is also important.

Pros and Cons of a Psychic Reading 

Getting a psychic reading has an element of fun to it. It can feel thrilling to have a stranger tell you about your life and what they see in your future. Especially if it proves true, many like the mystery of it all. How did they do that? One of the pros is that it can feel incredibly therapeutic to have psychic readings done, but you must watch out because it can eventually develop into an unhealthy co-dependency where you waste a lot of money.

Psychic readings may give insight into one’s future. People often turn to psychics when they don’t know where else to turn. Psychics can give you a direction especially if you don’t know what you want to do with your life. It can provide clarity. You can also look at patterns and receive guidance on how to change those things. You may look at your future career or relationship to better understand it. 

Many choose psychic readings because it becomes a form of stress relief and removes anxiety

In terms of cons, you could be paying for a total fraud to do your reading and give your hard-earned money to a con artist. Worse, there’s no way to avoid this except through experience. 

You have two types of frauds with psychic readings. You have the type that has little accuracy but they had good intentions, and the second type knows they’re a fraud, but they try to make as much money as they can off you. The second type is especially dangerous because they often do this without a thought to the wellbeing of the other person. 

Unfortunately, whenever we deal with the supernatural or things where they can’t prove anything, we have a human element that seeks to capitalize on it. 

The other danger comes from how many people seek a psychic intending to get life direction. I’d say that this is probably the biggest danger since it can totally destroy your life not even looking at the financial losses. Unfortunately, they sought direction from a stranger—a total fraud who doesn’t care one iota about their life. They care about their dollars. 

We don’t do this with any other field except with psychics, but it would be wise if you were to exercise some caution. It can totally ruin your life if you visit a fraudulent psychic and ask them for life direction, and they give you an answer without a care for your wellbeing. An example would be if you were to break up with someone over what a psychic told you. Maybe you were on the fence with this person and the psychic told you to break it off and find someone else. A few weeks later, you learn how much this person cared about you. 

That’s the type of thing that can happen when you give too much power to a psychic. Always keep it grounded and remember that you’re speaking with a stranger who doesn’t actually know you—no matter how much it may appear otherwise. Don’t give them too much power over your life to make life-changing decisions

Always remember that even psychics are human and fallible. They can be wrong about things even if they appear to give you accurate readings. Many people get drawn in because they were right about a couple of things, but this can sometimes be a case of a lucky coincidence. 


  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • A form of comfort to the distressed
  • Sometimes receive accurate and interesting readings
  • Fun to go see a psychic and see what they can tell you
  • Can give you a sense of direction


  • No way to root out the con artists
  • Accuracy varies from one reading to the next
  • Don’t ask them about life-changing decisions
  • Can be a total waste of money

It is also great to keep in mind that real-deal psychics have a hard time pinpointing timelines. This is because the Ether doesn’t follow the Earthly construction of time. As there is no concept of time in other dimensions (what we know of). Therefor psychic insights seldom give a clear date or time something is about to happen.

If you want to learn more about why it is hard to get clear dates and times in a reading, I invite you to read my article Can psychics predict the future? [A psychic weighs in]

Can psychics predict the future? [A psychic weighs in]

Psychic Readings: Telephone vs Meeting in Person

Most psychics will perform a combination of telephone and in-person meetings. Many psychic readings have switched to the online platform. You can book a session and it has its own share of benefits. Let’s take a look at telephone versus meeting in person and how they differ from each other. When we say telephone, we’ll also refer to it as online since it has become popular online as well. 

Telephone or online sessions

  • Convenient, easy reading from the home
  • No need for a face-to-face meeting
  • Better psychics with specializations
  • Affordable pricing in many cases
  • Read about the experience of other clients 
  • Most websites give free minutes and discounts
  • No need to travel to see a psychic
  • Better privacy than meeting in person

Meeting in Person

  • Can read the subtle cues of the person
  • Ability to build a relationship face to face
  • Readings feel more personal
  • You can feel out the person better than online
  • Can choose your own tarot cards for yourself

Most psychics say that either one will have the same accuracy. The biggest difference is that it comes down to personal preference and what the individual would prefer. Some would prefer to meet in person, but a lot of people nowadays have made the switch to the online platform or via telephone for extra convenience. 

However, I’ve heard of cases where Americans would travel down to Mexico just to meet with a gifted psychic in the Witches Market. The experience of an in-person meeting can be very different from the telephone. For example, they might burn sage over you to purify your aura before giving the reading. You still have people who find in-person meetings preferable, and there’s nothing wrong with that.   

Fake Psychics: Preying off the Vulnerable

Whether some psychics are legitimate remains up for debate, but an unsavory element exists in this field that deserves a mention. To give an example of some of the worst in the industry, someone just lost their child, and they visit a psychic to seek comfort and speak with their lost child. 

The psychic in turn—a total fraud—keeps requesting more money to give the reading or a series of fraudulent readings. While it may give the grieving parents comfort, the psychic is preying on their vulnerability. Now, this doesn’t mean that every psychic does that intentionally, but you must exercise caution against some of the fraudulent elements. Not all of them have your best interests at heart.  

Making matters worse, the vulnerable will often develop a co-dependency on the psychic to where they will seek a reading whenever they feel the need for one. This can lead to some crushing financial losses. Here’s the story of a man who spent $718,000 on psychics in hopes of reuniting with the woman he loved. It shows you another example of fake psychics preying off the vulnerable.  

You can go overboard on this easily or get addicted to it and wind up blowing a lot of money on straight poppycock. If you decided to go the route of a psychic, you must learn to exercise restraint. 

Not all of them will be like this, but there’s a documentary about this Romanian psychic who even brags on camera about being able to put a politician in a wheelchair with her spells. One has to truly question the morals of someone who would be so proud of such things and how anyone could trust or support a cold-hearted individual like that with their money is a true mystery no matter how accurate they might be.

Co-dependency is a real danger, and with a psychic who has no morals, it can quickly turn unfortunate for the person spending. If one psychic doesn’t feel right, it may be best to move on and fast. Psychics won’t be the right choice for everyone. When people get into the most trouble with psychic readings is when they start to take them overly seriously. One of the advantages of online readings is that they will often make the first couple of minutes free to see if you connect with the person. You don’t receive that with in-person readings.  

How to Find an Accurate Psychic    

All of this brings up a question for those seeking psychic readings. How do you find an accurate psychic? First, beware of psychics that say general things that are true, but they could likely be true about many people. This is a common trick that the frauds will use. For example, they might say something like, “I can see that you have a lot of pain in your past.” You will find a lot of people who feel that they have a lot in their past. 

Beware of psychics that tell you things that you already know. They may ask you vague questions that lead to more specific questions. 

Check the reviews of the psychic that you will consider, but even reviews in this field can prove tricky, so you want to take everything with a grain of salt. One of the best ways to get an accurate psychic reading is through a referral from someone who went to a good one. Usually, this requires speaking with close friends who you can trust. 

Going with a random one that you met online can prove accurate or non-accurate depending on luck. Some people will have a bigger demand from psychics and what they see as true than others.  

If you are seeking accurate online psychic readings, don’t go to shady websites with murky agreements and non-existing transparency. is a site that has a high reputation in the psychic field. If you want to give it a try, I have an affiliate link that gives you 3 minutes for free. Make sure to use these minutes to try the waters before jumping in, though. As always.

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Take Everything with a Grain of Salt

In general, I just wouldn’t ask psychic life-changing questions because it’s not wise. It doesn’t matter how good they are. Most psychics even include a disclaimer that says, “For entertainment purposes only.” This was meant to keep people from being able to sue them. That should tell you why you shouldn’t base life-changing decisions around the guidance of a psychic. You should also be aware of that disclaimer before you ever agree to a reading. 

Don’t use them to know where to invest your money or use them to make a life-changing decision about surgeries. Unfortunately, you have people who do this. Matters like that deserve more of an expert opinion. It doesn’t matter how gifted a psychic might appear. 

You stand to lose the most when you start to take psychic readings too seriously. 

Remember: If they knew where to put their money in the stock market so that they could be billionaires, they wouldn’t be giving psychic readings to people. Several cases exist where psychics had huge judgments or even faced jail time over running a fraudulent scam. Here’s one example among many.  

Those that claim to predict the future can be dangerous because they can cause you to take reckless actions. Many psychics perform less predictive readings and focus more on how to cultivate the right energy and how to focus on goals. This isn’t to say that all psychics are bad people, but it would be wise not to take anything too seriously with what they tell you for the reasons outlined above. 

Final Thoughts

Although history, there have been records of oracles and psychics predicting events with thrilling accuracy. But you have to beware of the risk of frauds praying on vulnerable people for an easy buck.

Many will have a psychic reading done at least once in their lifetime. It’s incredible how many people say that they felt that the reading was quite accurate. Before you commit to a psychic, do your research. Beware of becoming vulnerable to the power of suggestion. Someone interested in seeing a psychic may want to look for one through word-of-mouth since they tend to have the best track record. 

Claudette Beaulieu

A certified paranormal investigator, accredited demonologist, and psychic stuck in the Victorian era.

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