Can psychics predict the future? [A psychic weighs in]

You are faced with a big decision. You pace, and your heart is racing; you got to know what will happen next. Maybe a psychic will be able to peek into the future and give a helping hand.

As a general rule, it is believed that psychics can predict future events. However, psychics might have issues with the timing of events, as time and dates are earthly constructs. It is believed that time and physical space don’t exist in the Ether or other dimensions.

Psychics are believed to be able to look into the future. They tend to have issues with pinpointing exact times and dates, though. Time and dates are created to measure time and do not exist outside our world. There are different ways that psychics tackle this problem.

If you want to learn the important difference between psychics and mediums, you find in-depth information below.

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Psychics and predictions of future events

As with everything paranormal, there is no scientific proof of the existence of psychic abilities. Psychic abilities are also known as ESP, extra sensory perception. ESP means a person has highly developed senses beyond the ordinary.

It is essential to know that ESP is not magical or supernatural – it is a psychological mechanism we don’t yet understand. According to Hans Holzer in his book The Handbook of Parapsychology, psychic occurrences must follow nature’s laws as they occur here on Earth (affiliate link – Amazon).

Some say psychics use psychological tricks on us that make us believe they have the power to see things others can’t. Some believe that they see something, but it is an illusion due to, for example, hallucinations.

Others say they do seem able to peek into the future. Psychics have foreseen some things in such detail that it is hard to disregard as “proof.”

The issue with Earthy time

Here on Earth, we are constrained by the construction of time. Most of our lives revolve around time and dates. When we want to know something about the future, we want a time and date stamp when it will occur. This is how our brains are wired to work, or at least most of us.

Time and dates do not exist in worlds beyond ours, though. At least what we know. Time, dates, and years make our society work. In other dimensions, there might be no physical space and no need for the concept of time. When a psychic looks into future events, they see the event that will happen but has no time or date stamp attached.

Some psychics guess the time or date by looking at the surroundings or the vision. Are there, for example, cars that exist in the vision? Are there houses that can act as time references? There might be a calendar or a clock visible in some rare cases.

If the foreseen event is very far in the future, there might be hard to pinpoint a believed time frame. This happened with, for example, Nostradamus’s prophesies. He did not know the times and dates when referring to his visions. He delivered some prophecies with happenings and events as timestamps instead. When A happens, B will soon occur.

Most psychics are not able to deliver predictions with exact times and dates. Many try to connect a vision with event triggers as Nostradamus did.

Different types of visions

According to Hans Holzer, there are different types of visions or predictions. One of the most common is called warning visions. A warning vision alerts the living that an event is to come. The event itself can be changed with the help of our free will. This is the case with most divination, as tarot and alike. You can change the outcome of the prediction by your actions.

The other is karmic visions, which refer to happenings that cannot be changed. The future has, for some reason, out of our understanding, decided that this is what needs to happen. These are happenings that we can’t grasp. Someone needs to experience a happening to restore the karmic balance.

For example, a psychic might foresee a person being involved in an accident. The psychic might see events that lead up to the accident – like the stock market plunging at the same time as a volcano erupts.

When the person experiences these warning triggers, they know the accident might be close. They can take precautions and use their free will to change the outcome of the vision depending on the information received by the psychic.

Karmic visions can’t be changed, and psychics seldom see them, either. They do no need to see them as they should not be changed. But occasionally, a psychic can see fragments of karmic events.

A psychic’s insights into predictions

As a claircognizant psychic, I don’t see events or hear a voice. I know what is to come. I get a certain feeling in my stomach, and I enter a strange mood that is hard to describe. I never get time and dates, though. Never. I see trigger happenings that indicate the event is about to unfold.

As I am a certified tarot reader, using my psychic abilities, I can’t tell my clients the dates or times of occurrences. I can help them make empowered decisions about what they want the outcome to be.

This might be very frustrating for some clients who want to pinpoint happenings in our earthly calendar. Nostradamus used astrology and astronomy to create trigger events. I try to deliver trigger events as well when I have the capability of doing so.

My experiences, alongside many fellow tarot readers and psychics, are that time is very tricky regarding future predictions.

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