Psychic Readings: What They Cost [Don’t Get Ripped Off]

Perhaps you have thought to get a psychic reading, but you wanted to know the average cost. Especially with psychic readings, the cost varies greatly. You might think of the price range in the same way as you would a hair stylist, masseuse, therapist, or pet groomer. Reputation plays a big role in their cost. How much does a psychic session cost?

On average, you can expect psychic readings to cost anywhere from $100 to $350 per hour. The cost of a psychic depends on reputation, specialization, and years of experience. How much a psychic charges will depend on you and the length of time spent in a session with them. 

There are lots of different variables that impact the cost of a psychic reading. Years of experience, skillsets, reputation, and marketing skills all impact the cost of a psychic service. Let’s take a closer look so that you don’t get ripped off or get a service you didn’t bargain for.

What Do You Receive on the Lower End?

Those on the lower end of the price scale will usually be new to the field. A psychic who started a few weeks ago will cost less than one who has given readings for several years. The reason has less to do with greater abilities and more to do with economics—the laws of supply and demand. 

You don’t always get what you pay for in this field. In some cases, a new psychic may display greater abilities than a total con artist at the top—which in some cases, costs $1,000 per hour. Beware of just going with the highest price or most famous psychic since it can mislead a person if they don’t factor in other values. 

Their ability to charge more has to do with the veteran psychic having an established customer base. More customers visit them regularly and will vouch for their abilities, which allows them to charge more. 

Many psychics make the bulk of their profits from return customers. A new psychic could charge the same price, but they may go longer in between readings or have no one willing to pay that much because of a lack of testimonials.

Specialties – Each One Costs Differently

I put together this table so that you can get everything summed up in one easy-to-read format. You can use this to decide how much each psychic reading should cost:

SpecialtyAverage Rate
Beginner tarot card reader$10 per hour
Intermediate tarot card reader$60 to $80 per hour
Veteran or famous tarot card reader$120 per hour
Short palm reading$10 per hour
Detailed palm readings $75 to $135
Beginner Astrologer$50 per hour
Intermediate Astrologer$100 to $150 per hour
Veteran or famous astrologer$350+ per hour
Beginner akashic reader$100 per hour
Veteran akashic reader$300 per hour
Beginner medium$75 per hour
Intermediate medium $150 per hour
Experienced medium$300 per hour

Remember: This shows you the general rules for the price range, and you may find some higher and some less. In some cases, you can get a deal from an undiscovered psychic new to the field. We left general psychics off the table because it doesn’t have a specialty, but they will usually charge anywhere from $60 to $120 per hour.  

If you are uncertain if you should get a psychic reading, I have written an article on the subject. You find a link below.

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Why Do Some Readings Cost More Than Others?

The cost of some readings will be much higher than with others. In the case of astrology, it has to do with the years it takes to master the art. Some argue that they can look up their birth chart online for free, but an astrologer will tell you more than surface information. They can take your chart in depth for insights that apply to your behavior and life. Doing this accurately requires a high level of knowledge.

Tarot card readings, on the other hand, cost less because of a lower detail in the services, but it depends on how in-depth it goes. A short palm reading gives you another example where it only costs an average of $10 per hour. 

How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off

Unfortunately in a field where nothing is proveable, you may encounter a few rips before you find a psychic with true abilities. Watch out for psychics that charge you a low price to draw you in and hit you with a higher price after. For example, they might give you a basic reading that leaves you hanging and in fear that something bad will happen. Provided you pay more, you can learn what else it has to say.

Frauds will often play off your fears, and they will try to soak you for every dollar. If they only seem to care about your money, don’t walk, run

Frauds will often play off your fears, and they will try to soak you for every dollar. If they only seem to care about your money, don’t walk, run

Miss Claudette

You will find some gifted psychics who refuse to charge more than a specific rate. However, beware of psychics who claim this openly on their sales page to make themselves appear holier than those who charge more. In some cases, they actually charge that much because they can’t get a customer base to pay them more. 

One of the best ways to spot the frauds from the gifted psychics is to experiment with a few because you will learn how the frauds operate. Nothing worse than paying a total con artist. Learning what a true psychic offer requires having an experience with one. It may take a couple to find a real one.  

Should You Pay for a Famous Psychic?

Some famous psychics can even take years before you can officially book a session with them. This exclusivity has a psychological impact on a person to make them believe that this person has greater abilities. Never pedestal a psychic as greater than everyone else—this opens you to being scammed.  

In general, you can get an equally good psychic reading from a non-famous psychic as much as you could from one that is famous. A famous psychic may give you bragging rights, but you will pay the premium price for it, and it doesn’t always mean that they will be legitimate. That’s not to say that some aren’t legitimate, but you pay extra for the name. 

I see an example of one (we’ll leave the name out) that charges $150 so that people can ask her one question by email. Now, if you ask her two questions, you will pay $250, which saves you $50—what a discount—not! In general, when they can discount you that much without reason, it shows you that they were overcharging you, to begin with. If the price scale looks abusive, it probably is. 

This same psychic charges $300 for 15 minutes. That price scale hides the fact that a 60-minute session would cost $1200 per hour. For the average person, it makes little sense to pay that much for a psychic. 

Remember to never pedestal any psychic as above other humans or having greater supernatural knowledge. It isn’t the reality. That is the biggest danger of going with a famous psychic who charges so much is you can fall into that trap even easier. Don’t let a psychic try to establish themselves as this all-seeing power and authority. 

In other words, don’t ask them if you should have surgery done and whether it would be successful. You should leave that question to true medical experts.

Don’t ask them if you should get a divorce either. You need to sit down with your spouse and have a genuine conversation with them. Never ask questions where your life hangs in the balance of someone who may or may not be real. Don’t divorce your spouse over what a psychic told you. 

Many psychics include a disclaimer, “For entertainment purposes only,” which tells you that you probably shouldn’t ask them questions that could alter your life forever.

What are People Paying for When Seeing a Psychic?

Most psychics will tell you that when you pay for a psychic, you pay for the following:

  • Expertise
  • Validation of spiritual experiences
  • Guidance on how to grow spiritually
  • Accurate and useful information

Many times, you pay more for astrologers over other psychics because of the expertise involved in the field. They must learn how to accurately read a chart that can take months or up to a year to learn. It can take decades to master, and you pay for their mastery of the art.

Free Psychic Readings – Should You Go with One?

More than a couple of places online offer free psychic readings. In truth, they charge you more later to discover more, and this was what I was talking about with the hidden price structure. Beware of anyone who charges a low fee at first and tacks on a much higher fee later for their services since they most likely just want your money.

Many of the people that I’ve spoken with before said that the free ones were always inaccurate and often used to charge more later. No one gives you a free reading without a motive. In some cases, online psychics may give you the first three minutes free, and that may be fine to get a sense of the services. Beware of those who will charge you more for what should’ve been free.  

Maybe you can find truly free readings, but it doesn’t happen commonly.  

Going with a Psychic Platform

Several online platforms exist for psychic readings and each one charges differently. Online platforms with many psychics offer an advantage in that you can filter them for price and specialty. Some may give you discounts, or they may include a rewards program for loyal customers. Look for platforms that include attractive introductory offers with a satisfaction guarantee. 

I recommend as they have a good reputation in the field. You can use 3 minutes for free so that you can test if the service is right for you. If you are new to you find a link below (affiliate link).

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Online Readings vs In-Person Readings

In most cases, online psychic readings will cost less than in-person readings. Many psychics charge a flat rate for readings in person, but you can pay based on the minute for online readings, which can lower the cost, and you can cut it off whenever you want. 

Online readings often require less time than in-person readings that may take a full hour. They also have the ability to do the reading when it suits them best. In many cases, they also need to pay for overhead, like an office or booth at a fair. Because of that, you often pay more for an in-person reading. In terms of accuracy, an accurate reading depends more on the psychic than how they perform it. 

Should You Pay Attention to the Years of Experience?

The years of experience for someone who genuinely practiced as a psychic will make a difference, but for someone who went into the field as a fraud, the years of experience wouldn’t matter. For that reason, you shouldn’t put too much weight into the years of experience of psychics. While it can make a difference, you should look at other factors as well. 

If they have 25 years of experience and they ripped people off intentionally the whole time, it wouldn’t make them more accurate. Some psychics will be more gifted from the get-go, and they won’t need the experience. Many are born with this rare and special gift. Clairvoyance gives you one example where the years of experience don’t matter. 

You do have arts where it requires study. Some of the examples of these arts include:

  • Astrology
  • Tarot
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Numerology
  • Palm Reading 

Some metaphysical fields have a great deal of complexity, and they require more effort to master than a gift that was bestowed on someone. However, even clairvoyance can be trained to a degree, but the point is not to put too much stock into the years of experience since it can mislead you on the price.

What Should You Pay for Your First Reading? 

I would recommend that someone new to psychic readings go with a medium price. Don’t go too high and don’t go too low. This increases the chances that you would get a fair and accurate reading from a compassionate psychic that does its best to practice the art. For those who would like to learn about what they must know before a reading, I wrote about that here.


Psychic readings will range in cost depending on the type of reading and the person that you choose. Someone new to psychics may want to avoid the expensive celebrity psychics since it doesn’t guarantee accuracy. In some cases, a lesser-known psychic can give just as accurate of a reading. No matter your budget, you can find a psychic that meets your needs. 

Claudette Beaulieu

A certified paranormal investigator, accredited demonologist, and psychic stuck in the Victorian era.

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