Psychic attacks: Are they dangerous? [Scary facts]

You are about to go on a ghost hunt, but you want to be sure you are safe. You might have seen the paranormal TV shows where the investigators get attacked by evil spirits and sometimes even demons. How dangerous are these attacks?

Psychic attacks are considered dangerous as they might lead to demonic possession. Psychic attacks weaken the victim’s strength and resilience. This might, further down the line, lead to oppression and possession.

You might encounter negative energies if you are on a ghost hunt or conducting a paranormal investigation. A psychic attackOpens in a new tab. drains your energy and makes you weak; this enhances the risk of attachments, oppression, and in the final stage, possession.

How dangerous are psychic attacks

It is believed that psychic attacks range from lightweight to heavy. Even if many recall experiences and “proof” of psychic attacks, there is no scientific proof of their existence.

Many of the symptoms connected with psychic attacks might originate from medical causes. As we can’t scientifically prove psychic attacks, we can’t debunk them. It might not even matter if they are scientifically proven or not – the effect of psychic attacks lies on the spiritual plane.

Psychic attacks can originate from the living, dead, and negative energies such as elementalsOpens in a new tab. or demons. Depending on who is attacking you, the dangers might differ. A demonic attack is believed to be very dangerous because it might lead to oppression and possession.

A psychic attack from a living person (or group of persons) might also be dangerous but will not lead to possession.

Always seek help from a medical professional before diagnosing symptoms as a psychic attack. Supernatural causes should only be referred to when all other causes are ruled out.

Types of psychic attacks and danger levels

As the table below shows, most attacks do not pose a danger of demonic possession. Psychic attacks can lead to the degeneration of a person, though. The danger levels should be seen as an indicator of the risk of severe impacts on the victim’s everyday life.

Type of psychic attackDanger levelDangers and causes
LivingLow/MediumSpells, curses, and thought forms might degenerate the victim. Fatigue, loss of spark, negative thoughts, isolation, bad luck, and recklessness regarding money and relationships might cause wreak havoc.
Spirits/GhostsMediumTransferal of negative emotions and energy might lead to confusion, loss of self, isolation, anxiety, and despair. Territorial or upset spirits often cause the attack.
GhoulsMedium/HighGhouls feed on the fear of their victims. Feelings of icy coldness, disorientation, and despair. Recklessness with money and relationships. Fatigue and isolation are common symptoms.
DemonicHighAttacks target spiritually weak victims. The goal is to make them surrender their free will. Exhaustion, fatigue, terror, loss of self, bad dreams, self-harm, loss of passion for life, and fear are common symptoms. It is believed to pose a danger of oppression and possession.

Demons and elementals

The most dangerous outcome of a psychic attack is demonic oppression and possession. Even if other types of psychic attacks are harmful and degenerating, they are not aimed at taking control of the victim’s soul.

If you want to learn more about the most common signs of demonic possession, read the article below.

18 Signs of Demonic Possession

Ghosts and spirits

When a ghost launches a psychic attack, it is not to take possession of the victim’s soul but most often to scare them into compliance. Angry and upset spirits or ghosts might want to force the living out of their “homes” with the help of psychic attacks. The attacks can be very draining and exhausting, but they are seldom dangerous in the same way as a demonic attack is.

The living

It is often foreseen, but not all psychic attacks are launched from the spirit world. The living might cast a spell, a curse, or create a thought form out of negative emotions and energies. Not everyone is aware of their ability to create thought forms. Many times they are unaware of the situation they are causing.

Thought forms are energies created by a person’s energy and emotions. It can manifest as a ghost or, in severe cases, even seem demonic. It is standard for haunted sites with ghost tours to battle these entities. At times they are even promoted as they up the level of activity and ticket sales. The visitors bring all their fear, thoughts, and anticipation into space – and suddenly, they create a nasty thought form.

Spells and curses can be cast against a victim. Often the spells and curses are for the self-gain of the attacker. Maybe the attacker wants to give back for something, gain an advantage, or influence the person to make certain decisions.

It is thought that some persons casting spells and curses might be possessed themselves. This makes it more dangerous as the end goal is to remove the victim’s free will. This should be seen as a demonic attack, even if it was launched by “a living.”

Psychic abilities and psychic attacks

You don’t have to be a psychic to be the victim of a psychic attack. It is thought that most of us have psychic abilities as kids but loses our connection when we grow older. Many of us are unaware of our psychic abilities even if we might use them daily – strong intuition, a mother’s sense, a father’s sense, just knowing things, dreaming of things, and the list goes on.

The psychic sense is hidden deep within. Some have an easier way of reconnecting to the psychic sense than others. It is believed that those with developed psychic abilities are more often targeted as they have open channels.

If we dabble in divination or the occult, unprepared for the consequences, we might suffer a psychic attack. We might also be the victim of psychic attacks if we annoy a ghost or invite the darkness into our lives (without even knowing it). Sometimes we have no idea why we get attacked; sometimes, there is an apparent reason.

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