How to Locate a Spirit Portal using Dowsing Rods

Are you ready to explore the fascinating world of spirits and portals? If you’re looking for a unique way to locate spirit portals, even if you are not a psychic, dowsing rods are a great option. They are affordable to purchase and relatively straightforward to use.

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I use my copper dowsing rods to locate spirit portals or entities.

Dowsing rods have been used for locating spirit portals for centuries. The best thing about them is that you don’t need to be psychic to use them. They work for anybody! You might need some experience to get the best results, but you will use them in time like a pro.

Dowsing rods work by detecting magnetic fields, which is why they are excellent tools for locating spirit portals. The vortex from the portal creates an abnormality, and your dowsing rods will instantly pick up on it. They work much like an EMF meter.

If you want to learn more about spirit portals, I invite you to read the article below. Knowing and understanding what you are searching for to get the best results is always good.

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Investigate the haunting

First of all, it is essential to investigate the suspected haunting. In most cases, things that seem paranormal have natural causes.

Check for drafts that might make doors slam or move. If you have an EMF meter, check for high EMF readings on the site. High EMF readings might be due to old wiring, which can cause stress and unease in humans and pets.

Rodents, birds, cats, and insects might create scary sounds within the walls, the sealing, or under the floorboards.

If you have heavily trafficked streets nearby or subway tracks beneath the house, micro-vibrations might cause things to fall off the shelves.

  • High EMF readings might cause feelings of unease
  • Microvibrations from heavy traffic might cause items to fall
  • Rodents in walls can create scary sounds
  • Old flooring creates sound when temperatures fluctuate
  • Drafts might cause doors and windows to close by themselves

It is essential to rule out any natural causes before ruling out anything paranormal. When you fear ghosts, it is normal to think that spirits cause everything that is out of the ordinary. This is very seldom the case.

If you want to learn more about conducting a paranormal investigation, you will find many helpful tips and tricks in the article below.

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Obtain a pair of dowsing rods

You can purchase dowsing rods or make them yourself using two L-shaped metal rods, copper or brass. Here are my favorite dowsing rods on the recommended products page.

Hold the dowsing rods correctly

Hold the rods at their handles lightly with the thumbs at the top of the handle. Ensure your thumbs are not touching the rods, as that will prohibit movement. Hold your elbows near your body to keep your arms steady. Keep the rods parallel to the ground or at a slight angle downwards, pointing straight ahead.

I tilt the handles a bit to take the edge off the sensitivity. This helps if the rods spin and make a fuss.

If the rods start swinging uncontrolled, tilt them at a slight angle downwards. This is how I usually hold them. This calms the rods, and they swing only at higher magnetic fluctuations. The more you tilt them, the more you throw off their sensitivity, which is always a balancing act. Experience teaches you how much to tip them in any situation.

I tend to hold the dowsing rods at a slight angle downwards. I place the thumbs at the top of the handles. When you do readings keep your hands a bit apart; I held them quite tight to show you the grip.

Establish a baseline

Before starting the search, you must establish a baseline reading for your rods. This means you walk the site and note areas with anomalies. An anomaly is detected when the rods cross, point to a specific direction, spinn, or point outwards. When they spin, it is often a sign of a powerful entity, in my experience.

I usually use a grid system and mark spots with solid and energetic fields. You can learn more about creating a grid in the article below. EMF meters work, as stated before, much like the rods.

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Begin the search

Once you have established a baseline reading, start strolling around where you suspect the spirit portal may be.

Common places for spirit portals to occur are windows, figurines, jewelry, artworks, photos, doors, closets, waterfalls, hatches, pits, leylines, treasured items, or fireplaces.

It is also important to remember that portals can be people or animals. But don’t get too hung up on these examples; portals can form anywhere. I have experienced a fridge acting as a portal!

If you have psychic abilities, you can start with sweeping the site. This is unnecessary but helpful if you have many “anomalies” at a site.

There are several signs of a spirit portal. The rods indicate an energy source by their movements, a feeling of unease, goose bumps, chills, sickness, sudden fatigue, or dizziness.

If there are any spots where your psychic reading and the baseline reading with your rods correlate – it is an excellent sign of a locating of a spirit portal.

  • Dowsing rods cross, split, or spin
  • Feelings of unease
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling “drunk” or numb
  • Sudden onset of emotions
  • Weakness
  • Sudden fatigue
  • Ringing sounds in the ears
  • Heart race
  • Shakiness
  • Feeling cold or hot sensations
  • Goosebumps
  • Static electricity – hair stand up

Many do have psychic abilities, even if they don’t know about it. If you want to learn more about how to do a psychic sweep, you find a guide in the article below.

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Confirm your findings

If you have located a spirit portal, confirm your findings by repeating the process from different directions. Take note of your physical sensations as well. You don’t have to be psychic to have feelings near a spirit portal.

If the rods consistently cross over each other in the same spot, this is a good indication that a portal may be present. Ensure that there is no electrical wiring that might cause the hit.

You can verify the hit with an EMF meter if you want to. I always tend to use two independent methods to verify hits.

If you want to learn how to use an EMF meter, you find helpful information in the article below.

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Decide on the next steps

You might have different action plans depending on the reason for locating the portal. If you are experiencing unwanted hauntings, you might want to close it. If you want to close it, you will find helpful information on how to do this in the article below.

Never close portals without explicit permission from the property owner.

In some cases, people want them open. It can be that they have ghost tours, communicate with loved ones, or that it is a portal of light. Not all portals are dangerous or “demonic.”

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Final thoughts

It’s important to note that dowsing rods are not a scientifically validated method for detecting spirit portals or any other paranormal activity.

As such, any results obtained from using dowsing rods should be treated with caution and skepticism. Always use your good judgment and rational mind. In most cases, hits are due to natural causes.

That said, I love using the rods in my paranormal investigations as I found them very reliable as a tool for locating portals. I also know that some have more access using them than others, so have fun with them and let it take time. Cross-reference your hits with other tools, such as EMF meters.

If you try to force them to work, they often jam. You have to be relaxed and positive for them to perform their best. If you fear the dark and have difficulty relaxing, you can use them during the daytime.

Portals are not just active during the night. This is true of most paranormal activity. Visual manifestations are more easily detected during dark hours, though.

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