How to cleanse your home with lavender: 7 easy methods

Lavender is known for its excellent and calming scent, which might be a great option if you are sensitive to the strong smells of White Sage or Palo Santo. The properties of lavender go far more profound than a beautiful scent. It is a robust plant that heals your chakras and aura and protects you against negative energies and the Evil eye.

Lavender is an incent that is perfect to use when it comes to paranormal investigations and closing a cleansingOpens in a new tab. session. The calming effect of lavender stills any energetic upticks after a ghost hunt with spirit communications.

Lavender is a plant with strong spiritual and healing properties. It has been used by shamans and spiritual energy workers for ages. Lavender is antifungal and antibacterial and was discovered in the tomb of the Egyptian king Tutankhamon 3200 years ago.

The robust protective plant has been used to ward off negative energies and raise vibrations. Lavender is known for healing and strengthening the aura against psychicOpens in a new tab. attacks. It creates a calm and soothing atmosphere where you gain strength to ward off negativity.

Lavender promotes a high vibrational state, a vaccine against attacks from negative energies. A high vibrational state makes negative energies leave home or break an attachment. Lavender is an allrounder in healing and protection, even if it is not commonly discussed in general forums.

You can read more about the importance of a calm and grounded state of mind here. Lower vibrational entities cannot launch psychic attacks when your vibrational state is high.

The calming and grounding effect is why finishing a sage or palo santo cleansing with a burn of lavender is a great idea.

Suppose you have conducted a paranormal investigation, divination ritual, or other energy work. In that case, it is always a great idea to burn lavender to reset the energy and mood of an area (or yourself). If you don’t want or have the possibility of burning dried lavender, mists go a long way too.

You learn everything you need to know in the following methods of using lavender. Pick the technique that suits you and the situation best.

Method #1: Pot or bouquet of fresh lavender

A great way to utilize the powerful effect of lavender is by placing a fresh plant in your home. The plant is known for its calming properties.

Calmness has a way of protecting you from spiritual attacks by entities, ghosts, and negative energies. A burst of laughter and a smile are the best protection you can have against low-level psychic attacks.

Placing fresh lavender at the end of your paranormal investigation helps to restore energy levels. A paranormal investigation often stirs energy levels as you promote spirit communication.

Lavender is a tricky plant to grow indoors, so don’t expect it to thrive quickly. Place the pot in a south-facing window to get as much light as possible. Don’t place it near a forced heat air source; make sure you let it dry out in-between waterings. Prune it regularly to create new flowers appear. You can read more about caring for your indoor lavender hereOpens in a new tab..

Method #2: Burn lavender incense

You can burn lavender incense to ward off negative energies, heal weaknesses in your aura, and lift the vibrational state. Burn the incense whenever you feel you need to clear the vibes and restore good energy into your home, place of investigation, or cleansing ritual.

Lavender incense is easy to get your hands on; you find them in most spiritual or New Age stores. I have seen them in home decor boutiques as well. If you have difficulty finding lavender incense, you can also get it online. Below is a link to lavender incense from Amazon (affiliate link).

You can get lavender incense as cones or sticks. Make sure you have a holder if you go with sticks. You can place a cone on any fireproof tray you got. I often use a porcelain tray as metal might heat the table beneath.

Method #3: Use essential oil diffusers

If you are not a fan of incents and don’t have access to fresh lavender in a pot or bouquet, you can always go for essential oil. Lavender oil is used by placing a few drops of water on top of a tea light diffuser. You can also use an electrical diffuser if you wish. There is no difference in effectiveness.

You can find lavender essential oil in most New age and spiritual stores. I have also seen them in wellness stores and natural beauty stores. If you can’t find lavender essential oil, you can buy it online. Below you will find a link to lavender essential oil.

Method #4: Dried lavender sachets

Dried lavender is an excellent option if you don’t have fresh lavender in your garden. Place the bags in the room where you need to calm the energies.

How to create your lavender sachets

Harvest your lavender and let them dry. The easiest way is to create bouquets and hang them to dry with the flowers downwards.

Please ensure they are dry before placing the dried flowers in a sachet or bowl. If they are not dry, they might mold. The calming scent of the flowers will ward off any negative energies and help you raise the vibrational state.

If you are not the crafty type, you can order lavender sachets online. I often buy them on Etsy, but not everyone on Etsy ships worldwide; I found some on Amazon for you. The link below is an affiliate link.

Method #5: Lavender mists

If you are under a psychic attack, spraying the mist on your pillow is a great way to protect yourself when you sleep. This will help you find a higher vibrational state and calmness during sleep. In turn, you will be harder to reach for negative energies trying to attach to you.

Lavender is a powerful plant to ward off negative energies, raises your vibrational state, and creates calm.

Lavender essential oil mist is a great way to spot-treat a room with negative energies. Create lavender mist by mixing lavender essential oil, rubbing alcohol, and water. Place the mixture in a spray bottle, and you are ready to go. The links below are affiliate links (Amazon).

Create your own lavender essential oil mist

Pour all the ingredients into the spray bottle and shake thoroughly.

Method #6: Lavender-scented candles

Scented lavender candles are an easy way to utilize the benefits of the plant. Candles are cleansing themselves; you can use a candle to dispel negativity.

The intention to make the cleansing work when using candles is the most important thing. As we often use candles in many situations in life, it is easy to forget to set a clear intention. Close your eyes, take a deep breath – repeat until you feel relaxed.

Light the candle to dispel negativity and induce calm and a higher vibrational state.

Lavender candles are easy to find in home decor boutiques, wellness, and New Age stores. If you have problems finding a candle, I found one on Amazon. The link is an affiliate link.

Method #7: Tea infused with lavender

Lavender tea is an excellent option if you are under a psychic attack. If you need to cleanse a room or space, it is better to use methods 1 to 6.

You can easily make your lavender tea. Boil water, put lavender buds in a tea infuser (or ball), and wait for 10 minutes.

If you don’t have dried or fresh lavender at home, you often find lavender tea in grocery stores, wellness boutiques, and New Age shops. If you have issues finding a great tea, I found a lavender that I like on Amazon. This is an affiliate link.

If you want to learn more about cleansing, you can learn how to cleanse your home with Palo Santo. Palo Santo is one of the most potent cleansing incents you can get your hands on. I often use Palo Santo in combination with lavender. I cleanse the home or myself with Palo Santo and end the session with a burn of lavender.

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