Cleansing and protection with selenite [satin spar]

You have indications your home might be haunted. You feel watched and can’t shake the nagging feeling that you are not alone. You know that selenite is an excellent crystal to clear and cleanse dense and heavy energies, and you want to try it. But how do you use the properties of selenite in the best way?

Selenite, also called satin spar, is best used under shorter periods to ward off negative energies or act as auric protection. It is best used together with other crystals, such as blue kyanite. Selenite will break and lose its protective properties if used during challenging, energetic situations.

Selenite is best used in combination with other crystals. Selenite work on the auric field, while other crystal might help you target psychical and psychic weaknesses. Let’s take a closer look at how to use selenite to dispel negative energies in the best way.

How to cleanse negative energy with selenite

Selenite is a wonderful crystal for protecting and healing weaknesses in your auric field. If your auric field is not strong, negative energies drain your energy and make you vulnerable to psychic attacksOpens in a new tab.. Selenite is a powerful crystal for cleansingOpens in a new tab. spaces, items, and yourself.

Selenite absorbs negative energies, neutralizes them, and sometimes transforms them into higher vibrations.

It is straightforward using selenite to calm and soothe negative energies. Place the crystal in the area you want to clear of negativity and moody vibes. Let it be for a couple of days. As selenite targets your auric field, it will strengthen it and make it harder for the spirit or energy to launch psychic attacks.

If the negative energy is not concentrated in a single room, you can wear the crystal on your person. But be sure to protect your crystal from wear and tear. It is pretty fragile and does easily break. Please keep it away from water as well. Be sure not to wear it when you take a shower or bath.

It is best to pair selenite with other crystals if you have physical discomforts or experience more advanced psychic attacks. You will find a list of powerful combinations at the end of the article.

Did you know? Selenite is also referred to as satin spar. Satin spar and selenite derive from the same crystal but have slightly different colorations. Selenite is more transparent than a satin spar, which is more opaque. Most crystals are sold as selenite, in reality, satin spar. Both types of crystal work fine to calm and clear energies, though, so no worries!

Place your selenite in the window or near the corners of the room. Negative energies tend to lurk in the upper four corners of the room. As we are most vulnerable when we sleep, it is always a great idea to keep your crystal near your bed.

Another great place for a selenite is by the entrance to ward off any negative energies you bring home. You will find the best spots to place your selenite crystal in the list below.

  • By the entrance
  • On the windowsill (but not for extended periods as it will fade and lose its luster)
  • In the corners of the room or house
  • By your bedside
  • In your pocket
  • As jewelry, if you keep it away from water (it is fragile and can easily crack)
  • Near electronics, as it protects you from harmful EMF (electromagnetic fields)

An excellent way of using selenite to cleanse your home is by using it as a lamp. It brings such a cozy light and creates a calming atmosphere. I don’t have one yet, but I plan to get the one below for my living room.

Did you know that desert rose selenite is a variation of selenite that is very powerful and decorative? Sand, wind, and water carve the selenite into a gorgeous crystal. This variation looks fancy as a display item on a shelf or coffee table.

By Rob Lavinsky,

How selenite removes negative energy

Selenite absorbs negative energy from the environment. It is thought to be self-cleansing – but I have experienced that too much negative energy might hurt the crystal. It can’t hold unlimited quantities of negative vibes.

Selenite works on the aura to protect and strengthen you. It will not ward off negative energies like a watchdog or armor. It protects you by reinforcing the aura and, in this way, help you raise your vibrational state. Here, you can read more about how a higher vibrational state protects you from psychic attacks.

If you place your crystal where there is a lot of negative energy, you might experience that your selenite cracks or lose its shine and sparkle. With this said, it might not be the best crystal to use if you want to clear heavy negativity for extended periods.

If you place your selenite on the windowsill facing a bustling street, it might get overexposed to negative energies. Many people walk by, and the selenite absorbs it all. In my experience, cleaning selenite crystals facing a street or by the entrance is always a good idea.

Haunted houses are also a place where you might notice that your selenite cracks, get discoloration, or lose its luster. If negative energy lurks in the shadows, your selenite might get fatigued and damaged if you never cleanse it.

If your selenite gets fatigued, it can lead to overspill, where it can no longer hold the negative energy away from your aura. This might lead to a weakened aura – the opposite of what we want.

My best tip: Don’t rely on the self-cleansing properties of selenite. If exposed to negative energy, it will eventually overflow and crack, lose its luster, or get discolorations. Cleanse it by placing it on a plate with salt or by using Palo Santo.

Selenite and the paranormal

Selenite is an excellent crystal to use to calm a haunting. Selenite is thought to comfort the spirit through its auric healing properties. You must cleanse your crystal occasionally, as it might get ruined if fatigued.

Selenite can be used as a “canary bird” – when a haunting is present in a room or space, the crystal will eventually crack or change looks. If you notice this, there might be a spirit draining its capacity. In most cases, selenite is capable of self-cleaning, so cracks might signal that it is working hard to clean the room or space.

As selenite works in the auric field, it might be great to pair it with other crystals to gain added power. You will find great selenite combinations for paranormal investigations or calming hauntings in the list below.

Selenite + Blue KyaniteSupport psychics to gain deeper insights + raise the vibration to ward off negative energies
Selenite + Green AdventurineIt helps to clear and detoxify the aura. Beneficial for ghost hunting “hang-over” (tiredness after processing/experiencing psychic messages)
Selenite + HematiteStrengthens and grounds your auric field. Great to use proactively to build a strong auric field if you are investigating challenging sites. Use the combination a day ahead of your investigation for the best results.
Selenite + Black TourmalineA protective combination that clears the aura and the physical body. Great combination if you feel nausea or dizziness during paranormal activity. Cleanse the crystals when leaving the site as tourmaline and selenite absorbs energies.
Selenite + AmethystSupport and strengthens psychic ability.
Selenite + MoldaviteGreat combination if you urgently need to raise your vibrational state. This can happen if you experience sudden mood swings or paranormal activity. It’s like a spiritual band-aid. Use for shorter periods.
Selenite + Rose QuartzTo signal that you come in peace and love to an investigation. It is thought that this combination soothes and calms upset and sad spirits.
Selenite + ShungiteProtect your space from unwanted negative energies—the Shungite acts as a shield, and the selenite as reinforcement.
Selenite + AngeliteSupport spirit communication by opening the channels. It is thought that you might receive clear and concise messages when using this combination.

Claudette Beaulieu

A certified paranormal investigator, accredited demonologist, and psychic stuck in the Victorian era.

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