Can ghosts touch people? The scary truth

Is it possible for a ghost to touch you, push, or even bite you? You see it constantly on paranormal TV shows, but are there any truth to the claims?

Ghosts can make their presence known by physical attacks such as touching, grabbing, pushing, kicking, lifting, or biting you. There is no conclusive scientific proof that the injuries are caused by ghosts, though.

Is it possible to be touched by a spirit or entity, or is it ghost stories? What are the most common ways they approach you if they do? This article sheds light on the scary phenomena of physical ghost attacks.

Physical attacks by ghosts and entities

Ghosts, spirits, and entities are thought to be able to physically touch, grab, push, kick, lift, and bite you. Most physical phenomena are not violent though. They can feel like a thin veil or a tingling sensation.

As with all paranormal activity, it is not yet scientifically proven that spirits cause the activity. There are many photos, videos, and other “evidence” showing this might be the case. Remember to keep an open mind, as nothing is scientifically proven.

Many who experience physical attacks such as biting and pushing are afraid of seeking medical attention. They are worried they will be seen as crazy people. This is something that I see all over paranormal forums and in online communities. People are reaching out for help as they are terrified they might be seen as mentally ill or that a loved one will be blamed for the injury.

Most physical attacks that end in bites, bruises, pushes, or lifts are caused by aggressive spirits or negative entities. Human-originated ghosts often don’t have the same powers as demons do. Demonic entities often cause the most forceful attacks. But don’t be fooled; there are records of human-originated spirits being able to push and bite. This is not that common, though.

House-owners and witnessess

It is often house-owners or witnesses that are the target for violent physical manifestations. The ghosts or entities often build connections with the people in their vicinity. Even if these kinds of manifestations and attacks occur to ghost-hunters and investigators – it is even more common for the people living on the site or has a connection to it.

Ghosts might become territorial and want the residents to leave. This might be the cause of targeting the owners or people often visiting the site.

In the video below, physical injuries due to paranormal attacks are shown. You notice how the bites and brusies disappear pretty fast. This is also different from damages caused by humans.

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Why ghosts push, bite, or scratch

It is thought that ghosts lash out when they are frustrated, angry, or distressed. They might not know other ways of making themselves known. I think this theory might seem plausible. Children below three years of age do the same as they can’t verbally express themselves and the frustration boils over. It is not uncommon for frustration to result in biting. Maybe it is deceased kids lashing out in this way, but we are not sure.

Demonic entities are also thought to be the cause of violent attacks. There are different kinds of demons, and depending on the type of attack, you might get a clue who is behind it. The cause of demonic attacks is to weaken you and frighten you so they can, in the end, possess you.

In cases when physical harm is done to the living, it is often caused by intelligent hauntings. Residual hauntings don’t have the power needed for violent manifestation.

As mentioned earlier, ghosts can become very territorial and try to scare the living out of their space. This is common with negative entities. They target those living on the site or who have a strong connection to it. It is not uncommon for ghosts to target the owner but leave workers or aids alone. You find this repeatedly in, for example, hotel and restaurant hauntings.

GhostsWant your attention, territorial behavior, anger, and frustration
DemonicLower the vibration, make you weak, want to possess you

Ghosts don’t want to possess you by their actions. They often have a personal reason for their behavior. Spirits are very self-centered in many cases, as their activities revolve around something they have unresolved or something that makes them stuck. Of course, there are hauntings where they want to help you, but this is not that common. These are rare cases of very intelligent hauntings.

On the other hand, demonic entities wish to lower the vibrations, make you weaker, and possess you.

What to do if you are attacked by a ghost

If you find yourself attacked by a ghost or entity, it is essential to keep your calm. I know it is easier said than done. The more fear or anxiety you add to the space, the more power the ghosts get. The attacks will get worse and worse. Negative entities work like this; they want to lower the vibrations and make them more powerful.

If a ghost attacks you, try to ask it to stop and leave you alone. In some cases, this is all you need to do. Ghosts don’t seem to understand that they might hurt people. Another way is to sage your house, perform a cleaning ritual, or bless your home. I use crystals to fend off negative energies. I place them in areas I feel are a bit lower in vibrations.

If things don’t calm down and the attacks continue, it might be a demonic or negative entity. In this case, I recommend you contact a professional or clergy. Demonic and negative entities are hard to get rid of yourself.

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