16 signs a deceased loved one is near

At times you might feel that warm and protective feeling of a deceased loved one watching over you. It can be very comforting knowing they are there to support you from the world beyond.

Even if there is no proof of existence or life after death, you can’t deny all the records about the dead watching over the living. Signs are hard to deny, even for the skeptic.

But do we see what we want to see, or do we experience messages from the spirit world? It is hard to say. As with the paranormal, there is no hard evidence; in the end, we must go with our gut feeling and intuition.

In this article, I have gathered the 16 most common signs of the presence of deceived loved ones from a psychic and paranormal investigator point of view.

Kindred hauntings

I usually use the term kindred hauntingsOpens in a new tab. when the spirit is a deceased loved one. But of course, you don’t have to be relatives – this also applies to close friendships, extended family, or someone caring for us.

The article focuses on intelligent hauntings where the spirit can interact with you. It is always good to remember that this type of haunting is rare. In most cases, intelligent hauntings are due to strong emotional attachments, which make them prevalent in kindred hauntings.

If you want to learn why your loved one might become a ghost, I added a link to an article on the subject at the end of this section.

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Scary ghosts can be loved ones too

Before we start, I want to highlight a misconception I have met throughout my career regarding hauntings. Not all encounters with loved ones from beyond the grave are sunshine and rainbows.

People often get scared by the paranormal and write everything off as evil demons. Much of this has to be blamed on paranormal TV shows and horror movies. They seldom depict the most common (more boring) hauntings – they want to show the worst of the worst.

Scary encounters can be efforts by your loved one to get through to you. They might not have the knowledge or skill to communicate delicately. We have very little understanding of how ghosts manifest, communicate and interact. We don’t even know they exist.

Important: Always keep an open mind and a loving heart when dealing with ghosts, even the scary ones. You never know who they are and why they are eager to contact you. Most of them do it out of love, even if it can initially seem scary.

Sign #1: Instant calm

A sudden feeling of complete calmness is one of the most prominent signs of the spiritual presence of a loved one. It is hard for paranormal investigators to measure this, as it seems to be targeted only at the person that knew the spirit in life.

A psychic might be able to pick up on the delicate signs that it’s a kindred haunting. If you know a trusted psychic, it might be a good idea to let them do a sweep. You can also reach out to psychics online with the skill of distance readings. You will find a link below this section to Keen.com. It’s the only site that I recommend at this time.

The feeling of calmness is sudden and without “natural” explanations. You might be vacuum cleaning the house when you feel this instant bliss and peace. A warm and comfy feeling that seems to wash over you like a calming wave.

I have felt this feeling once, outside of the paranormal setting and in the moments before going to sleep when having anesthesia before removing my appendix. As I am a claircognizant, this is the way I often feel the presence of kindred ghosts.

If you are clairsentienceOpens in a new tab., you will be prone to these manifestations. You have psychic skills to pick up emotions and energies.

Online Psychic service: Keen.comOpens in a new tab. (affiliate link – get 3 minutes for free using my link)

Sign #2: They appear in your dreams

If you notice recurring and vivid dreams about your decided loved one, it can be a sign they are communicating with you.

When we sleep, it is thought that the veil between our world and the astral planes is the thinnest. When we enter our subconscious mind during sleep, we can easily connect with the spirit world.

If you are experiencing dreams about your loved ones, always jot down your dream as soon as you wake. We tend to forget our dreams within minutes of walking up. Maybe they have an important message for you.

If you are clairsentienceOpens in a new tab., you will be prone to experience your loved ones’ manifestations this way. But you can experience this if you have other psychic traits as well.

Sign #3: You notice their signature scent

A common sign in kindred hauntings is that you recognize the scent of your decided loved one. It can be a fragrance, a favorite flower, a certain kind of dish, or other signature smells such as tobacco.

Scents are deeply rooted; you might have experienced memories reviving when trying on a perfume you used years ago. I believe that is why spirits use scents as a way of communication.

You will not miss the mark when you experience the scent of your loved one. I think they know that. I have seen it over and over in cases with kindred hauntings.

Always remember that the sensations can be due to small epileptic seizures or hallucinations. Always contact a medical professional if you have lots of experience like this.

If you want to learn more about scents and paranormal phenomena, I have written an article about the topic. You find it below this section.

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Sign #4: Light orb activity

It is not uncommon for paranormal light phenomena, like ghosts orbsOpens in a new tab. or angel lights when it comes to kindred hauntings. In most cases, orbs are mistaken for optical illusions, flairs, reflections, or dust. But don’t write everything off as an optical illusion without a thorough investigation.

Angel lights are sparkling blue or white orbs that are thought to be spirit manifestations. They are often seen in the corner of the eye and disappear when you turn your head to look directly at them.

Angel lights are just like fairy dust, small sparkly, and very calming. You are more prone to see them if you are clairvoyantOpens in a new tab..

If you want to learn more about spirit and ghost orbs, I invite you to read the article below.

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Sign #5: Deja Vu experiences

It is not uncommon to experience Deja Vu, short happenings you feel you have experienced before – many accounts for them as past life experiences.

Minor epileptic seizures or hallucinations can cause Deja Vu. Some can not be explained, though. It is always recommended to consult a professional health provider for a check-up to ensure you are not suffering from a medical issue.

In some cases, it is thought that you get a glimpse into a previous life or a life of someone else. If the experience recollects a deceased loved one, it can be that they are trying to communicate with you. Of course, there is no scientific proof that this is the case. It is up to you to trust your intuition.

Sign #6: Personal items moving around

If personal items or items associated with a deceased loved one start moving around, it could signify that the spirit is trying to make their presence known.

If you, for example, hung your beloved grandma’s picture in a frame on the wall but strangely enough find it lying on your bed when you come home, it might be a sign.

The same goes for tipping things, which is common in kindred hauntings. A picture frame with a photo of your beloved deceased one might be tipped over. It can also be jewelry that, for unknown reasons, ends up on your nightstand, etc.

What is a common significator is that the person in kin has some emotional sting attached to the item itself. You name it: a shoe, a doll, or a bag. This sometimes makes it hard for us investigators, as we don’t know the history of all objects.

In cases where we try to identify a haunting, this kind of object often gives great leads and clues. If you have no idea why an object is moving about, it can be a ghost that is unknown to you.

I have experienced a pair of my grandma’s earrings appearing in pockets, bags, and on my nightstand. I am sure no one has moved them there to trick or fool me as I never told anyone that they are my grandma’s.

If you want to learn more about the most common signs of domestic haunting, I have written a downloadable guide for you. You find it below.

Sign #7: Direct Voice Phenomenon (DVP)

In rare instances, you might hear the voice of your decided loved one calling your name or a word that is significant to you in some way. It is very seldom more than one or two-word communication.

With direct voice phenomena, you would be able to recognize the voice, and others hear it too.

Direct voice phenomena are DVP and can be scary when you experience it. Sometimes, it might be due to hallucinations, minor epilepsy, or other medical issues. There are instances, though, where you can’t explain the voice.

If you are experiencing this, you can try to record the voice with an audio recorder or home security system.

If you have experienced much of this activity, please consult a professional healthcare provider, as it might also be a sign of medical issues. When you have ruled out any natural causes, you might bring in a paranormal investigator to help you record the events.

Sign #8: Electonic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)

It is not uncommon to be able to capture ghostly voices on audio recordings when it comes to kindred hauntings.

Electronic Voice PhenomenonOpens in a new tab. (also called EVP) is when you record a ghostly voice on an EVP recorder. Many times it sounds fancier than it is. You can use your mobile phone to capture EVP recordings. If you want to look at the EVP recorder I use, you can find it on my recommended products page. Opens in a new tab.

It is not uncommon to recognize the voice of the deceased one in the recordings. It is most common to hear one or two words on the recordings. If you want to record an EVP, remember to ask questions requiring yes or no answers.

Another option is to record over extended periods, but it is very time-consuming to analyze the recordings afterward. If you have a recorder that switches on when noticing sound, you often miss the first part of the EVP. As the EVP often is very short, you might not be able to get a sound recording.

If you want to learn more about how to record EVPs, feel free to read the article below.

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Sign #9: Cobweb, tingling, or static electricity

I you feel sensations like walking through a cobweb, it might be due to a kindred haunting. Even if it is not scientifically proven, static electricity might be due to a spirit’s presence.

Other familiar sensations are tingling and shivering. The feeling should arise without natural causes, taking you by surprise. It might be due to sudden shifts in temperature or static charge of the area.

If you are a sensitive, you might feel this more easily than others as you get a premonition of the spirit’s presence. With time, you might know when the manifestations are about to occur.

If you notice that these feelings occur in specific areas of the home, try to dig into your memories and see if you can find reasons for the sensations. Maybe it is an emotionally charged area. What can this tell you?

Sign #10: Important numbers and dates

It is not uncommon that kindred hauntings try to notify you about their presence by using significant numbers or dates. Birthdays, anniversaries, and death dates, dates of purchases of estates, might seem to pop up everywhere.

If you start to notice these dates or numbers occurring in your everyday life, take notice of them. It can be a loved one trying to tell you that they are there looking after you from beyond the grave.

It might be good to remember that you might be taking note of the dates as you miss your loved one. So don’t rely on this sign alone, but paired with other paranormal activity, a spirit might be trying to contact you.

If the dates and numbers you are experiencing feel extraordinary in some way, they might be. These signs are hard to evaluate as a paranormal investigator or psychic, but they should never be ignored when collecting evidence of signs of a kindred haunting.

Sign #11: Paranormal activity (that might feel scary)

If you experience paranormal activity in any shape or form. Don’t be fooled by labeling “scary” hauntings as demons and “subtle” ones as good or kindred spirits.

In my experience, scary hauntings can be caused by loving kindred spirits. I guess the spirits don’t know how to communicate in a way that is not scary (to you). Different people have different levels of openness to the paranormal. Some get easily freaked out; others are more chill by nature.

Some ghosts might lash out in a way that might seem scary to us. Maybe they were overlooked when trying subtle forms of making themselves known.

If you, for example, disregard everything paranormal as a hoax, you might be less prone to notice signs that are not in your face. If, for example, a spirit wanted to come into contact with my husband, they had to slam the cabinets poltergeist-style to get his attention.

On the other hand, I might just need a visit in a dream for them to get my attention.

If you, on the other hand, are very open to the paranormal, you might more easily notice spirit communications. The same goes if you have psychic traits.

Sign #12: Flickering lights and malfunctioning electronics

A typical sign of haunting is flickering and malfunctioning lights and electronics. Your TV might start to bring static errors, your lamps are flickering, or your smoke detectors go off without any natural explanation.

We don’t know why ghosts manipulate electronics, but it is seen repeatedly in haunted sites.

In the list below are common signs of kindred hauntings:

  • Flickering electrical lights
  • Malfunctioning electronics
  • The radio starts playing an emotionally charged song (over and over)
  • The TV is not working properly
  • Alarms go off without any natural cause
  • The stove turns on without an explanation
  • Batteries die even if they are fully charged
  • Heating systems act strange
  • Home security cameras acting strange

Take note of any appliance, tool, or gadget that might have belonged to your deceased loved one. If it starts to act strange, it could signify that they are trying to connect with you. If it feels significant or extraordinary, it might be a sign.

You can use an EMF meter to measure the electromagnetic fields of your home to pinpoint a haunting. Strong electromagnetic fields can sometimes cause electronics to malfunction. People can also get strange experiences if exposed to high electromagnetic charges.

If you want to learn more about how to sweep your house using an EMF meter, I invite you to read my article below.

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Sign #13: Feeling of touch

If you feel someone touching, pinching, or caressing you, it might be a ghost trying to make themselves known.

In kindred hauntings, it is not uncommon for these manifestations to occur when you go to bed or sleep. It can be terrifying to be awakened by a ghostly touch, but I guess the spirit is trying to take advantage of the fact that you are sleeping.

When we sleep, we are connected to our subconscious mind. Spirits have an easier way to communicate when you are in this state. The scary touch might be out of love.

I always encourage people dealing with hauntings to keep an open mind. In most cases, the ghosts are kind and watch over us.

Sign #14: Feeling of a presence

Do you feel watched? Maybe you think someone is in the room with you, even though you are alone.

It is not uncommon to feel this presence in times of need and when challenged. Kindred hauntings often have a protective and nurturing vibe to them.

A kindred spirit might also appear to warn you of future events. They tend to amp up the haunting volume until you receive the message.

If you are closed and not open to receive messages, say you are a skeptic, the haunting might become more forceful out of frustration.

Experiences of ghostly presences can be subtle but also forceful and intruding. It is mostly how we react to paranormal activity that shapes our experience.

If you are afraid, the experience will seem frightful. But if you know it is our beloved grandma, it will be perceived differently. The fact that we don’t know who we are dealing with makes ghostly activity scary.

Sign #15: Perifical sightings

It is not uncommon to experience perifocal sightings where you notice a ghostly shape in the corner of the eye. In most cases, the figure is white and misty when it is a kindred haunting.

The shape might be black at times. This freaks some people out. A kindred haunting can be mixed up with a shadow person, which is something else. We have no idea why some ghosts are light and some dark. We know that the shape’s color is not connected to set characteristics.

In paranormal TV shows, they often say that dark ghostly shapes are negative or demonic, but this is not the case. They say this to scare you and make a great TV show.

If you want to learn more about shadow persons, please read the article below.

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Sign #16: Lore and spiritual believes

There is lore and spiritual belief that a ghost of a loved one makes their presence known through different kinds of signs. I have a hard time believing these signs of being “reliable” as it is easy to start searching for them – and as they are common, you will probably find them regularly.

In the list below, you will find common signs of a spirit wanting to make itself known:

  • Feathers – it must feel significant to you in some way
  • Pennies or Dimes
  • Butterflies – interacting in unusual ways (like in the winter, etc.)
  • Birds – interact in a unique way that makes them stand out
  • Phone rings, and no one answers (or you hear the faint voice of your loved one)

Final thoughts

As hauntings are complex and sometimes very hard to verify, it can be challenging to get clear answers on who is behind the paranormal activity. This might also be why many are afraid of ghosts and paranormal activity. You don’t want anyone you don’t know lingering in your home. That is like having an intruder percent in the most sacred spaces of your life.

I recommend always keeping an open mind to hauntings and finding a way to coexist. As hauntings often have a cause, they might be there for your good and protection.

With time you will start to understand who you are dealing with and what they want you to know. When they are identified and the message they need to deliver is received, the haunting will be more subtle.

Psychics can help verify and identify a kindred haunting

I always recommend contacting a trusted psychic to understand the haunting. You have a better chance of dealing with the situation when you have all the information.

If you do not know a trusted psychic, I recommend Keen.com, as they have psychics able to do distance readings. If you use this link, you will get 3 minutes for free.

Need to contact a psychic medium?

Visit Keen.com and get 3 minutes for free using this link!

There are times when you don’t want a spirit to leave. It might be your child or significant other. These hauntings are complex, as you might anchor them to this world with your strong emotions. It can be challenging for you to move on in your life.

Remember that if you look for signs of a loved one, you are prone to see them everywhere. This does not mean that they are there. Your deep desire that they are might create a thought formOpens in a new tab..

In some cases, grief can onset hallucinations and dreams. This is but does not indicate a haunting. When you are in despair, you need validation of your signs and look for them everywhere. You don’t want to let go.

One last note of caution. In some cases, negative energies mimic loved ones to make you comply with their demands. This is not common, but something that you should be aware of. You can read more about this at the end of the article.

In the video below, you will find more information about the signs of deceased loved ones. I do like this video as she talks about it in a very emotionally balanced way.

Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. I would love to be able to give you clear answers, but I can’t. With experience, I know that if you feel someone is trying to connect to you from the other side, they probably are. Even if you are incorrect, it is very comforting and nothing harmful.

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