Why do people become ghosts?

It is easy to forget that ghostsOpens in a new tab. were people too. A ghost was once just like you and me. How come some of us linger on in the world in between?

Unresolved matters, urgent messages, or emotional anchors are the leading causes of intelligent hauntings. Violent or sudden death is the most common cause of residual hauntings.

Why is it that some do not transition to the afterlife? In most cases, it is thought that ghosts have unresolved matters that hinder us from letting go. Many ghosts seem to enter the light when the issues are resolved and leave this earthly realm.

Why do some of us become ghosts?

It is impossible to know what makes some of us become ghosts after death. There are ideas and theories, though. The most common view is that the deceased gets trapped in the world in between due to emotional attachments, unsolved issues, and violent or sudden death. Strong emotions seem to be critical in some of us lingering around.

There are two main types of hauntings – residual or intelligent hauntings. Residual hauntings are imprints of strong emotions playing on repeat. There is no “intelligence” behind it – residual energy impacted the site or area. On the other side, intelligent hauntings are the spirit of the deceased. This is what is called a ghostOpens in a new tab..

Strong emotions are thought to be a pivotal factor in why some become ghosts after death.


Grief and unwillingness to let go are common causes of hauntings. The deceased person is anchored in the world in between by the intense grief of their loved ones. They might also be the ones not capable of letting go. Parents might have difficulty passing on to the next realm, leaving their kids behind. The same goes for lovers.

As we don’t know what happens after death, we are unsure if people are trapped or decide to stay. Most paranormal investigators believe that emotions act as a critical factor in hauntings. Grief is a powerful feeling, and it is easy to understand that it might be harder to leave this world knowing your children or loved one is in pain.

If the death is sudden, there might not be any time to adjust to the new existence. This might be a cause you decide to stay. You were not ready to pass on.

As with everything paranormal, there are no conclusive or definite scientific answers to why some linger on. Hopefully, we will gather more information on what happens after death in the future.

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Attachment to material things or status

If you are very attached to material things or your status, it can be hard to let them go after death. Many think that people haunt places they know or are very attached to. In some cases, ghosts are attached to objects as well. It might have been an object they cherished in life.

It is known that dormant hauntings can resurface when construction work or renovations are done to houses. The changes stress or anger the ghosts that lash out in agony or anger.

The same thing can happen if you move or try to toss away the object to which the ghost is attached. The haunting might spike. The intense emotions connected with the item are causing outbursts of anger. It can be tough to understand what you might have stirred up when a haunting suddenly spikes. It is always a great idea to think back and remember what might have caused the spike in paranormal activity.

If possible, try to ask for forgiveness and restore the item to its original place. If it is impossible, ask for forgiveness and store the item with dignity in another location. Sometimes it is not possible to please the spirits. Contact a professional paranormal investigator or psychic if the situation is spiraling out of control. They might be able to calm the situation.

Scare of being judged

Some believe that people linger on because of fear of judgment. Maybe they have done something terrible in life and are scared to face the final judgment. Most religious belief systems have “judgment” of some sort after death.

If the deceased committed suicide or a violent crime, the shame might make the person linger. The guilt or regretfulness might hold them back. Maybe they regretted the action and realized they had done something wrong. The profound sorrow and grief associated with these activities might add to the situation.

Regrets and a need to even the scales might be reasons some ghosts decide to stay (or can’t pass on). This might be the reason why crime scenes are prone to haunting. Strong negative emotions make imprints and lower the site energy.

It is thought that a need to even the scales might cause some hauntings.

Important messages or information

It is thought that a ghost might stick around as they have something important to share or say. It can be a final goodbye if the death is sudden. It can be important information that will help loved ones. It is common for ghosts to want to ask for forgiveness or need secrets to be surfaced. When the information is passed, they are finally able to move on.

  • Final goodbyes
  • Important messages
  • Vital documents that are hidden or forgotten
  • Forgiveness for actions in life
  • Clues to who committed a crime
  • A sign for loved ones they are still there
  • Secrets that need to be surfaced

It is not hard to understand the heartbreak one must feel if you cannot say a final goodbye to the ones you love. I understand that this might cause a strong willingness to linger on. If I died very quickly, I wouldn’t want to leave without my kids and husband without saying a final goodbye.

There are hauntings where the ghosts have alerted relatives of secrets or important documents that needed to be surfaced.

The science behind why some become ghosts

We don’t know why some become ghosts, and others do not. Paranormal investigators and researchers believe that after death, the person’s consciousness moves from the physical body into the Ether or collective consciousness.

The consciousness is considered an electromagnetic field or follows the rule of quantum mechanics. Why some people linger on attached to this world is unclear and not understood.

Most paranormal investigators believe that the science of ghosts falls outside the laws of nature as the ghost itself is not a part of this world anymore.

My take on why ghosts linger is that they have unresolved issues or emotional attachments imprinted in the soul or consciousness, which is why it never leaves this world.


It is thought that the most common reason for people to become ghosts is strong emotional connections or attachments to loved ones or precious items or material goods. As the supernatural still is a mystery to solve, we have no definitive scientific answers to why some become ghosts and others do not.

Paranormal research indicates that strong emotions are anchors that prevent a person from passing into the next existence. We still don’t know if people decide to stay or are trapped in the world.

If you experience hauntings, it can be a great idea to solve the situation by asking a psychic for help. A psychic medium can receive messages from the other side, help a spirit let go, and pass on to the next realm.

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