Why we can’t see demons [+ what the demonic looks like]

When investigating a haunted site, you suddenly feel icy cold and have goosebumps and difficulty breathing. You have no idea what entity is causing these intense sensations – you think it is evil. How come we can’t see the demonic with the naked eye?

As a general rule, the demonic doesn’t manifest as apparitions. They manifest as poltergeist-like phenomena, stench, and hot- or cold spots. In rare cases, they shape-shift and mask themselves as loved ones. They only reveal their true selves in the final stages of possessions. 

Many times it is hard knowing what kind of entity is making its presence known. As the sinister lurks in the shadows. Demons try to manipulate, deceive, flatter, trick and scare you into compliance. They seldom manifest as apparitionsOpens in a new tab. – and there’s a scary reason for this.

Demons hide in the shadows

DemonsOpens in a new tab. are thought to be entities that are evil and harmful. As with all paranormal phenomena, we don’t have scientific proof of their existence. There are lots of records of demonic activity, and demons are reported throughout history. In different cultures, they take different shapes or forms, but the essence of the demonic correlates.

The demonic are shape-shifters that lure in the shadows. They gain the most significant power when they go under the radar, staying unseen and unidentified. Their goal is to make their victim weak to make them surrender their free will.

To lure people, they mask themselves to trick their victims. It is not uncommon for a demon to mimic a loved one, a relative, or a child.

Signs of the demonicOccurrence
Extreme cold-spotsOften
Extreme warm-spotsAt times
Revolting smells (sulfur and foul smells)Often
Unexplained growling soundsOften
Scary unexplained voices At times
Frightened animals or petsOften
Recurring nightmaresOften
Manipulation of religious objectsOften
Unexplained mood swings, emotional outbursts, etcOften
Nausea and uneaseOften
Poltergeist-like phenomena (slamming doors, cabinets, elevating furniture, etc.)Seldom
Flies or bugs where there should be non (in the middle of the winter etc.)At times
Deceiving messages through Ouija boards or another divination toolAt times
Apparitions during oppression (shape-shifting into a pleasant person or being)Seldom
Apparitions during possession (their true self to scare the victim into complete compliance)Rare

As you notice, demonic apparitions are rare. The information is gathered from my collection of books in the paranormal and demonology space.

The scary tactics of the demonic

Demons are only able to attack if given consent. The victim needs to allow them to attach, oppress, and possess them. We have significant leverage over the demonic, and they know it. That is why they deceive and manipulate their way to success.

If the demon is recognized, the victim will not be fooled or tricked. This is why they seldom manifest through apparitions. They use other tactics instead. The most frightening situation is when you have no idea what you are up against.

Poltergeist-like manifestations, horrible smells, clawing, and burning scare their victims into compliance or fatigue.

Flattering offers and emotions

It is not uncommon for the first contacts to be enjoyable. The friendly spirit is there to help you or need help themselves. It is prevalent for the demonic to mask as innocent children. It is tough to say no to a child in distress or need—the diabolical play on our feelings and emotions.

Our weakness is our compassion and eagerness to assist when needed. The same goes for relatives, friends, or loved ones.

It is best always to be cautious if you find it hard to say no. Maybe the demonic has found your weak spot. The same goes for flattering and shortcuts to success. It is not uncommon for the wicked to flatter or try to “lend a helping hand” as well.

Always remember, the demonic do not have feelings as we do. Therefore they have no issues lying, manipulating, luring, or tricking you. You can’t use emotions against them, so never get into a conversation or try to give back in some way. You are in for a considerable loss.

If you are unsure if you might be under influence of a demon, read the article below. You learn all the signs and indicators of demonic possession.

18 Signs of Demonic Possession

What demons look like

Depending on the culture or religion of origin, demons can have different characteristics. The prevalent view of the demonic is deeply tainted by how the Christian belief system pictures them. The wicked have many other shapes than the creature with a tail and horns. It seems more complex than when researching my books and peers.

In most religions and belief systems, demons are shape-shifters that can take any form. It is uncommon for demons to manifest through apparitions. When they do, though, it can be in the shape of smoke, fire, animals, or humanoid forms.

  • Smoke without shadow
  • Smokeless fire (Djinn)
  • A hybrid between human and animal (for example, the Tasmanian devil)
  • A black animal shape
  • A black humanoid shape
  • Distorted and decaying humans or animal remains
  • Figures with wings, horns, or hooves

The Arabian Djinn, for example, is manifesting as smokeless fire. Demons seldom leave shadows, denoting their supernatural status. In Judaism, demons are invisible and can only see each other.

According to Rosemary Ellen Guiley, in her book The Encyclopedia of Demons and DemonologyOpens in a new tab., it is believed that demons in Christian lore take the shape of black dogs, animals, or men (affiliate link – Amazon). They are not uncommon to have hooves, distorted wings, or horns.

As demons are considered fallen angels, it would not be surprising if they did have some wings.

Common traits of demons are that they stink, are filthy, and look grotesque overall. They are thought to look like corpses – animal or human. Nothing you want to meet that is for sure.

The stench associated with demons might come from their decomposing state when manifesting. Even if they manifest through smoke, they are said to smell foul.

As demons seldom manifest as apparitions seen with the naked eye, it is hard to get an overview of their most common “shapes.” As with all paranormal phenomena, we have no clue about their existence and appearance. We can only rely on statements, stories, paranormal investigations, and lore.

It is important to remember that demons can take any form or shape they want. Their main goal is to lurk in the shadows, preferably unseen and unknown.

What a demon looks like according to a psychic

In the video below, a psychic describes what she has seen demons look like. I find it interesting that the look of demons seems to differ significantly due to their shape-shifting abilities. The shapes look humanoid, reptoids, animalistic, and hybrids.

As demons are seldom seen with the naked eye, we must trust the records of psychics and clergy to understand what the demonic might look like.


As it can be hard to see the demonic, it is always recommended to contact a trusted psychic, paranormal investigator, or clergy if you suspect you might have a sinister presence in your space.

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A certified paranormal investigator, accredited demonologist, and psychic stuck in the Victorian era.

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