Whispers from the Afterlife: Can Our Pets Visit Us as Ghosts? [Expert Weighs In]

After your furry friend passes into the land beyond, you may wonder if they will come back to visit you as a spirit. I know when I lost my cat, I had strange happenings in my home, which made me wonder the same, so I researched if pets can visit us from beyond the grave. Can our pets visit us as ghosts?

There is no scientific proof that pets can become ghosts. However, many pet owners report how their deceased pets returned for a visit. Examples include hearing the jingle-jangle of their collar, smelling specific scents, hearing them panting, feeling them curl up next to you, or feeling their whiskers on your cheek.

This gives you a quick answer, but if you’d like to learn more about why a pet might visit and the signs, keep reading. 

5 Signs Your Deceased Pet is Visiting You

Pay attention to signs after your pet passes because they often come back to show you they’re all right. This ghostly demonstration may happen within a couple of hours of their passing or over time. Signs your deceased pet is visiting you include:

#1 Can Hear Their Paws Clicking on the Hardwood Floors Upstairs: That becomes particularly eerie if your new pet is in your lap beside you or lying down on the floor next to you with no one upstairs. Don’t worry too much because no one ever felt afraid of beloved pet spirits. Pet owners said they felt love from them even in the afterlife.

#2 Seeing Them in the Corner of Your Eye: In some cases, you might see your beloved pet from the corner of your eye. Some paranormal experts say that pets do this to show their owners that they’re okay. 

#3 Encountering a Common Behavior from Them with No Source: For example, my cat was a meower in his life, to the point that it would get obnoxious. How did he choose to visit me? I would hear his meows months after he passed, and this continued for several months. I know of another person who opened a can of cat food for her new cat, which was a favorite of her old cat. When she did this, all the lights in the room switched on. 

#4 Feel Them Curling up Next to You: Sometimes, your pet will make its presence known by curling up next to you while in bed or on the sofa. You may feel something on top of your blanket despite nothing being there. I know someone who said this has happened to them on and off for the last couple of years. Their pet continues to visit them even now from time to time. 

#5 Watch Your Dreams: Continue to watch your dreams after your pet passes because, in some cases, they will visit you in your dreams. I had this happen with a pet poodle I had from childhood. One of the distinct feelings from that dream was pure happiness. Many other pet owners I know spoke about similar experiences, and in some cases, the pet would come to visit you in the company of a deceased loved one, like a grandfather or parent. 

What if Your Pet Hasn’t Visited You?

What if your pet passed away and gave you no signs of their passing? Don’t worry too much if your pet has given no signs after their passing. It doesn’t mean that they love you any less.

Sometimes, they may have tried to communicate with you, but you didn’t see their signs. The other thought is that we honestly don’t know anything about the afterlife, which makes everything related to this difficult to know with certainty 

Some even suggest the visitations as wishful thinking or the power of suggestion on the mind. We can’t argue either way, and a person either believes in these things or doesn’t. 

What Causes This Human-Pet Connection from the Afterlife?

Many paranormal experts believe that what binds us in love with our pets in this world is what allows them to communicate with us from beyond the grave. Not everyone will experience paranormal signs after a pet passes, but you shouldn’t take it as a negative.

If you don’t experience those signs, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a connection with your pet. It just means that you may have had a different relationship with them, or you could look for signs. 

Over time, you may see how the paranormal visits from your pet start to fade. They often do this to show you that they are okay. This could also be their way of saying goodbye, or they may say they await that person when they cross over. 

How to Cope After a Ghostly Pet Encounter

You may feel confused about how to respond to a ghostly pet encounter. Focus on the message if they made one and let go of the grief, remorse, or sadness.

Enjoy the reunion you had with your pet. You don’t have a reason to feel afraid. You might even talk to your pet spirit when you sense its presence. Speak with it in the same way that you did when it was alive. In some cases, people hear a faint whine or meow in response. 

Pay attention in your dreams to what your pet communicates with you. Think about the message. For example, maybe your dream was about sitting near the lake with your dog and soaking in the day’s beauty. Whatever it was, think about what they might want you to take as a lesson from that. 

Final Thoughts

Especially if you’re coping with your pet’s death, I recommend you check out this book, “Signs from Pets in the Afterlife: Identifying Messages from Pets in Heaven.”Opens in a new tab. When I lost my cat, it helped me to get through it by seeing how pets send us messages from beyond. 

Claudette Beaulieu

A certified paranormal investigator, accredited demonologist, and psychic stuck in the Victorian era.

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