K2 EMF Meter for Ghost Hunting: What is It?

New to ghost hunting, you may have heard someone mention the K2 EMF meter and wondered what it was. Ghost hunters always look for ways to record evidence that they can show as part of their investigation. The K2 EMF meter belongs to a list of ghost hunting tools that you want in your tool kit. What is a K2 EMF meter for ghost hunting?

About the size of a TV remote, a K2 EMF meter detects electromagnetic fields from paranormal activity. It measures the EMFs with bright LEDs that light up when ghosts interact with it. Ghost hunters will ask yes or no questions of the ghosts and tell them to light it up for a yes or a no.

A K2 or K-II EMF meter is a commonly used ghost hunting device that hones in on ghostly activity by detecting electromagnetic fields. It is thought that ghostsOpens in a new tab. create electromagnetic fields and this makes the K2 meter very useful in paranormal research.

K2 EMF Meter: What They Use It For

Professionals such as electricians and construction workers use it to check for harmful EMFs that can hurt your health. Originally, they used the K2 EMF meter solely to detect harmful EMFs, but it caught on in the ghost-hunting community. No one expected it to take hold of that market. 

Keith Tupper, the owner of K-II Enterprises, said that he never saw that coming. He continues to emphasize that K2 EMF meters only detect EMFs, but despite this, ghost hunters continue to use them. He has said that he has witnessed the unexplainable, however. For example, he took his K2 EMF meter to an empty cemetery at night with a team and found that it would light up.

How could this happen with no explainable electrical source? Tupper says that he can’t deny it nor can he confirm it. In case you’d like to know how to use a K2 EMF meter for ghost hunting, I wrote about that here

How to Use a K2 EMF Meter [9-Step Guide]

Why Ghost Hunters Use the K2 EMF Meter

Admittedly, scant evidence exists to prove that the K2 EMF meter can truly detect ghosts. This is especially considering how science doesn’t even believe in ghosts. What do ghost hunters believe about the K2 EMF meter and its ghost-detecting abilities? 

The EMF meter sits in most ghost hunter backpacks because they believe that when ghosts interact with the meter, it lights up the device. Their activity stirs an electromagnetic field that the device picks up

Should You Use the K2 EMF Meter for Ghost Hunting?

Ghost hunters use plenty of high-tech equipment, and I would say that it serves as a great addition to other ghost hunting gear in your backpack. For beginners who wonder what equipment to add to their investigation, I would include:

  • Flashlight
  • Pen and notebook
  • Digital recorder
  • Two-way radios
  • Digital thermometer
  • Thermal camera
  • K2 EMF meter

I would recommend that you keep spare batteries on hand since some ghost hunters report how haunted locations often drain the batteries of their equipment. This may give us one of the reasons that ghost hunters believe in ghosts stirring up electromagnetic fields. 

If you want to learn more about what you need to conduct a paranormal investigation, please read the article below.

Ghost hunting equipment: A beginner’s guide

Should You Use a K2 EMF Meter on a Smartphone?

I would strongly caution against downloading apps to the phone since they don’t include the sophisticated and specialized components necessary for a real K2 EMF meter. Even on the regular market, you need to exercise caution about fake K2 EMF meters since they do sell them and often for the same price as a real one. This can make it hard o discern the difference. 

The signs of a real K2 EMF meter include:

  • Solid plastic piece positions the LED lights
  • Check for the label “K-II USA” on the bottom of the circuit board
  • Made in the USA
  • 3-inch long battery connecting cable
  • Black or gray textured surface
  • Colored UV reactive label

Phones lack the EMF sensor that a specialized EMF meter has, and while they may sometimes display similar data, they only detect magnetic fields. They can’t detect high EMF frequencies like an EMF meter.

If you want to check out the K-II EMF meter, I found it on Amazon (affiliate link).

Is It Hard to Use an EMF Meter?

You won’t take long to learn how to use an EMF meter. Most devices will contain LEDs, an analog readout, and an on and off button. Instead of thinking of this as an all-inclusive tool for ghost hunting, I would recommend thinking of it as another data point to measure the possible presence of ghosts. 

Know the Limitations of EMF Meters 

Environmental factors can influence an EMF meter, and I would recommend that you avoid using them at all during a thunderstorm since it will make the meter inaccurate. The irony is that many hauntings occur during thunderstorms, so my recommendation is always to cross-check hits with other types of devices (EVP or like) as well.

Cell phone activity can throw off the accuracy of the meter as well. You want to turn off your phone when using EMF meters. 

Two-way radios and other ghost-hunting equipment can also throw off the meter. Understanding how each piece of equipment interacts with the EMF meter prevents false positives. This device will register a reading if you move it, and for that reason, you want to hold the meter steady when taking a reading. 

Conduct a Sweep Before the Investigation

Many ghost hunters will conduct a sweep with the K2 EMF meter before they begin the investigation. This allows them to identify the potential problematic points that could throw off the meter. Some of the common things to throw off EMF meters include:

  • Copper pipes
  • Rocks 
  • Routers
  • Electrical panels

Don’t put much focus on those areas where other electrical sources could throw off your meter. Some ghost hunters use the EMF meter with an alphabetized callout system where you run through the alphabet with each letter. You call out each letter, and if the meter goes off at that point, you use that letter in the message. 

Final Thoughts

K2 EMF meters weren’t originally designed for ghost hunters, but they became a popular piece of equipment. If you’d like to add it to your ghost hunting gear, I would recommend that you buy it as a kit to get other valuable ghost hunting gear. Especially for beginners, it will give you everything that you need. You can get started with the Ghost Hunting Spirit BoxOpens in a new tab. (affiliate link). It gives you the EMF meter, a digital EVP recorder, and the P-SB7 Spirit Box.  

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