How to perform a self-exorcism [PLUS alternatives]

You feel that something dark and negative is lingering. You can’t shake it. Maybe you have tried DIY cleansing techiques such as sage smudging. But it just sticks. Perhaps it is time to step up the game, something powerful as a self-exorcism to dispel the evil entity.

The easiest way to perform a self-exorcism is by watching a pre-recorded video with guided prompts. Follow the instructions and make sure you know the sign of the cross and a protection prayer if the demonic entity lashes out. Alternatives are written instructions or audio prompts.

There are no set rules on how to perform a self-exorcism. Depending on the situation and your belief system, the technique may vary. This article highlights the most common ways to achieve a self-exorcism to dispel demonic or negative energies.

How to perform a self-exorcism

As there is no scientific proof of the existence of the demonic, the need for exorcisms is debated. If you think you might be possessed or oppressed by negative spirits or the wicked, your first action should always be to consult a trusted health professional to rule out health issues. The believed symptoms of demonic possession are similar to different kinds of illnesses.

If you want to learn more about the signs of demonic possession, please read the article below.

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A few options are available if you want to proceed with a self-exorcism. The easiest way to self-exorcism is by watching a guiding video where you are prompted on what to do and when. The other route is to follow written instructions.

If you want to start with a lighter route, check out my article on easy ways to eliminate nasty negative spirits and entities here.

A self-exorcism is a rite you perform to dispel any negative or demonic entity from your body. The ritual of self-exorcism is most often done with prayers. The ceremony is not rainbows and sunshine, so be prepared for severe spiritual challenges. You have to prepare yourself for physical as well as psychic attacksOpens in a new tab.. It would be best if you were convinced that you can do this, that you have the power to ban all negativity attached to your aura or spirit.

The most important part is never to give in. You have to be determined and convinced that you can do this. It is not a route if you are not in that mental space, as it might worsen things.

My recommendation is to follow video instructions. The flow of the rite is as important as the prayers themself. As the negative entity might challenge you, it is easier to follow video instructions. It is not uncommon for victims of believed possession to have hardship controlling their emotions, mobility, and senses.

Below you will find videos and written instructions on how to perform a self-exorcism. As there are no set rules on how this is done, I added alternatives as different religions and belief systems have their versions. Pick the one that you feel the most drawn to.

Instructions and videos for self-exorcism

It is essential to follow along and do exactly what is being asked. There is always a risk that the hostile entity will lash out when you start watching the videos or reading the instructions. They are intelligent and know what you are up to. Be prepared to do the cross sign and read the prayer below whenever you feel stressed or under “attack.”

If funky and strange stuff happens, be sure to act accordingly. We are not always aware of what is present in our lives.

In this video, an Orthodox priest performs an exorcism on video. It is a kind of self-exorcism as you are guided through the process. The prayers are ancient and like the rite of Exorcism itself.

The priest in the video also brings a dire warning. Negative energies might get upset and lash out if you listen to or watch the video. In cases this happens, you should immediately pray as follows below:

Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me the sinner.

Prayer used in the self-exorcism rite

This video guides you through the extended St. Michaels’s prayer used to dispel harmful and demonic entities.

If you want a printed version of this prayer and rite, you can find it here. It is crucial to know that prayer is only intended for self-exorcism. You should never attempt to use this prayer to expel the demonic from others. According to the Holy Magisterium of the Church, this is dangerous and therefore prohibited.

Is it possible to get rid of demons yourself?

A self-exorcism is a lighter version of the Rite of Exorcism and can be performed even if you are not a Christian. The most important thing for success is knowing the difference between your thoughts and the demonic. If you are unsure what your thinking and the wicked’s are, it is harder to do a self-exorcism with a successful end result.

It is also essential that you live as healthy as possible. No alcohol or drugs will make it harder for you to control your mind. A self-exorcism is a battle of the mind and soul. Your goal is to make your body, mind, and soul as strong as possible.

Depending on how long and deep the possession runs, it might be easier or harder to battle. If you have been challenged by the wicked for a long time, it will be harder to remove the attachments. Read more about why it might take a long time to shake psychic attacks and what you can do to strengthen your spiritual armor here.

As you perform it yourself, the demonic have greater chances to trick or suppress you. If you lose consciousness or lose your self-control, you have no way of fighting back. If you are genuinely possessed, it is believed that the demonic will out force you, as there is no priest to intervene when you are worn down.

With this said, there are records of self-exorcisms that worked. In the video below, you can hear a man describing his self-exorcism and an internal battle to break from the negative energy attached to him.

Alternatives to an exorcism

There are alternatives to self-exorcisms. Most spiritual practices have rites and techniques to detach negative energies. The Rite of Exorcism is the version of the Church. Shamans, neo-pagans, energy workers, Wicca, and other religious belief systems have rites that can be used instead of exorcisms.

Sage smudging is commonly used to dispel negative energies from your aura and energy fields. You can learn more about sage smudging here.

Another way is to ensure your vibrational state is as high as possible. This means lower vibrational energies, such as the wicked, cannot attack you. You can read more about this here.

The best approach to any psychic attack is to have a mindset that no one can attack or hurt you spiritually. As soon as you are unsure of your strength, the wicked have a way in—many work on this strength with the help of religion, spiritual beliefs and rituals, or meditation.

Final thoughts

It feels like self-exorcism is better used in situations of demonic attachment, where you still have control of your energy and have the chance to fight back. It might not be wise to do if you are fully possessed or even oppressed. The demonic have an excellent opportunity to overtake you and harm you.

The more interest and interaction you have with negative energies, the more they grow in force. The best way is to ignore them if possible. When you perform a self-exorcism, you give them extra strength. You focus on them, and this might worsen the situation.

It is always recommended that you seek professional help if you think you are in demonic possession. First, seek help from a medical health care provider; if they cannot help, steel help from the clergy. If they are not able to help out, try to find another spiritual practitioner – as a shaman to help out.

With all this said, there is no proof of the existence of demons. The rite of exorcisms and cleanings are debated. You can read more about this in the article below.

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In some cases, it can be hard to know if a demonic entity challenges you or not. Always consult a medical health professional to ensure you are not suffering from a medical condition. If they cannot find any natural causes for your discomforts, a psychic might be able to help out. is my recommended online resource for psychics. Use my affiliate link below to access 3 minutes for free.

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