Can watching horror movies make you possessed? [scary information]

You hide behind your pillow; the movie is getting scarier and scarier. Your heart is racing. You are watching a scary movie about demonsOpens in a new tab. and exorcists. Suddenly you start to wonder if watching horror movies might attract demons to your home. Is it possible to be possessed through the screen?

In most cases, the risk of demonic possession by watching horror movies is shallow to none. If you believe in the wickedthe risk is a bit higher tough. When you acknowledge the existence and power of demons, they have an easier time attaching to you.

In most cases, there is a very low risk of becoming possessed by watching scary movies. For that to happen, you must be a believer and have a lurking demonic presence in your home. If you don’t believe in the wicked or do not have a demon waiting to grab hold of you, the risk is slim to nil.

Below you will find a table if you need quick answers. I invite you to learn more by reading the full article. The more “yes” answers, the higher the risk you can suffer demonic attacks if watching horror movies.

Can demons possess you when watching horror movies

YesNoExperience | Belief
XYou believe in the demonic
XYou believe that the demonic can attack and possess you
XYou believe that horror movies might cause a demonic attack
XYou don’t believe in the demonic
XYou don’t believe that demons can attack you when watching horror movies
XYou have experienced negative energies in your home
X You are not feeling good, have low energy, are in a bad mood, and are overall fatigued
XYour desire to watch horror movies is unhealthy – you can’t stop yourself

Important note: A “yes” will not indicate that you will be attacked. It shows you might be vulnerable to demonic attacks when watching horror movies. If you feel depressed or not feeling well, always consult a professional health professional. You find help hereOpens in a new tab..

Demonic possession and horror movies

Can you get possessed by watching scary movies? Do the mere experience of the movie open doors that you might want to be closed? The truth is that no one knows, as the paranormal still is not proven to exist.

We have no scientific proof of the existence of demons or God in that sense. With this said, we can’t know if they don’t exist either. So to untangle this question, we need to take the approach that demons exist in the first place.

Most paranormal researchers say that if you believe in the demonic or supernatural, you are more prone to notice activity or get demonic attachments. You have an open third eye and recognize the world beyond.

If you are not a believer, you will probably not be attacked by the demonic. In that case, you will probably never risk demonic attacks when watching scary movies.

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The requirements of demonic attachments and possessions

Let’s look at how you get possessed in the first place. You need to first allow the wicked into your physical or mental space. The demonic attachment to you or an object in your home.

The demon tries to oppress you in the second stage through fear and fatigue. You need to acknowledge it and allow it to possess you. It uses fear, lies, and flattering as a tool for compliance. It is a long process that can take days to weeks.

As a movie is too short for the whole process to take place, the demonic needs to be present in your life and use the horror movies as a tool to attach and possess you.

Why might the demon use a horror movie to get a hold of you? The answer might be that you acknowledge it through your fear of it. The movie acts like a tool for the demon. But remember, for this to happen, you need to have the wicked lingering and trying to attach to you.

Most paranormal investigators I have met don’t think demons can “jump out of the TV.” The horror movie might trigger an attack if a demon oppresses you.

In the video below, Pat Robertson means that demons might use horror movies as an invitation for attachment. Remember, though, that this statement probably comes from a religious standpoint and not scientific. Take this statement for what it is worth.

It is a good thing to remember that the existence of God relies on the existence of darkness. Without the darkness, there is no way of showing the greatness of God. I recommend that you keep an open mind regarding the paranormal and religion. Always keep an open and objective mind.

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Demonic possession and YouTube videos

Some wonder if you can be possessed by watching YouTube videos showing demonic activity or exorcisms. The answer is the same when it comes to horror movies.

The demonic can’t jump out of the screen and attack you. The demon needs to be present in your life and use the video to make you compliant through fear.

If you don’t believe in the demonic, there is a very slim risk. If you, on the other hand, believe in the sinister and are under oppression – the videos might act as a tool to possess you.

Demonic possessions are very rare

Don’t freak out. The risk of suffering a demonic attachment or full-blown possession is very low. Most paranormal investigators and ghost hunters never encountered a demon in their careers. Negative energies are another thing; they do exist more commonly.

The occurrence of demonic hauntings is very few. Horror movies and “paranormal TV shows” need the spice of the demonic to get viewers. The truth is that demonic hauntings are very rare. If they showed an actual paranormal investigation, most would fall asleep. I promise. 90% of the time, you get nothing.

Final thoughts

Watching horror movies can be great fun, but be careful if you are experiencing other strange and harmful paranormal activities. The demonic might use the film to feed your fear. The same goes for scary literature, music, art, or games.

But never be afraid that horror movies might possess you. If you are worried they will, you are vulnerable. This applies to everything in the paranormal field. If you are afraid your black mirror will attract demons, it will. If you think your pendulum might open portals, it might do.

I own everything from Ouija boards to crystals. I have never been afraid of them, as I know I have control over them – as the demonic. I believe in my heart that they can’t reach me. And because of this, they probably never will.

If you are afraid of the demonic, you have already acknowledged their existence. The only thing they need to add to the mix is that you allow them into your life.

If you don’t believe in demons, you can watch as many movies as you want; it will not harm you – but might put you in an unpleasant state of mind.

If you suspect that you might have a demon lurking in the shadows, I invite you to read the article below.

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