Can ghosts move objects? Question answered

A chair suddenly moves across the room, and a door slams shut. You have seen it in movies and read about it in books. There are endless examples of the displacement of objects when it comes to hauntings. Is it any truth to the claims?

As a general rule, ghosts seldom move objects. Poltergeists cause most paranormal activities where things move or are displaced. Strong emotions and psychic abilities in humans are thought to cause psychokinetic powers to fly, move, or levitate objects.

It is thought that ghostsOpens in a new tab. and entities can move objects. Like most paranormal, there is no conclusive evidence of what causes this phenomenon. There are different theories, though. In this article, we look at the displacement and moving of objects in hauntings.

Moving objects and hauntings

When you think of hauntings, unexplained movements of objects or slamming doors come to mind. Countless recordings of moving chairs and mysteriously flying things are found online. But if all of them are true is harder to tell.

In this video, you can see things moving without explanation. There are audio and graphics added which is quite annoying, but the footage is interesting.

Poltergeist activity

Most paranormal activities, including the movement (or throwing) of larger objects, are thought to be caused by poltergeists. Poltergeist activity is often very violent and noisy. Cabinet doors might start slamming uncontrollably; objects fall from shelves, things get thrown, furniture slide across the floor, or levitate.

One theory for unexplained violent movement of objects is that human causes it. The person is often referred to as the “human agent.” The object is moved through psychokinesis.

The human agent is usually a teen or very emotional person who has the power to move things through their energies. The one causing the poltergeist activity is often unaware of it. (Ghost-hunting for Dummies). A spirit or ghost is often wrongfully blamed. But as said before, no one knows the origin of paranormal activity.

If you have seen the movie or read the book “Carrie” by Stephen King, you know what psychokinesis is. It has been a pretty popular theme in scary movies as the interaction is so forceful and terrifying. It is very uncommon with violent poltergeist activity, so don’t freak out. You will probably never experience it.

Once that experience it seems to have recurrent experiences. This might be due to psychic abilities or skills; no one is sure. It is, therefore hard to flee the haunting as it follows you. The happenings seem to peak fast with violent experiences and later fade away. This kind of activity is often referred to as PK activity.

If a ghost is creating the violent movement of objects, it is often referred to as a poltergeist.

  • Poltergeist – a noisy ghost or spirit
  • PK activity – a person with psychic and psychokinetic powers creates movements of objects

Personal experience of poltergeist activity

I have personally experienced moving objects, so I know firsthand that it can occur. Not all stories and movies are faux. I had had a glass thrown at me from across the room when I was a teen (yes, a teen). But what caused the event is hard to tell – I was not emotional or anything at the time.

I have also experienced moving silverware, but this activity was less forceful and scary than flying glass. Still, I wouldn’t say I like the sound of slamming silverware, though, as it is a reminder of what happened in the past.

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Spirits and entities

Ghosts and entities are also thought to be able to move things, even if it is seldom. Spirits don’t gain the energy needed to displace objects. There is no conclusive evidence of what causes unexplained movements of objects at this time. If the movement is slight, it can be caused by a ghost, but destructive outbursts are often caused by poltergeist activity.

If you notice signs of spirits present, as temperature drops or sounds, it can be due to a spirit of some kind. Spirits tend not to harm the living, even if their actions might be scary. They don’t have the power to lash out and hurt us.

Are ghosts that move objects dangerous?

In most cases, poltergeist activity is not dangerous. You can get hurt if you get hit by a moving object, though. Watch out and leave the site if you encounter violent activity. A poltergeist or PK activity doesn’t attach or possess you even if it can be very scary.

Of course, there are instances where demonic is involved which is a call for concern. As poltergeist is not thought to be caused by a ghost, spirit, or negative energy but the human themselves, they are not dangerous. The activity can be terrifying, though.

If your gut feeling is telling you there is something bad behind the activity, it might be time to check other parameters as well. Is the room getting colder? Are there bugs present? Are there any manifestations or lights occurring at the time? Dark shadows or mists?

If you experience other paranormal activity, it can be due to a strong spirit or a demon. Please get in touch with a professional in the field, such as clergy, before trying to interact. It is always better to be on the side of caution. Remember, though, that most hauntings are not dangerous.


Most paranormal activity, including moving, throwing, or levitation, is due to poltergeists activity (or PK activity). Poltergeist activity is very rare. Most paranormal investigators believe humans themselves cause the phenomenon.

Strong emotions and psychic abilities create the perfect storm and might lead to psychokinetic outbursts. The person is often not aware they are the cause of the turmoil. A ghost is often wrongfully blamed.

Ghosts are believed to be able to move objects as well. The activity is much more subtle, though. They don’t have the same ability to accumulate energy as humans or demonic entities. In very rare cases, demonic powers are at play. They are powerful and can wreak havoc on homes and sites.

Remember that these occurrences are very rare. In most cases, the movement of objects is not evil or malevolent. It might be you, a family member, or a friendly specter trying to get your attention.

The more fear and energy you feed the occurrence, the more it will happen. If you want it to stop, the best thing to do is try to ignore it. If you think you are dealing with poltergeists, you have to look within and calm the emotions down.

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