Are Demons Dangerous? [Ghosthunter Weighs In]

Obviously, if you believe in demons, they pose a danger, but you may wonder how much danger. Demons exist in every religious tradition, from Christianity and Islam to Hinduism and Shintoism. In all cases, they have a reputation as evil entities that harm people in various ways. Are demons dangerous?

Demons are not scientifically proven to exist. However, many believe that possession is the most common danger. Paranormal experts agree that demons can harm you in other ways, such as through physical attacks and sexual assaults.

Keep reading as we cover all the dangers that demons pose to humans and look at the scariest facts. 

Demons: What to Keep in Mind

Not in all cases, but many who don’t believe in demons never experience them. That fact goes to show the power of suggestion on the mind. Still, stories exist of those who never believed in demons until they played with the Ouija board and had a scary encounter that either made them believers or gave them a healthy respect for the unknown. 

The other issue here comes from the blurred lines between demons and mental illness, which sometimes crisscross and make it hard to tell the difference. Some even argue that “demons” have more to do with mental illness, but we have seen multiple cases where the person wasn’t mentally ill.

It is also good to remember that ghosts and paranormal tours are big business. No law permits these tours due to the dangers of demonic attacks (even if there are waivers from the business owner for added effect in most cases).

Very few cases have true demonic possession, so the chances are slim that a demon will dangerously harm you. You are more likely to get harmed by, for example, skiing or biking.

If you want to learn about the signs of demonic hauntings, I invite you to read my article below.

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Never Summon Demons 

You should consider a few things if you want to stay clear of demons. One of the most important things is ever attempting to summon demons. Even with the consequences listed above, there are other unknown dangers. You never know what harm might befall you. It depends on the demon that you summon. 

Contrarily, and a little piece of history, Pope Honorius III (1150 – 1227) of the Catholic faith once wrote a grimoire on how to summon demons in hopes of learning how to banish them back to hell.

He reasoned that when people encountered them in their real lives, they would better understand how to deal with them. Don’t do this. This is not advisable. As many exorcists today will tell you, demons don’t leave quietly, and they often come back. 

Think of the worst serial killers or abusers. Does it make sense to summon that kind of evil to wreak pain and suffering in your life? Their acts of manipulation and trickery are of the cruelest kind. You don’t want to invite evil into your world even if you don’t believe in it. 

They may make horrific threats, but you should never surrender to them. Only if you surrender can they possess you. Seek spiritual assistance if you believe a demon haunts you

Demonic Oppression

Previously, I spoke about demonic oppression, but I didn’t deeply cover what that meant. Demonic oppression is when demons exert their power and influence over someone to cause suffering. They can create strongholds in a person’s life to keep their influence, and they won’t give this up willingly. 

Examples of demonic oppression include:

  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Drug or alcohol addiction
  • Nightmares
  • Physical attacks

Don’t automatically think of it as demons because, in some cases, the person has a mental illness. Sometimes it has more to do with mental illness than demons. 

Important: Always consult a professional health care provider if you think you are dealing with demonic attachment, oppression, or possession. Always rule out natural causes of your issues and concerns before ruling out anything paranormal.

Demonic Attachments

For one reason or another, demons will attach themselves to you and feed off your negative energy. They grow stronger from negative emotions. Anger, depression, fear, bitterness, and hatred can all cause demonic attachments because they like negative energy. 

The biggest danger is how they will try to aggravate your emotions to make them feel worse. Your mind may even feel tortured at times. As the quality of your life drops, you may consider suicide. These are all dangers of demonic attachments. 

Possession: What to Know

With any issue dealing with demons, you should never let anyone charge you exorbitant fees to remove them. The ethics of charging someone to be freed of their demons are poor, and the person more than likely is scamming you. Also, many organizations are willing to help for free or a small charge. The Catholic church is one example of an organization that doesn’t charge for exorcisms. 

Not a lot is known about demonic possession, but you shouldn’t do things that will invite them into your life. Examples of things that would leave you vulnerable include:

  • Playing with the Ouija board
  • Occultic practices
  • Summoning demons

Some argue that demonic possession is nothing more than mental illness. That may be true in some cases, but you have examples of nothing wrong with the person. The greatest danger of possession includes murder. Examples where this may have happened, include the Amityville Horror or the case of Arne Cheyenne Johnson. 

The issue with these cases is the difficulty of proving the validity of those claims. Some argue that demonic possession is complete nonsense. Everything related to spirits and demons remains a topic where people either believe in it or do not. That means whether demons are dangerous or not depends on who you ask.

According to USA TodayOpens in a new tab., 43 percent of Americans still believe in demons. 

Demons Have Limitations

Despite everything I highlighted here to demonstrate the dangers of demons, they have limitations. While they may be powerful, they are not omniscient.

Some people give more credit to demons than they deserve. Their knowledge, presence, and influence are all exaggerated. You don’t want to go to find them, but I wouldn’t worry about it too much. As I said above, the people who encounter them the most are those who believe in them.

Demons can not attach to you if you don’t allow them to. They will not find interest in you if you never contact, communicate, or think of them. If you are afraid of them, they have an entry point. This gives them power over you.

There are very few cases of true demonic possession. It is nothing that happens daily, if ever (we still have no scientific proof of the existence of the demonic).


No one should ever mess with demons intentionally because we don’t know what they are capable of – it is like playing with fire. We have not proven they exist, but we have not proven they don’t either.

Even if you don’t believe in them, avoiding them is no harm. Demonic influence can take many forms, and it usually doesn’t happen the way they show it in Hollywood. They exaggerated that to make it more entertaining to watch. At the same time, you’d be mistaken to think of demons as unable to harm you. 

If you are afraid of demons or think they have greater power than you, I recommend that you don’t dabble with demons. Much of the effects and the power of demons come from within ourselves. We acknowledge their presence and power if we fear they might do something to us. This might give them the invitation to set their evil plans in motion.

Important: Never label anything paranormal before all natural causes are ruled out. Please consult a professional health provider if you are struggling with health or mental issues or think a demon possesses you. Find international suicide prevention helplines hereOpens in a new tab..

Claudette Beaulieu

A certified paranormal investigator, accredited demonologist, and psychic stuck in the Victorian era.

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